Friday 27 February 2009

Dipping Toes....

So I am tentatively dipping my toes back into the Blogging Waters. Life is a little calmer at Home Sweet Home. I am not moaning so much regarding the lack of building and decoration work that is being done, I am kind of getting used to stepping over the kitchen sink that is yet to be plumbed in,and I have had many mornings of waking up to a ten foot steel girder holding up the new dormer bathroom. I find comfort in the sounds of howling wind through the many cracks that need to be filled, though not sure if I shall ever get used to there being no doors on the loo quite yet though :) I am very pleased to say that all my BHS chandeliers, all 32 energy saving light bulbs worth of them are now up, as is the outside lighting, so we can nearly say goodbye to the sparkies.

Here are some pretties that have come home with me that you may like :)

A gorgeous vintage Sewing Basket, the braid was somewhat shabby so I have bought a cream to compliment the lovely colours, the basket cost me £3.50, though does have a rather vintagy smell that seems to be in love with the basket, any tips on how to give my new little gem a lovely pretty smell greatly appreciated.

I love the cute handles.

Some lovely CK Esque storage and very cheap too.

Some lovely 20p favourites.

Gorgeous LA Floraly Wellingtons, half price Homebase £14.99

Special favourites, a beautiful cake stand £2.00, a wonderful Enid Blyton Big Ears egg cup £1.00, and the most delightful Musical Bavarian Folk Dancers, they are so sweet and dance on their magical stage to the music of Dr. Zhivago, one of my one pound beauties.

A very special TeaTowel from the special and lovely Sew Hot Mitmot How could I not love these special words, I think I am going to frame it.

The prettiest cameo necklace sent to me by the lovely bride to be Dolly Dollop , Claire had won a lovely giveaway from the very wonderful Shabby Angel which included some very pretty jewellrey, I had mentioned to claire how I had rather fallen in love with her gorgeous necklace, and as she had two the same, sent me a wonderful suprise, one of the charming cameos. Thank you so much claire and thank you angel for sending her such beautiful things.

Now what could be in this delightful handmade little pouch.

Now there's a name I love so much :)

And look, whose little dainty feet are these.

Of course it is gorgeous Daisy the Lillipeg Doll who I had had especially made for me by the so delightfully talented Lucy Bloom she is for a very special someone named Daisy. Thank you lucy she is gorgeous and do please click on her you shall see how delightful she is, and thank you for the lovely little treats you sent too.

I adore my new thrifted Smile poster, such charming words and I like to think I am a smiler, often saying good morning to my kindly neighbours and greet them with a smile.

Do you often buy things that you are not really sure what they are but fall in love with them as they are so pretty, well it is exacly what happened when I perchanced on this little beauty. A gorgeous Handbag Retainer and at 75p she had to come home with me, wont I look posh when I am coffeeing with friends and pull out my little retainer for my bag :)

So I hope you don't mind if I shufty back in, maybe no one shall know I have ever been away, I look forward to seeing how you are doing and thank you so much for all your cheery comments on my previous posts, apologies I haven't been able to respond to you all, though know that your prayers and thoughts for Mr. P and his collegue, who I am very glad to say has kept his job too, have been very, very gratefully received.


Monday 16 February 2009

The Wait Is Over....

Thank you so much my dear lovelies for all your support during our stressful few weeks.

I have some good news.

Darling Husband has not been made redundant, though whether we shall go through this again for a forth time, who knows, but for now, I thank God that he can now go to work with a little smile on his face. His colleague has yet to find out his outcome though there is talk in the office that maybe both of their jobs are safe.

Maybe, maybe the worm is turning and things are slowly improving in this climate, who knows.

Please say a little prayer for dear Raspberry Grace as I know her and her Family are too braving these difficult times.

I am very much enjoying my holiday, apologies the giveaways are taking a little longer than I wanted to get to you, though I know you understand. I have received a gorgeous giveaway, though I didn't really deserve it from the delightful Silkie Sue one of her delightful paintings, I am sure S knows me personally as they are such pretty colours and exactly the painting I would have chosen for myself, and perfect for my Home Sweet Home. We have it on our 1920s oak mantle piece keeping my favourite handmade badge company. S also sent me the most delightful floraly notebook, how sweet it is.

I have had some thoughtful pretties off A Thrifty Mrs to cheer me up, which included the most delightful crocheted blanket made by her mum and one of Thrifty's handmade corsages.

Thank you so much both of you

I also had some beautiful flowers off a very dear friend of mine, you know who you are :)

We have had a dear olde time of it with Mr.Computer, I may not be able to retrieve well over 1,000 photographs I had on here, hey ho I am enjoying the more carefree me, and I can assure you there is nowt as good as a holiday, which I am enjoying very much, I really feel free and fanciful if that makes sense :)

I am going to resume my little holiday though you my friends deserved to know what was happening with Darling husband and I hope my news has put a little smile on your face too.

Keep up the good blogging work, I am so enjoying your lovely posts.


Thursday 5 February 2009

My Husband Needs Me....

My dear husband needs me, he finds out in a few days whether indeed his job is safe.

I need you too though. I so enjoy coming here and chatting with you all and so look forward to your wonderful posts. It is a fact though, that I am no multi tasker, I can indeed juggle five balls, but I cannot juggle my life. So I am having to take a little blogging holiday, I spend far too long here, and although I love every minute of it, I cannot give my darling husband and family the attention he and they truly deserve.

I would love to say that I am going somewhere hot, though I am not, I would love to say when I shall be back. Though of that too, I really don't know. I can say though, that I shall think of you all everyday, and shall come visit you and see how you all are. Right my chin is quivering now and you know what that all means, yes a good olde fashioned cry is in order.

My lovely giveaway winners Summerfete and Vintage Tea I hope you like your pretties, if you like the things I like then I am sure you shall :)

Please take care my beautiful, beautiful friends and know that you are all highly thought of in the Poppins' household.

So, I am keeping my fingers crossed for Darling Husband as I know you are too. We may have to move so as you can imagine it is all somewhat in the air, we shall be alright, and whatever the outcome good things shall come out of it I know :) So many of your wonderful comments have really helped.

Darling husband is so brilliant at his work, and I feel for him so much.

I look forward to reading your lovely posts and looking at your pretty photographs, so keep it up, remember I need you :)


Wednesday 4 February 2009

I Am So Happily Overwhelmed....

I have been so touched and overwhelmed.

I have received my beautiful Giveaway gifts from Lou @ Ludabelle I have to be honest and say I had no idea who the beautiful parcel was from, did I have a secret valentine admirer I thinking :) So I delved into the prettiest gift bag and pulled out a couple of cards, well one was for Big Sister and Little Man, I really should have twigged then but I have never been quick off the mark, and than I saw one for Mary Poppins, ah a Blogger friend, so I quickly found out who my delightful parcel was from, It was the very talented and special Lou.

Now normally I would keep my little parcel in a very safe place, take a little peek at the gorgeous wrapping every now and then, and then when Darling Husband came home from work, unwrap my pretties in some peace and quiet, normally on my bed, where I can cry, yes you all know me by now, you could send me some fresh air in a little brown package and I would cry :) and savour each and every moment. Well I threw caution to the wind and I wanted to dive right into unwrapping my goodies from Lou.

Now one little man and presents = trouble, so needed him out of the way, in a nice way if you know what I mean :) I spy a little parcel for you Little Man, Mmmmm maybe Lou knows what little boys like, wahay, well done Lou, his little sweeties worked a treat, now I could unwrap in peace.

He says thank you very much Lou,and gave you one of his cheekiest smiles, note didn't even have chance to clean the breakfast from his Postman Pat PJ's, and the wellies, yes we have a welly thing going on here, he won't allow us to take them off, so he has slept in them :)

Thank you so much for the gifts for the children Lou, very very kind of you and I know Big Sister shall want to thank you when she comes home from school and unwraps her beautiful gift,can you see the little ladybird Lou has on the children's wrapping, how sweet.

So now I had some peace. Everything was so beautifully packaged in the prettiest of paper, and inside were the most delightful scented paper hearts, methinks it is rice paper and long to have a little taste, though thought better not, and would be a waste anyway of such beauties. I had some chocolate hearts, yumm yumm, thanks Lou oops apologies, it is rather rude to speak with one's mouthful :) So the pretties were there begging me to unwrap.

I think the tears were coming round about now :) especially on unwrapping one of Lou's delightfully handmade needle felted mohair Hearts, I am not sure but she may have made the button too, now how clever is that. Isn't it absolutely gorgeous.

Hang on a minute Lou, I had been lucky enough to win some gorgeous bunting, not all these pretties, I felt very spoilt indeed. And now some more crying, look, how special would you feel wearing one of Lou's handmade corsages and my what intricate metalwork, I shall take great pride in wearing it. It is indeed a corsage fit for a queen, why therefore has it so magically landed in my hands.

I know you would like a closer look.

I girl can never have enough flower pots.

And the beautiful LA bunting. I promise to have it somewhere very, very special. It is so pretty.

So I am truly touched and hope you have enjoyed seeing why, Lou you are a very beautiful person and your special words have meant so much to me. Thank you for your friendship.

Well Big Sister is delighted, one of your beautiful handmade Hearts, how sweet of you. She adores her Straw bag with your handmade butterfly, ladybird, flowers and lace, perfect flower choice too. You are so very talented. She thanks you so very,very much.

Take Care my lovelies


Tuesday 3 February 2009

Can I Have A Drum Roll Please....

I would like to thank you so much for your wonderful, encouraging, honest and special comments. Each and everyone of you has really helped me. I guess I am quite a deep person and for me aspects of that have to reflect in my Blog. Maybe I shall have a separate deep blog for all my shadowy moments and come here for my fun and frivolity :)

Talking of fun and frivolity can you see yourselves all up there, we would have a fun olde night wouldn't we if we all met and had a party I am sure of it. Don't you all look sweet. I used my favourite pen to write your name in pink or blue and each of you had a little good luck heart. I placed you all on one of my favourite lacy cushions, ready to put you in a pretty tin. We all get involved, well alright Big Sister and I and then whoever is in the room, but we love Giveaways here and enjoy finding out who has won.

So here you are, popped into the tin.

My, and what a special and pretty tin you went in too. Please click to enlarge if you would like a better look at the pretty scene. I gather it is very old, I love it so much and I paid 50p from a car boot sale for it.

We all gave you a good Shake 'n Vac :) And a winner was drawn by Benny Bear and Big Sister.

Well done to Summerfete

We were far too excited to leave it at that, so decided on a surprise 2nd winner.

Well done to Vintage Tea

I shall gather my pretties and send them out to you by special blogger post :)

I would dearly have loved you all to have a little something, so I shall send you a little hug and thanks for joining in on my Giveaway, if that is alright :)

Please, if you have a spare minute or two could you say a quick hello and welcome to a very special person, my dear swap partner Sew Hot Mitmot from the SC Cafe. You may remember she sent me the most gorgeous CK Esque swap here She is truly the most amazing crafter and has a wonderful heart and I am so pleased she has taken this journey over to Blogland.


Monday 2 February 2009

Thoughts For The Day....

I am finding my Blog somewhat rather twee and am searching in my soul whether I wish for it to be somewhat edgier. What do you think of your own Blog, are you happy that it is everything you wish your Blog to be.

I am not sure what sort of Blog I am, I have to say the Blogs I find most interesting are the ones where there are definately shadows amongst the sunshine. A question that has probably been asked of you a thousand times, but I would love to know, why you took the journey into Blogland.

Anyway hope you like my little lady, Big Sister and I dressed her up when she came home from school, she is going on a special date, and I think looks rather attractive, don't you. We all seem to love the snow don't we, brings out the child in us.

Giveaway winner to be picked Tuesday 7pm, thank you for your fantastic comments and please join in if you haven't already :)

Take Care in the snow