Thursday 29 October 2009

Moi Wants Not Needs....

Do you ever buy something that you really don't need, but you REALLY REALLY want. Mmmmm, I do. And wanting and not needing is what made me, well Mr. Poppins actually ;) purchase this little number.

Pretty nice looking huh :)

Well it gets better.

A lovely Ribbon watch :)

Now, which pretty ribbon do I choose, Mmmmm



My favorite, I think ;)

Well it is a very cheery little number, very girly and for a girl who loves ribbons the perfect treat.

Talking of treats, I found a pretty brooch for the Giveaway there shall be more pretties ;)

Ohooo la la ;) lucky you if you get picked from the pretty tin

Good luck :)


Tuesday 27 October 2009


Well, as mentioned, I wanted to do a little Giveaway to say thank you for your lovely comments. So what shall I be giving away dear friends. Well, if you like all things pink, vintage, pretty, handmade, and sent with love then this is the Giveaway for you.

International friends are welcome too. I shall gather some pretties for you, and as Miss. Poppins loves to choose, it shall be her who picks a winner from the pretty tin, on her birthday, November the 5th. Now which tin do you think we should use.

To enter all you have to do is comment and say hello, go on you can do it, and good luck :)

Talking of pretties and to get you in the mood for pretty parcels, I have wrapped and sent off my little swap to Lisa We thought it would be a nice idea to do a little pretty swap. I hope Lisa likes her pretties, I really enjoyed getting a little parcel together for her and handmaking some pretties for her too.

No pretty peeking now. Especially you Lisa ;)

Ohooo if you get a minute please spare a thought for TM

Good luck for the Giveaway :)


Monday 26 October 2009

It Is A Heart Thing....

Special Master. Poppins has a heart condition. He had a successful ballooning to stretch the faulty valve when he was three months old, he is doing really well and his cardiologist doesn't need to see him for three years :)

Is it any wonder I have a thing for hearts, I feel my son has been given a very special one and we were so lucky to have found out so early.

I think many of my makes are heart inspired. I thought you may like to see one of my hearty makes, a little Rag Heart, very pretty and Shabby Chic I thought. And as with all my heart makes, has special meaning to me.

Do you have a favorite inspired pretty that you like to make.

Happy making


Sunday 25 October 2009

Merci Beaucoup....

Thank you so much dear Blog friends for your very interesting, articulate and thought provoking comments on my last post. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a message, I am truly touched that you can share your precious thoughts with me :)

Well I hope you are enjoying your Sunday. It is a little crazy here, wondering when this home of ours shall ever get finished. Yet no doors on the attic bedrooms, so even the pleasant purring of my sewing machine always has an overtone of children's background noise. Is it any wonder I sew into the night, listening to calm and moving classical music. Do you listen to music when you sew, or am I a little strange that when I create I love to be moved by my surroundings and sometimes feel like I am dancing along with the music, whilst creating something pretty.

Well I wonder what you are all up to, I have been playing with buttons and threads. Think I need to get out more ;)

I am loving playing with my new thrifted vintage threads.

Mmmmm, I wonder which is my favourite ;)

So, my little thank you from me to you :)

Any favourites in there :)


Friday 23 October 2009

Is My Blog My Life....

I am very interested in the subject talked about in Holly's post, titled Is your life all about Blog Content.

I have been thinking about this subject myself, and I know it crops up every now and again. I have bloggy wobbles occasionally and it is then that I wonder what is it all about, why do I blog, why did I set up my little blog, is my blog really what I want it to be etc etc. How much of my life is in my blog.

Well I know why I set up my blog. On a more personal level I think losing little Joshua affected me and I was in a lot of emotional pain and needed an outlet where I could escape and enter a pretty world. Also the builders were in and I wanted to chart the wonderful transformation of our building site of a home into this magnificent Shabby chic Family home. Well that hasn't quite happened, the 8 week building project is now nearly into it's second year ;)

I soon found a new love, crafting, and love to share all that I have learned and I love to learn off you too. Where it gets a little blurry for me, is the real life stuff, sometimes you all truly feel like my friends and I sometimes want to share the important stuff, but something holds me back. Is that a good thing.

How much do you actually share, more or less than you would like. Life isn't all a bunch of roses however much I would like it to be. It is like the old saying a problem shared....

Is my life my blog content, well I would say yes a little snippet of it is, but as for the real life stuff I don't even think we have even scraped the tip of the iceberg ;)

Of course one element of blogging I love is sending and receiving pretty parcels :)

I purchased a pretty little handmade heart off the lovely Beki .

I can spot anything with a Daisy on it from 100 paces so fell in love.

Norty Beki also sent a couple of cheer up treats too, and the prettiest fabric.

Thank you Beki, I hope the post doesn't delay your little parcel.

I also adored the sweet handpainted coaster I saw in Lajoni's Place Again, in my favourite flower. I had to purchase it. It is beautifully handpainted and shall be treasured. Thank you Lajoni

It is Miss. Poppins' birthday in a couple of weeks and I fell in love with Caroline's pretty fairy lavender cushions. I thought one would be lovely for Miss. Poppins. And norty Caroline too sent a couple of sweet extras. Thank you Caroline, the pillow is so sweet :)

And what a treat when I opened up my lovely bay leaves from the very kind Lalabibaby who makes the most delightful hanging pomanders and offered to send me some of her bay leaves so I can make my own. Thank you so much Lala :)

And some lovely items of clothing from the lovely Heather who has been kindly sending some sweet items of clothing to fellow bloggy friends for them to repurpose in to something pretty and offer for sale. Any money raised shall be going to a very worthy charity. Thank you Heather for the sweetest items.

So, although I struggle to sometimes get the real stuff out there with you all, I happily share what I can, and am so touched by the kindness and generosity of my Bloggy friends that sometimes words are not needed, a little ;) a little ((((( MaryP ))))) is all that it takes for me to know that you understand :)


Thursday 22 October 2009

Come To My Party....

Would you like to come to my CK party, you are all invited. Thank you for helping me organise it Lissy Lou I understand there are many more having the CK party too :)

I found you all in my bloggy address book....

There shall be bunting....

Pretty tins busting with sweeties....

Choose your favourite drinking vessel....

Why don't you bring an overnight bag....

Choose your own pretty pillowcase....

There shall be some reading....

And we could pick some pretty flowers....

Of course there shall be food but first you may like to wash your hands....

And then dry them with a soft fluffy towel....

Once we have had a bite to eat and a nice cup of tea....

We could write some pretty poetry to send to someone we love....

There shall be candlelight....

What lovely wrapping paper....

Hungry again....

More tea....

Ohooo look I have found some more pretty writing material....

A little midnight snack perhaps....

Time flies when you are having fun, was loving seeing you all, I hope you like your party bag....

Ohooo hang on whose going to help with the washing up ;)....

Thanks for coming and look forward to coming to yours :)

Fabulous idea Lissy Lou :)

Post in honour of Ms....

Happy Partying


Friday 16 October 2009

Well Didn't We Have A Lovely Time....

Sometimes you can actually have a good experience when you were thinking it may be quite the opposite. Normally when I visit Mr. Ikea with the family I would say divorce gets mentioned at least 50 times, the children make a run for the children's department with me lagging behind them, people get tired and people get hungry, namely me on the hungry one ;)

So when we visited a couple of weeks ago I was expecting some raised voices and moaning husbands and yet had a lovely, lovely calm, peacful, happy experience. Everything fitted into the car, even me, after all my Diam bars.

We met a couple of friends, had a little chat, and then walked round very calmly with my list in hand ready for the shouting to begin. Well, a couple of pretties took my eye on the way round. I wonder if any of you lovely bloggers have the same pretties I liked in your homes.

Master. Poppins loved the groovy highchair.

And the sweet Ladybird

I loved

Ms. Jennylund

Ms. Klippan

Mr. Poppins quite liked the Paul Smithesque chair.

I wish I could pick this kitchen up and bring it home with me. We have the chairs at home, though are yet to take them out of their cardboard homes. So is nice to see them looking pretty, only wish it was in my kitchen too.

Very pretty

I do love the little children set ups they have.

I fell in love at Ikea

With a beautiful Alvine Rug that is, has gone on my christmas wish list. I wonder how Santa shall hide that one from me ;)

So what did I come home with. Well I bought some threads, I have heard the Ikea ones are quite good. A lovely funky throw from the bargain corner for £4.00, some pretty spotty napkins.

Lovely christmas paper bags

A little Billy bookcase for my crafty little things, some crafting essentials and not a tea lignt in sight ;)

I have worked out what helped make for a pleasant little Ikea outing, THE LIST. I don't normally have a list, and that is when I come home with things I didn't really need but thought I needed. With my list you see, I knew what I wanted and didn't buy anything that was not on the list. So Mr.Poppins was happy and happily so was I.

Though there were two little things that were on my list that they didn't have so I shall have to go back, please remind me to take a list :)