Friday 27 March 2009

Is It cool To Sew....

I think I may have some Jumping beans in my fingers, my friends think I have gone a little loop la lou what with all my sewing. They think the girl they know and love has jumped ship and a lovely, dear little old lady has come back in her place. Am I no longer the cool dude :)

What do your friends think of your crafting, maybe its a phase, maybe I am going through an early change but I seem to have to be making something, even if it is only a little something every day.

Here is a little cushion cover I made.

A cover I made for a 65cms by 65cms Ikea floor cushion. I would like to put some buttons on it, though don't know if I am up for doing button holes :)

Then a little lined Tote Bag using a lovely Tutorial and the beautiful fabric Dolly Dollop wrapped my Mother's Day goodies in. Here they are looking pretty.

A beautiful and special Enid Blyton book, pretty handwritten card and tag, something special from her wedding and some of the gorgeous fabric.

A lovely handmade birdie for Master. Poppins.

And a lovely handmade birdie for Miss. Poppins, thank you Claire they are beautiful :)

I shall keep you waiting to see what goodies I got from A Thrifty Mrs :)

So here is the little Tote Bag I made

Though I did have my pocket on the wrong side :)

Ohooo and then a little 1 hour bag using a fantastic Tutorial Sew Hot Mitmot used to make her beautiful ones. I used LA Bibi for the main bag and pocket, and an Ikea Gingham for the lining.

Here is my pocket sewn onto the lining, two hems.

Sewing in the wadding.

The bag ready to go into the lining.

Tucking the lining inside the bag.

My getting better Top Stitching

The inside with the pretty pocket.

Looking Pretty.

Right I am off to make one of These


Monday 23 March 2009

I Have come so Far....

Thank you so, so much for all your lovely comments they meant so much and Our Mother's Day was lovely, special, peaceful and full of fun :) I hope yours was too.
As the title says, I feel, since I pressed that first publish post, that my crafting has come so far.I am really happy with the way things are improving. I could never have imagined that I could have made my daughter her very own patchwork quilt from her little baby and toddler dresses. Of course I had a wonderful teacher in Sew Hot Mitmot whose tutorial was excellent, here is how it went.

So I decided to do a different design, using 99 5 inch squares, next time I think I would use a rotary cutter as I think my squares would have been much neater. My first two strips sewn together.

Halfway there.

Here it is looking pretty on my bed, now need to choose some backing.

I had this lovely vintage M&S fleecy sheet that I was waiting to do something with, perfect. I thought it would be lovely and cosy for Miss. Poppins to cuddle up with.

I kept the wadding quite lightweight, and here is my first attempt at quilting.

The pretty Bias Binding, I did find this tricky, though from the perspective of a seven year old, it is indeed perfect :)

And here is is looking pretty....

I am even happy with my Lavender Hearts. I love making them with the pinking shears, for me so much less fiddly than the turning inside out way, and I think the edges look really pretty. Smell gorgeous too, I use the lavender from my childhood garden in Wales, it seems to smell lovelier and lovelier the drier it gets, a sort of minty smell.

Next up was a pretty little quilted needle case, again with a fantastic tutorial from Sew Hot Mitmot this is how it went.

The quilting.

The tricky Bias Binding.

First sewing on the Bias Binding.

Mmmmm not sure my join is in the right place, I shall have to cover that.

My pretty ribbon would do the job.

Looking pretty.

Please note, my pin tin and tulip props used are there of course to look pretty and also to hide the dodgy sewing ;) My work is not brilliant, though brilliance is not my aim, it is to enjoy, to create. I think there are some of us that are too hard on ourselves and our sewing accomplishments, we are all brilliant in our own ways and anything that has been made from the heart is a true treasure indeed.

Would you like to see some thrifted pretties, all bargains and all beautiful.

Vintage Curtains.

Beautiful Buttons.

China Bowls.

Vintage Ladybird.

Gorgeous Family and Friends photograph frames.

Beautiful silver and unknown stone bracelet.

Pretty Thimbles, the Royal Doulton one is a present for a special lady :)

Gorgeous Tea Set.

Pretty Posy, it is 5 inches tall.

China Thimble and Teeny vase.

Something pretty not sure if one puts anything in it.

I have had some pretty treats too, thank you to Claire at Dolly Dollop and A Thrifty Mrs for my Mother's Day lovelies.

Thank you A Thrifty Mrs

Thank you Dolly Dollop

And thank you too to my lovely children for the best Mother's Day present in the world, some hand selected twigs, only a Mother could go all soppy over some pretty twigs :)

Happy Crafting.


Monday 16 March 2009

Hopes, Dreams

With Mother's Day coming up, I tend to not cope very well.

I have two very healthy children. Yes, one of them does have a little Heart Condition, though you would never know, and had a cardiac ballooning at three months old, and is not needed to be seen for three years. It was not something they were looking for and we did not know it was there, but so lucky we did at such a young age :)

They are very happy and I am so grateful to have them. Though there is always one of my children that I shall never see grow up, go to school, drive me up the wall sometimes, play in the park, see marry, have his own children and kiss goodnight.

My very, very premature son. Mother's Day is a beautiful happy day, though believe me there are many tears and what ifs and whys. Mothers intuition is very strong, when I became pregnant with my little boy even at my 20 week scan which was perfectly normal, I knew I would never have him, and something, I don't know what, told me that my baby would not be coming home with me. So when I was there cradling my baby who had been taken into God's care, I felt that I knew that was his fate.

Here is a little poem which sums up my thoughts perfectly, that I read at one of the Baby Memorial Services.

Too Soon

This was a life
That had barely begun
No time to find
Your place in the sun
No time to do
All you could have done
But we loved you enough for a lifetime

No time to enjoy
The world and its wealth
No time to take life
Down off the shelf
No time to sing
The song of yourself
Though you had enough love for a lifetime.

Those who live long
Endure sadness and tears
But you'll never suffer the
Sorrowing years:
No betrayal, no anger,
No hatred, no fears,
Only Love, only love in your lifetime.

Writing here is my way of remembering my little boy. I shall visit him on Mother's Day and we shall remember him as a Family.

I shall think of you on Mother's Day, if you too have lost a little baby, I shall think of you on Mother's Day if your Mum is no longer with you, I shall think of you on Mother's Day if you are trying to conceive your own special baby, I shall think of you on Mother's Day if you are spending time with your own precious Mum, I shall think of you on Mother's Day spending wonderful moments with your own children. It is indeed a day filled with many wonderful hopes and dreams.

One thing I have learnt is that there is always Hope, when I became pregnant 5 months after little boy was born, my I needed bucketfuls of Hope that my baby would be alright, and thankfully he was, yes very small 3lbs 1oz, but he was alright, here and safe and we brought him home 49 days after he was born. If we don't have hope, we have nothing.

Here is one of our Family Sunday Traditions, and we shall indeed be eating our way through some lovely scones, on Mother's Day. We like to have every Sunday sitting together as a family eating yummy scones, rather like the Family roast, but without the roast :)

Enjoy your Mother's Day.

Take care my lovelies...