Wednesday 27 February 2013

My Nametags Colour Stickers ~ A Great Product!

Well what a busy time we have had in the Poppins household. We've had half term fun and frolics, which generally means us getting up very late, and eating lots of cake ;) Soon it was time to get the little members of the house back into school mode and something that came in very useful were these super duper My Nametags These wonderful colour stickers now work on clothes and the children had great fun choosing their own design. Master Poppins went for a very lovely and Cath Kidston looking pale blue with white star background, and a sporty cricket design. He also wanted his real name and not Master Poppins on there!

Next up was Miss. Poppins, and who chose a very pretty pink background, with an oh so cute Daisy design.

I just love them, they are so practical too as these colour stickers can be used for both clothing and equipment and there are 100's of designs, backgrounds and colours to choose from. I'm a big fan of anything personalised and these are just perfect. There is no need to even iron on, you just simply peel one off the sheet and stick it on the clothing washing label and it stays there, wash after wash. Our labels have gone in all their school clothes, shoes, bottles, pencil cases, you name it and the sticky back is a very high quality so sticks really well. My Nametags also sent a surprise pack of colour stickers for moi, which was just lovely  of them and I have been drooling over the gorgeous stickers ever since. Perfect for my little Tshirts I personalise. 

I had no input into the design, but if I had I would have chosen the very same, so thumbs up to the clever designer person who did these for me to play with. 

I couldn't help but try one out on the reverse of a little lavender heart I handmade, I thought it much easier than sewing in a craft label every time.

Oh yes, I really like it. Now, what else can I use them for I wonder....

The possibilities for these personalised colour stickers are endless. A great product that I would highly recommend, especially for those like me, who just love that personalised touch. 

A sheet of 56 My Nametags colour stickers costs £9.95 and it is only £1.00 for postage and packaging, I think this offers great value for a unique and useful product. I shall certainly be going back for more once these have run out, and which at the rate my children are finding things to stick them to, won't be too long ;) 


Disclosure: We were sent three complimentary sheets of My Nametags Colour Stickers for the purposes of this review post. All words and opinions are my own.  

Friday 15 February 2013

Making Housework Pleasurable ~ Steam Mop Deluxe Review

When it comes to housework, it has to be said I am not normally one who makes a run for the gadgets out there to get things done. Tasks such as cleaning my floors, is where I usually roll those sleeves up of mine and get stuck in with a scrubbing brush. Alright, so maybe occasionally I get the mop and bucket out but really, often my floors look twice as dirty as when I first started cleaning them when I use a soggy mop. You can imagine my delight when I was offered the opportunity to keep my sleeves rolled down and test out Black & Decker's newly released Steam Mop ~ Deluxe 2 in 1 with Steam Handheld Cleaner. Wow. If there is one product out there that can save me all that elbow grease surely this has to be it. When it arrived I couldn't wait to try it out and in eagerness had let my floors, sofa's and curtains get especially grubby. Well that was my excuse anyway ;) I thought the steam mop was very pleasing to the eye too, always helps when doing such things as housework ;)

This new model comes with a nifty detachable hand held steamer so really ,useful for your upholstery too, and you can even use the handheld cleaner for steaming the inside of ovens and shower cubicles.

It comes with a heap of handy attachments and is equipped with a steam bust button to help remove stubborn marks and stains which you can press during use to apply that extra cleaning power.   

Black & Decker say....

 "The new models are environmentally friendly using only water and heat. The high temperature of the steam works to break down dirt, and destroy bacteria ~ in fact 99.9% of germs will be destroyed. The best things is you don't need to use any chemicals: So whilst the Black & Decker Steam Mop is relentless when removing dirt and germs, it remains gentle to your home and family"

The great thing about this product is that it uses Digital Autoselect technology and therefore you can select the correct floor type (stone-marble, tiles-vinyl, wood-laminate) and then the right amount of steam is released and floors will dry in seconds. The Steam mop is safe to use on all sealed floors. You also have a carper glider attachment that helps freshen up carpets too. I was keen to try it out on the laminate flooring we have in Miss. Poppins' room, and as a pre-teen you can imagine what the floor gets like in there sometimes. Using the removable easy to fill water tank, which has its own built in water filtering system, I simply filled it using the included measuring jug with tap water. It only takes 15 seconds for the tank illumination to change from red to blue and we were ready to go. 

Although occasionally you do have to put a bit more welly into pushing it along, once you get going it slides along very easily and I just love the swivel action so you can really get into those little corners. 

After only a very short time I thought I would switch it off and have a look underneath. Yes, it was certainly picking up all that unwanted dirt. 

I carried on and the room was finished really quickly and I was really pleased with the result. I couldn't wait to have more of a little play, so next it was on to the bathroom. First I had to select the correct floor type. 

As the upstairs bathroom is teeny tiny, it was finished in quick speed.

And again the handy swivel action came in very useful.

Having, albeit a very lovely and cute dog in the household, means our sofa's occasionally get used as a bed for a certain someone. Yes I am very naughty letting him on there, but well, when he looks at me with 'those eyes' I can't resist. 

Of course, now I have the handy hand held cleaner to use, I want to keep my sofa's looking like new, so for now he is (almost) banned from jumping up and it was so easy to use the detachable hand held cleaner for the sofa's. 

We gave the curtains a little freshening up too, and I love that it is all natural, just steam, so no nasty chemicals involved. 

I am yet to try out all the attachments, but I am very keen to get it working its steamy magic on the inside of my (very dirty) oven. Yes, if this multi-use steam mop can bring some cleanliness and delight to the inside of my oven, well, it deserves a medal. 

I think it's got it's work cut out, don't you ;) So I have to say this product is great, a real time saver and a multi use, nifty little number. I would not normally have thought a steam mop could do so much around the home, but Black & Decker's deluxe model with handheld cleaner does practically everything you would want it to do and I look forward to coming back and sharing with you my shiny new clean oven :)

Disclosure:  I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Network, a group of parent bloggers picked by Mumsnet to review products, services, events and brands. I received a complimentary Steam Mop Deluxe for the purposes of this blog post and did not attend an event. I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity.     

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Valentine's At Poundland!

I have to say I don't really go in for all this valentine's lark, love for a partner should be declared every day of the year I think ;) Though of course who doesn't like a little treat on Valentine's day, and if you only have a couple of pounds in your pocket, you could pop into Poundland for a little something. Being a Poundland Ambassador I was sent a small selection of valentine's treats to tempt me into feeling the love and I have to say they really do have quite a cute valentine's range on offer....

I do like to get a little something for the children on Valentine's day and Miss.Poppins would love this ickle bear....

I think the pretty heart shaped lights could bring a little romance to any room, and as for the sweet cupcake set, they would definitely get me in the mood....for baking....

So with all these items priced at just being £1 each you really can afford to treat your loved one's this valentine's.

Happy Lovin' 


Friday 8 February 2013

Abakhan Craft Challenge!

So, it is time again for a little Abakhan craft challenge and for my challenge on a budget this time I chose this selection of fabrics and bits and bobs....

As usual there is a little pink in there and I have decided to make up a little piece of clothing for Miss. Poppins. I have come across a couple of teething problems in constructing it but hopefully shall get there. I just love the hippy style Camper Vans fabric. 

In fact, if there is any of that delicious fabric left over, I shall just have to make myself a little something ;) I have to say Abakhan is a fantastic place for all your sewing and crafty needs. Be warned if you ever go to one of their stores, you can spend many an hour there ;) I look forward to sharing with you what I made.  


Tuesday 5 February 2013

Château de Sable ~ Review

I love having a little fashionista on my hands and I like to be challenged to find him stylish, quality clothes. Having a boy, sometimes this can be quite a feat. I remember shopping for my daughter when she was Master P's age and there seemed so much out there on offer for girls in the styles I liked. Even at only 6 years he really has his own little mind on what he likes to wear, and how he puts his outfits together. Of course, I do like to give him a helping hand at times, so I was more than delighted to try out a piece from Chateau de Sable who offer high quality designer children's clothes The collection of French children's clothes collection, that is aimed at newborn to 12 years old is just beautiful. I couldn't wait to see what piece Master Poppins had been sent to try out. The parcel came as it would be received by all customers who place an order online. 

  Isn't it pretty, I love the blue ribbon touch too. I was a very good mummy and waited for Master P to get home from school before opening the sweet parcel and he was rather excited too. He's a bit like his mummy in that respect as he just loves clothes.

 Oh he loved it. It's from their boys tops and shirts collection, and should be available any day as it is brand new in for this season.  

Chateau de Sable who have their own store that was opened in Chester in 2009, have also been selling an online clothing collection that was set up in 2010. The inspiration behind the brand is 'children at play' and that children should be, well just that, children. The quality of the clothes is quite remarkable and the attention to detail on each piece is outstanding. Of course, this is a designer children's wear brand so prices do reflect this, but as a special treat or a gift I think a perfect choice. Master Poppins' shirt indeed was the perfect item for him, and exactly something I would pick. He loves wearing it, and I think he looks rather dapper. 

I just love the granddad collar detail.

And the cheery buttons.

Oh yes, he loves it!

The collections even allow for siblings to coordinate, whilst still keeping their own individual style, perfect for those with twins.To keep up with the ever changing dynamics of children's fashion there are new and exciting designs each month and they offer only a limited number to retain their exclusivity. 

The owner Janice Atlay says....

"I am delighted to have introduced this unique clothing brand into the UK. I was fortunate to discover Ch√Ęteau de Sable while living overseas and have always dressed my children in it. The collection has been enthusiastically received and it is pleasing to see that in such a short time frame I have customers regularly revisiting to see what is new in our range of children's designer clothing."

So, some really beautiful collection's on offer and we were delighted with our shirt to try out. I would definitely  recommend the high quality children's wear collection and look forward to visiting the store too soon.   


Disclosure: We received a complimentary Chateau de Sable shirt for the purposes of this review post. All opinions are my own.  

Monday 4 February 2013

Lego Land Discovery Centre Manchester

Last week I was invited with my family to visit Legoland Discovery Centre  in Manchester. One of the highlights was to see the unveiling of their new LEGO Star Wars Model Display  Now Master Poppins is a big, big fan of Star Wars and with us having never visited the discovery centre before, were keen to see what it was all about. A certain someone decided to take his favourite Star Wars rucksack with him ;) Miss Poppins was also excited at going and they both enjoyed meeting Buzz.

The Lego displays really were quite spectacular.

The children loved it when the lights went down and everything became night time.

We decided to make our way over to the Star Wars display that is being showcased at the discovery centre until the 2nd Jun.

I don't want to give too much away but the children thought was great. Master P loved the fact you could interact with the displays too.

We were in there for quite a while and had great fun in this special room on our way out.

After visiting the Star Wars miniland we went to watch the screening at the 4D Cinema  I have to say this for us, was the best attraction of the day. You really do get that 4D experience. It was great fun, and we all loved wearing our funny looking 4D glasses.

Next it was time for a couple of the rides, Miss Poppins and I had fun on this.

And we even saw a familiar face or two.

So, a really enjoyable visit and we certainly had fun. There is only one entry price at Legoland Discovery, Manchester, with all the attractions included. Tickets are available online from  £8.10 per person and the centre is open daily from 10am.

We all had a great time and shall definitely be back! I am very happy that I am able to give a family of up to four the opportunity to win free entry to the centre, on any day and time, and the tickets shall be valid for 12 months. So, if you'd like to go in the hat please just leave a comment here and in you'll go. 


Disclosure: We received complimentary entry for a family of four to Legoland Discovery Centre for the purposes of this review post/giveaway. All words and opinions are my own