Tuesday 30 March 2010

Juggling Balls and Pretty Things To Look At....

Do you ever feel like you are juggling too many balls?

The irony is, I can actually juggle balls, I think 5 balls is my best. Having trained theatrically for four years altogether, I looked forward to the day of the week when we would practise our *Circus Skills* I can spin plates, do the diabolo, stilt walk, a little uni cycling. So juggling seems quite an easyish one. Well, in life terms, I am struggling with all my balls, and think I may have to drop one or two. I do think however, tis not too bad a thing, as for me, the quality of my balls is far, far more important than the quantity of them. There are so many things going on, maybe I am going through a busy phase.

Well, anyway, I do hope life is treating you well and that you have a smile upon your face today. As I mentioned, I wanted to let you all see the lovely swap I had from Mrs Yappy Dog for the flower swap. Here they are again all prettily wrapped up.

And here are the pretties B sent me, well, looking pretty :0)

What a pretty card, floral candle and crystal flower.

Lovely floraly fabric for crafting, it was lovely that B remembered I have a thing or two for daisy's.

Very cute, and very well made lavender pillow, that smells delicious.

Wonderful Sweet Peas, and adorable hanging heart, again with pretty daisy's on it.

And a wonderful and floral hand painted silk scarf, that was painted by the talented Mrs Yappy Dog herself.

Isn't it beautiful and pretty.

Thank you so much B for a lovely swap, I have had fun chatting with you online. I hope you like the floral pretties I have now sent you. Here they are, all wrapped up in their new stripy coats :0)

If you would like to see the lovely flower swaps that were sent, there is a lovely Flickr group here

I have also been sent a very pretty package from my good friend Jennifer We have done a little swap, actually I was more than happy to send out my pretties that Jennifer wanted me to make, as a little thank you, for being a lovely friend, but no, the lovely Jennifer wanted to send something pretty in return. Look and see.

What wonderful handmade treats I got sent, not one, but two beautiful crocheted corsages.

I thought this looked pretty....

and practical too, marvellous.

Thank you so much Jennifer, you are far too kind to send me something, though so very, very nice and I adore everything. I hope you like your lavender hearts I made for you and floral fabric. I hope you get your pretties soon. :0)

Talking of handmaking, here are a couple of pretties I have been making for my Vintage Daisy Store A cute tote, handmade for a customer who also likes to wear pretty corsages too, so what could be perfect, a pretty two in one bag :0)

Cute floral and pretty lining.

And the pretty corsage.

I am also having fun making pretty fabric necklaces and bracelets for Vintage Daisy Here is a little taster of one of the necklaces I have made.

I hope you like it.

 Of course, to make pretty necklaces, I need pretty ribbon, and where better to go, than to a lovely online store Patch

Which is owned by my lovely online friend Claire at Dolly Dollop Please do have a look, there shall soon be pretty fabric coming too.

Well, we have a busy Easter ahead of us, so I better pick up those pretty balls I dropped and get juggling ;0)

Take Care


Thursday 25 March 2010

Rosali Makes Me smile....

Since the lovely Claire who so very kindly shared with us yesterday the wonderful news that Rosali was back, I have been on my little tippi toes with excitement. I have to be honest, and say I have, maybe do, struggle with the Rosali thing. Not the design, ohoooo no I love the design, especially to craft with. A lovely friend of mine who lives abroad was so kind a little while ago to get me some Rosali fabric from her local Ikea in exchange for a parcel of pretties for her.

Thanks S for getting me the fabric, you know who you are :0)

What I do struggle with, a little, is I bought some Roasli 5-7 years ago I think it was, when it was easily accessible at Ikea, and I guess when it wasn't as popular. Then, when one couldn't get hold of any of it, it all went crazy, then the high prices on ebay, to me, made it very much inaccessible. Though I do know we all need to put dinner on the table every night so kind of understand people that sell it. Given it's poularity, sometimes this can make things a little less appealing, though I shall always love and want it. When I see any Rosali in CS's I am there in a flash paying for it at the till. Like these lovely Rosali check lampshades that I found in a CS.

I was browsing Ebay yesterday and I stumbled on an an identical one that is now at a very high price. Here is the price I paid.

And I loved the CS bought photograph frame.

I love reading about what Rosali  bargains you lovely bloggers find in the CSs too, and I loved reading about this very cheery Roasali number. And I loved seeing a newly bought Rosali duvet cover on this special little girl's bed.

I know it can be quite materialistic to go all giddy over things that really do not matter. What matters are feelings, friendships, love, passion. Going soft over *Rosali* seems very unimportant compared with what really matters in life. Though, hey ho, anything that brings a smile to my face can only be a good thing can't it.

And when the man you love turns up from work with the Rosali variety of flower, I think he deserves a big squishy hug, and maybe a little kiss or two don't you....

P.S. Heads up information for you Rosali Lovers :0)

I have spoken to some very helpful people at Ikea regarding Rosali and seems the new *N* letter as it is now known as ROSALI N stands for new, as in a new line. If you wish to get some of this Rosali, I believe for now it has only come back in the duvet covers in white and blue, though may do different colours in your local store, and are in single, double and king. My husband got what appeared to be the last white KS duvet cover at my local store but hopefully it shall be re stocked. There were no doubles in any of the colours. I would also recommend telephoning your local store and asking to see as to whether the Rosali is actually on the shop floor, get them to ring through whilst you hold, as sometimes these computers are not 100% accurate and sometimes it may appear that an item is there on the shop floor, but actually when I have asked for them to do a physical check, it is in fact not there.

Also, although we all have known it is a very lovely and popular range, it may have taken Ikea a little while longer to realise this. I was told that perhaps as it sold very well abroad, it may be a reason it has now come back to the U.K. Or maybe they have been reading our lovely blogs and realised there is many a giddy woman who would pop to Ikea and get their pretty little mitts on some ;0)   Hopefully we can all spread the word like lovely Claire and we can all get our hands on some.

Good luck if you want to get some and please post pretty photographs :0)


Wednesday 24 March 2010

What I Have Been Doing.....

Well, what have I been up to, hmmmm let me think....

I have....

Been buying pretty buttons. I often see pretty buttons like these and pay 15p, actually 2 were 42p, for each of them....

And I loved these little cards displaying vintage buttons on them, each card with buttons was 60p.

So when I saw X amount in a pack in a crafty store for £5.99, I thought they were really good value for money, I mean one can never have enough buttons. Mmmmm, or can they ;0) The X amount of buttons are in the most delicious candy colours, I almost want to, dare I say it, lick them.

If you are wondering why I am calling them X amount, it is that we had a little family game where we guessed how many there were in the pack. The lovely gentleman in the shop reckoned on there being 500 maybe. Well we thought there wouldn't be that many, so we all had a little guess. I went for 350, Miss. Poppins went for 320, Mr. P went for 250 and Master. P thought there was maybe 2, obviously didn't quite get the gist of the game ;0)

What would you have plumed for....

Well, altogether, including all the ickle ones, there was 413, so less than 1 and a half p per button, bargain :0)

I have also....

Been buying lovely fabric. I thought the caramel and soft pink would look lovely as a cover on a little footstool, hmmmm only need a footstool now ;0)

I have....

been given a new role. I am now a volunteer youth worker at the local youth group that meets once a week in our little village. The age group is 8-13 and I am really looking forward to my new role. I have met and know many of the children, Miss Poppins shall be there too and I am already known as the crafty lady, which is nice. I shall be in charge of the craft room and every week we shall be doing lovely little crafty projects, and the older girls especially, are really looking forward to it. It is lovely that I am volunteering, there is a feeling of giving something good back to my community, which is kind of special. I shall need all the relevant CRB checks and also my little chine has to be Pat Tested a legal requirement, and have thought of some lovely projects we can get on with, with a good olde fashioned needle and thread, whilst I have no chine there. There are also stacks of gorgeous fabric there which I can't wait to get my hands on ;0)

Of course it is always nice to get a little inspiration, and where better than from Emma Hardy's Sewing for Children book. I love Emma's Quilting In No Time and Sewing In No Time, so reckoned on me liking the children's book too. It is indeed, in my opinion, a lovely book with 35 crafty projects aimed at children, but I reckon on some projects us big children would like to have a go at too ;0) Highly recommended by me, and you don't even need a chine.

I can't wait to get on with some of these craft projects with the children.

Projects for crafty boys too :0)

As I am hoping to get back in the world of working soon, eeek, I thought this new role of mine the perfect introduction, and useful too, to pop on my C.V. 

I have also....

been buying pretty cards for framing. I had to have this one when I saw it.

I have been making pretty fabric wrist cuffs  for 3 crafty friends of mine. I love to wear wrist cuffs and think are quite the in thing this season. Mine are made in a very free hand kind of style, not meant be neat, perfect, symmetrical or even with straight lines. I used no template, and I quite like the way they turned out, shall have to make myself one now methinks.  

For someone who likes red.

For someone who likes green.

And someone who, like me, likes those pretty candy colours.

Hopefully my pals like them.

I have also been making more bunting and cushions for orders. All my customers are more than happy for me to display their wares that I have handmade for them, and I really appreciate it as I think it is nice to showcase one's work and nice to see the different fabrics and colours I use.



The backs, using a retro 1970's fleece fabric I bought. 

I have also been wrapping up swap parcels and hopefully they shall be sent in the next couple of days, my one to Jozen has been sent and hopes it gets to her soon. Talking of swaps I received a beautiful  one from the ever so lovely Mrs Yappy Dog here it is all wrapped up so sweetly, it was a flower swap and boy I got some pretty treats, I shall of course let you all see in my next post. Hope you like the photograph I took of the pretty gifts, the sunlight was shining on them and then the shadows on the outer edge makes it look like a heart, very arty. 


Thank you so much B, your gifts are so special to me.

Thanks too to Country In The Town for the heads up on where her lovely smelling lavender came from. I have been using my own stocks for about a year now and only have only one jar left so thought a good replenish of lavender was on the cards. If you click on the photograph you may see the ebay store I got mine from. Tis a lovely smell.

I have also been choosing new labels for my handiwork, as I am doing little makes for boys too, pink really isn't a cool choice for them and so am deciding what to go for. I don't want them too girly, but not too boyish, hmmmm as you can tell I am yet to choose, here is where I get my labels from and I have always been happy with them.

And I have also been buying crafty supplies from ebay.

And last but not least I have been unwrapping pretty Mother's day gifts, yes I know, we do things a little back to front here, don't ask ;0)

Hope you have all been having fun too. Miss. Poppins is off on her first school trip away for one night, and is ever so excited. boy do they have to take a lot of *stuff* for one night. I am sure she shall be fine. But me, I reckon I shall be crying into my cocoa. Think it may only be my 4th or 5th night away from her in 8 years. I shall be *sob* *sob* fine ;0)


Sunday 21 March 2010

Pretty and Pink Pretties....

Hello lovelies :0)

Well isn't it nice to see the beautiful blue skies peeking at us now. I have to say sunny days always lift my spirits and being a dress/skirt kinda gal, I can't wait to get my pretty summer clothes out from their hibernation. The children are busy cleaning the windows as I type, so maybe I shall be able to see those blue skies a little clearer now.

I thought you would like to see what pretties came my lovely way from Canada and from the delightful Jozen  Being a colour swap one had to let their partner know what was their favourite colour, and it was then to be incorporated into the swap sent. Of course I chose *PINK* :0) Jozen is ultra organised getting these out to me well before they are meant to, and hopefully my swap to her shall be with her very soon too. Jozen loves pink too, so have had fun gathering pretty and pink pretties for her :0)

Here they are again all re wrapped by me, as I always like to see pretty wrapping, don't you.

I so enjoyed my unwrapping experience. Here is what the lovely Jozen sent to me.

Sweet hot chocolate that turns a pretty shade of pink and a sweet card....

For Master Poppins who now goes to pre school, a lovely reading book....  

Beautiful pretties for my daughter. A sweet crocheted pink heart hair slide, pretty little notepad for her notes and the cutest litle handmade wrist cuff. Adorable....

Lovely and creative stitchwork on the wrist cuff, think I shall be borrowing this, infact I am wearing it now. Shhhh don't tell the daughter ;0)....

The prettiest pink topped knitting needles, I adore them....

Ohooo so beautiful and vintage pink pearl necklace with matching earrings. I love them, and they shall look so pretty when I wear them. Thank you so much Jozen....

Gorgeous and ohooo so pretty apron Jozen handmade for me, what beautiful detailing. I can definately see me wearing this pretty number in the kitchen....

The delightful big bow at the back of the apron....

I think you shall agree a beautiful, thoughtful, pretty, and special swap was sent my way. Thank you so much Jozen for being a super swap partner. I hope you swap from me gets to you soon. I also hope you like your pink pretties too :0) You can see the lovely photographs of  all the other swaps in the colour swap here  on flickr.

Talking of pretties, I thought I would share with you a couple, that not I, who normally is so good at rooting out these things in shops, but were spied by my fair and handsome husband ;0)

Would you like to take a little peek at this Primark bag again....


Well look what pretties my husband spied in this store

Hmmmm, see any likenesses ;0) Well I think they are lovely and thank you Mr. P, you are very good at this I spy a pretty malarkey :0) It is a little norty really, letting you all see, as one is soon going to be on its pretty way to one of you. I hope you like it as much as I do, though wanted to give you the heads up as I reckon there may one or two of you who may like to go out and get one too.

I am concentrating next week on crafting some pretties for my home, including some more work on my kitchen projects that you have so kindly helped me with.
Tis lovely, really lovely to make for gifts, orders etc. But sometimes, sometimes it is ever so special too, to make something for keeps :0)

Have fun y'all