Wednesday 1 October 2008

Little Holiday

So as the building work plods on at Home sweet home a little holiday was very much needed in the Poppins' household. How lucky were we that some lovely relatives of ours telephoned and asked if we would like to have a little time off from the dust, the banging, the not having any real decent cooking facilities, or showering facilities, and would we like to have some time in their caravan in Caton near Lancaster. Mmmmmmmm yes please we replied quickly and off we went to pack our bags.
So the day came and off we went singing silly songs and telling funny jokes in the car.

We turned up at the caravan, now not your ordinary caravan I hasten to add. When I was a little girl the caravans I holidayed in looked a little different, our caravan that we were to stay in for our little holiday was positively palatial.

What a treat to sleep in the adult room, a room that when I was little one could only peek into every now and again, what a pretty room, I felt very grown up.

Maybe I am unusual in that I am always thinking of shops and shopping :) I really can't help it so when we decided to take a little journey to Kirkby Lonsdale, and when I should have been thinking of the beautiful scenery and the joys of walking along pretty pathways I was of course thinking of pretty shops and what if any little beauties I could find.

Well have a look at what I indeedy found.

A beautiful beautiful shop called Parma Violet Well I had fallen in love, I was ohhhhing and ahhing and squealing. I felt like I had fallen into one of my favourite Blogs, there were so many things in the shop that reminded me of here, vintage wooden letters, printing blocks, CK, Emma Bridgewater, pretty eiderdowns, vintage toys, lovely books oh I could go on and on, I was like a little girl in the sweetest of candy shops :) Would you like to see what sweeties she bought.

The very much longed for, Claire you I know understand my feelings on these, now you have to get some they are soooooooo cute :) Cowboy jim jams.

Pretty pins and buttons tins, and a delightful floral pincushion.

Two minutes Darling Husband I promise, 15 minutes had gone and I knew there was something else there that I had to buy, and then I saw these. I have been wanting these for my children for so long and had not been able to find a the colours I wanted and b the right size. Yippppeeee found the perfect pairs at Parma Violet.

Some all stars for my little stars :)
Thank you Julie at Parma Violet, I so enjoyed meeting you, your wonderful assistant M and of course the cute and cuddly Bunty. You have a delightful shop and made a girl very happy. Thank you for allowing me to take a couple of photographs, if any of you Bloggers are in the Kirkby Lonsdale area please go take a look at Parma Violet, its lovely.

Darling Husband curbed my spending and decided not to be so generous with my next shopping spree and gave me the challenge of spending a pound, yes a pound, well I have sometimes been called the pound queen as I have bought some lovely beauties for no more than a pound. Now what have you bought for a pound and loved.

At Kirkby Lonsdale there is the most beautiful church St. Mary's, I love churches and really find them very peaceful, I lit a candle for baby Joshua and then we went for a walk to the Church Brow, it is called Ruskin's view, " The valley of the Lune is the loveliest in England and therefore in the world, a true Holy Land " John Ruskin. It really was a truly magical view. Too beautiful for me to take the time from it to take a photograph.

Weren't we lucky with the weather, look how blue the sky was and how happy the cows look, I like happy cows :)

Yes we had a little rain but as the caravan was so clean and tidy no dust and it had a kitchen and a shower, I was so happy and the rain was happy rain. Thank you J and K for the lovely time, your Caravan is truly beautiful. :)
Back at Home Sweet Home and the dust has not lifted but my spirit has a little from a lovely little holiday with my lovely special family.

Oh I found something for a pound, here what do you think, a pound well spent Mmmm.