Friday 29 November 2013

Ferrero Rocher Time!

With Christmas fast approaching, it must be time to get the chocolates out! With myself and my family being rather partial to a chocolate or two, we were more than happy to try out some Ferrero Rocher chocolate delights! For me, Christmas isn't Christmas without a Ferrero Rocher chocolate in hand, and a pack or two often goes in the trolley whilst I'm doing the Christmas shopping. We all gathered round to open this lovely hamper that turned up.

To be honest we weren't quite sure what may be hidden within the sparkly golden straw, and it felt like a lucky dip delving in to see what chocolate treat we could find. 

I don't think anything could have prepared us for the delicious Ferrero Rocher surprises that we did indeed find in there!

Oh my! In the hamper was a pretty tin of Raffaello by Ferrero Rocher, a Ferrero Rocher Christmas Tree, Ferrero Rocher Gold Tin, Ferrero Rocher Cone, a Ferrero Collection box, two mini gift boxes and even some pretty Christmas tree decorations. A chocoholics dream!

We really didn't know where to start. As it was, I was very keen to try out one of the Raffaello chocolates, 'light and tempting layers of wafer, a delicately creamy centre and a toasted almond, all finished with a sprinkling of coconut'. These were delicious, the creamy centre being my most favourite bit. The children couldn't wait to get stuck into one of the original Ferrero Rocher chocolates, it felt such a posh treat to them unwrapping the sparkling gold paper, and they may have helped themselves to one more whilst I wasn't looking ;) Being a fan of dark chocolate, Mr. Poppins was eager to taste one of the Rondnoir chocolates from the Ferrero collection box, the Rondnoir, 'which has a new hazelnut centre encased in a dark chocolate pearl - giving a rich and rounded flavour - perfect for a cold winter's night' sounds delicious. Having never tried one before, he just loved it, and went straight in for another. I think its fair to say that we may now have our chocolates covered for Christmas, and I can't resist having some dotted around the home in vintage dishes for guests to help themselves to also. At this rate I doubt they'll be any left for the Christmas table ;)   
As for the two mini gift boxes, well they have put aside ready to be popped in a couple of special peoples stockings, we all love a tangerine in our Christmas stockings, but who can say no to a little Ferrero Rocher in there too :)
Disclosure: We were sent a hamper with various Ferrero Rocher chocolates to try out for the purposes of this blog post. All words and opinions my own.

Thursday 21 November 2013

Giveaway Winner!

Thank you so much for wanting to go in the giveaway hat :) A winner has now been chosen, so I shall commence with the obligatory drum roll...

The winner is...

As the photograph shows, and with my seven year old having picked the winning name from the hat, it's the lovely Louise from Sew Scrumptious !!!! Well done to Louise, who,  amongst many wonderful things, is the U.K. co-ordinator for Dress A Girl Around The World  The charity involves getting people to make and send pillowcase dresses and shorts to girls and boys living in poverty in developing countries. Infact I made a little dress in 2011 from a pillowcase for the charity and felt honored to be part of such a worthwhile campaign, especially as it involved my love of sewing. I really enjoyed making the little dress.

I think making another one is long over due... I shall have to make some shorts this time! Back to the giveaway, well done Louise your pretties shall be on their way to you asap, enjoy :)


Tuesday 12 November 2013

Scotch-Brite™ Review & Reader Offer

Somebody somewhere must have known I needed a little help when it came to how I conduct my housework duties. I have been known to take an old run of the mill cloth to do all the chores and then just throw it away afterwards. Hmmm not very good practise I'm sure you'll agree. I was therefore rather relieved when the team at Scotch-Brite™ offered to send some cleaning products along with some Scotchguard™ protector products to help make those chores fast and easy! 

Never have I felt so cheery and excited about getting the 'housework' gloves on, and I couldn't wait to try some of the products out!

First up I thought I'd concentrate on the sink area, with us being a family who *shock horror* don't own a dishwasher, our sink gets a lot of traffic going through it on a daily basis. I thought I'd try out the Scotch-Brite ™ Kitchen Duo, with it's silver side that gently cleans whilst the coloured side scours through grease quickly and effectively.   

I found this a great product, it was really easy to use and reassuringly soft to hold and manage. You can see the difference here when I used it to clean one of the metal sink plugs - next to the one I hadn't cleaned, it certainly looks a lot more sparkly!

In fact it did a great job of all the double sink - I'm a lot more proud to pop my dishes in there now than I was before ;) 

And only my prettiest tea towels shall do for the drying up! 

Talking of pretty, for such mundane things as sponge scourers, these really are a cute pair and certainly bring a little prettiness to the kitchen.

I popped just a little water onto the sponge side - oh look at the pretty pink!!

I decided to give our enamel bread bin a good scrub - I've had it for donkey's years but am ashamed to say it has never once had a clean. It was shouting out for a spruce up as was covered in all sorts of greasy marks. It came up beautifully!

The Microfibre Kitchen Cloths worked a treat on the kitchen cupboards - its only when I came to clean them that I realised how dirty they were with many a food splash on them. The microfibre clothes were perfect for getting right into the edges.

Now they look all white, like they should be, rather than a dirty white!

Next it was time to head to the bathroom to give it a little autumnal clean! The bath was desperate for a clean and the Tub Scrubber came into its own.

With a little handle to hold, this cleaning product really was a breeze to use and I quickly got into giving the bath a good scrub.

I'm not one for harsh chemicals - so literally a little cleaning soap and scrub and it was done! 

I think the sink must have been feeling a little left out so I tackled her next using the Microfibre Bathroom cloth.

I was left with a very shiny and new looking sink after it's little clean using the cloth :)

I thought I'd finish off by going over the grout in the tiles too using the Grout Scrubber - a product I didn't even know existed. It was certainly addictive scrubbing all the dirty grime from the grout line I can tell you.

I was very pleased with how simple and effective the Scotch-Brite ™ cleaning products were, and have been delighted with the difference using them has made.
I tried out some Scotchguard ™ too, and with the wet days we are having I thought it perfect to protect some trusty boots of mine.

The suede boots are very vell worn, I wear them in all weathers, and I should probably have used a protecter from new. They are so comfy and I wanted to see if I could indeed give them a new lease of life and make them hopefully last a little longer if they were protected. I gave them a little spray following the instructions on the can.
Now, not only does the rain seem to just fall off them, but they look newer too - so a great result!

 Scotch-Brite™ are offering you the opportunity to recieve a 20% discount and free postage and packaging on all Scotch-Brite™ or Scotchguard™ protector products. The offer can be redeemed on the 3mdirect  website using the code: mums and the offer is valid until 5th January 2014.    
Disclosure: We were sent various Scotch-Brite ™ cleaning products and Scotchguard protectors for the purposes of this review post. All words and opinions are my own.