Thursday 4 June 2015

Lace Effect Window

Hello lovelies, long time no blog! 

My creative/blogging mojo seemed to have wandered off there for a little while but has now returned with a happy vengeance. With having lots of crafty projects on my to do list, I thought I'd get cracking with this little mini-makeover. As I mention here I was still yet to come up with a nice window treatment for the round windows in the attic bedrooms. I love the feature but just felt it needed finishing off somehow. 

Well, after I had stumbled upon this post, I thought as a pretty and perhaps temporary measure this would work. We have some square glass panes to go on all our downstairs doors, for some much needed light, so I thought at least it would be a practice run as I quite fancied this idea for the doors too. 

I thought I would do Miss. Poppins' room and here is Master P's round window. Not sure he's going to go for the lace effect (bit girly) so may have to come up for another plan for him. 

I thought the windows looked a bit dirty, so first off I gave them a good clean.

I purchased the pretty lace fabric at the bargain price of £1.50 a metre from Ikea.

I then made a template of the round window, which was a bit bit fiddly. I then used that to cut out the lace in a big circle which you can just about see here.

Then I gathered together my ingredients.

As with most tutorials I follow, I kind of found my own way, I used a little less than one and a half cups of boiling water and that felt to me like a good consistency. I was aware though I didn't really want any streak marks left behind of the glue mixture, which I do have a couple of in the finished look. Maybe next time I'd add more water to make it a little more runny. 

Then it really was just a case of painting the mixture directly onto the glass.

Then I placed the lace over it and then repainted over it bit by bit. I really had no method and occasionally the lace came away, so I applied a bit more of the mixture in that area. 

Soon the window was done, and although not really recommended for areas that get wet due to condensation issues and the lace possible falling away, I popped some on the round window in the little bathroom too. It dried perfectly and so far so good, we shall see how it fares. I love the fact it is temporary and that with just some hot water and a bit of a scrub it can come off, for now though, I think it's definitely a keeper :) 

It gives just the right amount of screening, but still lets lots of light in and it looks pretty from the outside too. 

Can't wait to get going on the door panes now!