Monday 31 May 2010

Handmade Pretties, A Dream, Free Vase And A Pretty Garden....

Hello, time is flying.... 

I always think it is nice to have a little record on here of what I have been making, so thought I would share one or two pretties with you. I am also doing my best to work out in what direction I want my handmade little business to go. I am really pleased with sales on my Facebook page, and have to say I seem to be making something for an order every day and am very grateful. I am also now stocking pretties in two shops near me, one of which has a sister shop and one or two of my pretties may find their way there too, so nice for them to go to a different area in the U.K.  Like many Folksy sellers I am hoping to list an item a day throughout June, which is good really, as I have a little fair coming up so it is nice to get motivated and have pretties made.

I think my real dream is to open up my own little shop, near me, selling pretties and cake *sigh* I love selling online I really do, and know it is the way forward, but as a people person who loves, almost needs to interact with people face to face, it doesn't really fulfil that face to face interaction. I have a supportive husband and family so maybe, maybe one day....

So what have I been making, well of course we all know there is some football game coming up, and there seems to be something UJ going on too. Although I have some traditional UJ pretties around my home, for bunting I like it to be a little different, a little pretty dare I say it. This is my version of  UJ bunting.

I enjoyed making this one, used my favourite ribbon, along with some Patch ribbon, and for a little touch hand sewed a pretty pink button on each flag. I have only made 1 so far, and have had two requests to buy it, so shall have to make more methinks.

And for some summery bunting, I delved into my ever expanding stash.

I am enjoying making bunting, especially with summer coming up, I think it looks lovely in the garden too.  

My personalised bunting has always been my baby, she has been with me right from the start of my love of crafting, I have lost count now of how many orders I have had for some. I really love to make these. It makes me smile thinking of it in children's' special rooms. Here is a special order I made more for a lovely little girl.

I have also finished off two very special personalised tees, I love the simple look of the cowboy against the white and made one like this for my own Master P.

Talking of cowboys, I enjoyed making this cowboy cushion too, for someone very special.

I have been asked to make personalised PE bags ready for new starters in reception, and am having fun  designing some. Here is a little taster of a little work in progress for a special boy who has a love of choo choo's.

*sniff* *sniff* My own master P starts in September too, he really is my baby, and is only 3, 4 in August, so shall be a very young one. He cant do buttons, put his own socks on, brush his hair, wipe his mouth, how shall he cope ;0)

Whilst in Ikea the other week, I remembered there was a free Blomster Ikea vase worth £9.99 with the June edition, page 162, of Ideal Home magazine. So if you have the magazine and are near an Ikea, I would bob and see if they have any, maybe check first online, they are huuuge, and a super freebie bargain I thought. Ideal home is a favourite home magazine so I buy it anyway. Think you have till the 7th of June to claim your free vase. 

I am not normally a fan of faux flowers, I need the small of real ones, but these ones I saw whilst in Ikea, really took my fancy, and look quite sweet in the huuge vase. I like to pop some real greenery in, to even it up a little.  

We went to a little street fair today, kind of  local tradition for us, held every year in the nearest town. I have a favourite little stall there, and I was hoping the same lovely ladies would be there again. Ohoo yippee they were. I couldn't leave these behind, all wonderfully knitted by a very lovely lady.

Last year I bought come cute knitted Babushka dolls.


It was lovely to see one or two more for sale today, they came home with us and have names and the children love playing with them, they are so soft and I think they are cute.

I shall leave you with a couple of photographs I took of a friend of mine's beautiful garden, I could spend all day day dreaming in it, hope you like it too. My friend was more than happy to let me share with you her beautiful space, I am hoping she may too, one day, let me share with you her beautiful country home, it is
certainly drool worthy and has a very special, warm, country charm feel to it. If you all ask nicely she may let me :0)

Nice huh....
Right I am feeling the need for one of these....

Yum Yum


Wednesday 26 May 2010

Pretty And Crafty Post....

Ohoo my, time flies when you are stuck, almost attached to the chine ;0) So thought I would pop on and share some of the pretties I have been handmaking for some lovely special orders for people. I also like to mention that I always ask my lovely customers first if I can showcase as it were the pretties I make for them, especially the personalised pretties, and everyone is more than happy for me to do so.

Right up first we have the pretty personalised totes. One lovely lady wanted a nice roomy tote for college to fit all her books and files in. She also wanted her lovely initial too, which I think looks really pretty.

I always seem to go for very pretty linings too.

 The lovely lady also wanted one of my pretty and removable floral corsages for a personal touch.

And now for the sweet smaller versions, these were going off to three lovely young ladies.

And for a customer a beautiful tote bag in one of my favourite fabrics to be used at a special event.

And the special corsage can be worn on the special day too.

And I have been making pretty personalised tees, one of my favourite makes and  rather special . 
Here are a couple that have been made for some very special little people.



And initials incorporated on an appliqued heart.

Pretty lavender hearts incorporating a very special pink rosette from Patch Fabrics

And of course there has been pretty bunting.

I enjoy displaying it prettily in the trees on these summery days we have been having. The trees are mostly not mine though, the trees in my back garden are a little too high up for me, so a neighbour kindly lets me use her more user friendly trees for ickle me.  

I love to wrap my pretties nicely too, using handmade gift tags. I think is lovely when items arrive all nicely packaged.

Of course all this making has been making me want to buy an ickle something pretty too, and when I saw this pretty ring, well I thought it was perfect for me and oh so summery.


You can buy them here think they may be selling fast.

The craft I have been organising at the youth group has been popular, the children all loved making their special hearts.

So some little pretties have all made their merry way to new lovely homes, and I have more to make so my chine and I are for now very good pals :0) I am also making some pretties having been inspired by the world cup season, and although I do love the UJ look, I think for me, works best in moderation, though I  bought not 1 not 2 but 3 of these doormats....

so can hardly talk about in moderation. Of course only one is out at any one time, the price was so good at £4.00 that the other 2, one of which I can't find ;0) are spares for when the previous one gets too mucky for my liking. Anyway I do quite like UJ thing, if used sparingly. The UJ pretties I am making are not too traditional with the red and white, but more the pinks and blues, not very manly or footbally, but very pretty none the less. I am also helping with the school play and handmaking some simple costumes, so am going to be a busy little crafting bee.

Happy Crafting. 


Thursday 20 May 2010

Hands That Do Dishes....

Thanks for your sweet comments on ickle olde me, as I thought would be the case, I have got shy again, glad one or two of you caught a little glimse of me ;0)
Wanted to pop on and let you see something I popped into my shopping basket whilst at the supermarket. Remember this advert  It was lovely to see the old bottles back out to celebrate 50 years.

Being a non dishwasher owning household, we do it the old fashioned way here, I am sure we shall get through many bottles ;0)


Wednesday 19 May 2010

Ickle Olde Me....

The theme this week at The Gallery was self portraiture. Eeeek thought Mary Poppins. My blog is kinda anonymous, though of course not so anonymous when many of you saw my little stint on BBC1 last year. The only photographs I seem to be in these days are when I have had a little glass of vino or two, where I feel a little more relaxed about my appearance. I am forever taking photographs of other people, pretties etc, but not that many appear of ickle olde me. I think maybe I used to be a little vain, being ex cabin crew, it kind of gets drummed into you on how looks/appearance are important in that line of work. Of course I know it matters not one jot in the real life scheme of things, health, happiness and all that are far more important.

Well, I guess I should go for it hmmm, what do you think.

 Here is one to gently ease me in, about to go in and do the deed ;0)....

I was only on for a day and got shy, glad some of got see "me" though :0)

Tuesday 18 May 2010

Giveaway Winner And Some Ickle Pretties....

Hello lovelies

How quickly the last week has gone, I say it every year, but each year I seem to mean it more than the last. Time is flying by. Sometimes, two weeks has gone before I even feel I have blinked. I do think that time is  very precious, and on a deeper note, all this time whizzing by has made me think about how
I spend my time and how I can be a little of a time waster, do you waste time. Am I wasting my time here now writing this, I happen to think not, as blogging is a passion of mine, a joy, an outlet, sometimes a little secret world, a fun place to be, a sometimes very thought provoking place to be, so no I don't think writing here right now, is a waste of my time. Especially when I have a giveaway winner to announce.

The lucky winner is Claudia over at Backcombing & Bows well done Claudia your pretties shall be on their way to you. Thank you all for taking the time to comment and go in the hat, I dearly wish you all could have won.

Ohooo the ladies evening went well, made a little wonga as we call it in our house and even though it was late when I got back, Miss. Poppins and I sat and counted all the pennies I made :0) More orders too to keep me busy and am booked in for two more tables coming up at various events. Have I told you I love the face to face selling,  I am in my ickle element behind that stall ;0)  Didn't get a chance to take many photographs, but here are one or two of some pretties I had on offer.

Large lined shoppers were very popular....


I have to say the cowboy one was a real favourite of mine....

With its pretty red gingham lining....

I think I must have given off don't buy me vibes on the cowboy one as everytime someone went near it, I pounced on them as if to say it is mine ;0)  Hence it came home with me and am now wondering what to do, is it a keeper or seller, hmmm.

A cushion I made about hour before I was due at the ladies evening, yes I know, I must like to work under pressure, sold within 10 minutes. I used a lovely linen and the CK Provence rose and each letter had on it a hand sewn vintage mother of pearl button.

I also sold a lovely cushion in one of my favourite fabrics and here the lovely young lady, whose mum kindly treated her to it, walking away with it. I love this photograph, for me it kind of captures why I like making pretties for people. I don't do it for fame, though of course we all know I can like a little fame occasionally ;0) or the money, I just love handmaking something pretty and it makes me smile knowing someone likes it enough to want to maybe buy it and take it into their home or indeed give to someone else as a little gift *sigh* I am a softie aren't I.

So a lovely evening had by all.

It has been a lovely day, the sun for once was really hot on my skin. Couldn't resist this little shot of Master P.


I do love his hair, and I know some you know I struggle with the old cutting of it, I do fear his nickname when he is at school shall be Rapunzel ;0)

Right, off to sit down with a magazine and some ice-cream. Now that is time wisely spent don't you think....