Friday 23 October 2009

Is My Blog My Life....

I am very interested in the subject talked about in Holly's post, titled Is your life all about Blog Content.

I have been thinking about this subject myself, and I know it crops up every now and again. I have bloggy wobbles occasionally and it is then that I wonder what is it all about, why do I blog, why did I set up my little blog, is my blog really what I want it to be etc etc. How much of my life is in my blog.

Well I know why I set up my blog. On a more personal level I think losing little Joshua affected me and I was in a lot of emotional pain and needed an outlet where I could escape and enter a pretty world. Also the builders were in and I wanted to chart the wonderful transformation of our building site of a home into this magnificent Shabby chic Family home. Well that hasn't quite happened, the 8 week building project is now nearly into it's second year ;)

I soon found a new love, crafting, and love to share all that I have learned and I love to learn off you too. Where it gets a little blurry for me, is the real life stuff, sometimes you all truly feel like my friends and I sometimes want to share the important stuff, but something holds me back. Is that a good thing.

How much do you actually share, more or less than you would like. Life isn't all a bunch of roses however much I would like it to be. It is like the old saying a problem shared....

Is my life my blog content, well I would say yes a little snippet of it is, but as for the real life stuff I don't even think we have even scraped the tip of the iceberg ;)

Of course one element of blogging I love is sending and receiving pretty parcels :)

I purchased a pretty little handmade heart off the lovely Beki .

I can spot anything with a Daisy on it from 100 paces so fell in love.

Norty Beki also sent a couple of cheer up treats too, and the prettiest fabric.

Thank you Beki, I hope the post doesn't delay your little parcel.

I also adored the sweet handpainted coaster I saw in Lajoni's Place Again, in my favourite flower. I had to purchase it. It is beautifully handpainted and shall be treasured. Thank you Lajoni

It is Miss. Poppins' birthday in a couple of weeks and I fell in love with Caroline's pretty fairy lavender cushions. I thought one would be lovely for Miss. Poppins. And norty Caroline too sent a couple of sweet extras. Thank you Caroline, the pillow is so sweet :)

And what a treat when I opened up my lovely bay leaves from the very kind Lalabibaby who makes the most delightful hanging pomanders and offered to send me some of her bay leaves so I can make my own. Thank you so much Lala :)

And some lovely items of clothing from the lovely Heather who has been kindly sending some sweet items of clothing to fellow bloggy friends for them to repurpose in to something pretty and offer for sale. Any money raised shall be going to a very worthy charity. Thank you Heather for the sweetest items.

So, although I struggle to sometimes get the real stuff out there with you all, I happily share what I can, and am so touched by the kindness and generosity of my Bloggy friends that sometimes words are not needed, a little ;) a little ((((( MaryP ))))) is all that it takes for me to know that you understand :)



  1. Lovely post Mary, you've certainly got me to thinking of why I started blogging.
    To me it's a bit of an escapism (not that i've got anything dreadful I want to escape from), it's noice just to lose yourself in a world of pretties, don't you think. Of course the pretty parcels in the post are an added bonus ;) and I love to send them just as much if not more than receiving them.
    Have a great weekend gorgeous
    Beki xxx

  2. I get what you mean Mary......sometimes I hide behind my blog, because life is tricky, but then you read someones blog and they are sharing something important and it helps you to do the same...I've had a dreadful year and blogging has helped.....
    I've had more care and kindness shown to me than I've had off so called "real" life ppl...ppl I've listened to on many occassion's, hours of my time spent helping them and sadly when my Brother passed away....some of them suddenly went away too.....apparently it was just the fun Mel they wanted, not the sad upset one.....its made me realise that even if we can't see bloggers and speak to them...some of them are true good hearted ppl....and they know who they are...:>)))
    that makes them special and worthy of being friends...
    I guess its not always how much you share via here its the emails ppl are kind enough to send to ask how you are, sometimes its good to get it off your chest and share in that way....
    Your very well liked Mary and ppl enjoy your blog because your honest and open....I've met you and I think you're a lovely lady!
    I'm so sad that you have had such deep sadness in you life (((hug)))


  3. Hi Mary,
    I read that post and the way I see it is that blogging often motivates me to get things done, to try new things, to encourage me to take photos and keep a sort of diary if you like of my personal thoughts/makes. I don't as you will probably have noticed, talk about family or friends, or anything I consider private.
    I love your blog and would consider you a true friend xxx

  4. Hi Mary poppins
    I totally understand that post and quite agree. I guess when I started a blog it was because I had come across some other blogs and felt inspired to start one. Also I like the fact its a sort of online visual thing for the kids to look at one day. I guess I dont feel like like I share everything , pretty much like you say its a snippet of life, Some of the things in life. I think sometimes I feel like opening up more and then hold back. I have had a few problems with my daughter since she has started secondary school, I guess my little girl is growing up. she doesnt always quite act or be like the way I want her too sometimes! I would like her to look back on my blog and see what a monster she was!, but no I keep it sweet!
    x Dom
    ps lovely thought provoking post and love the goodies x

  5. having just my little blog, i found your post today realy interesting, moving and thought provoking - why have i started blogging? to share my love of crafting with like minded people i suppose and also as a SAHM its good to have an activity you can pop into whatever time of day that is mine and mine only !!!!

  6. great post mary!!!

    to me blogging came at a time that my life was falling apart. i used it as my happy escape place. little did i know i would meet some lovely ladies, take part in great swaps and discover what i want to do in my life once my youngest starts preschool - make crafting into a little jobby :)

    I don't know how long my blogging days will last but at the moment i love it and it certainly has helped me on my long road to recovery.

    ((mary)) ;)


  7. Great post.

    I started blogging, inspired by the fact that other SC ladies had started. For me it's a kind of diary to chart what is going on (or not!) in my life. It's good to look back on.

    Of course the big bonus is the connection with other people. How I wish I had access to the Internet when my children were tiny. I realise now how isolated I was.

    Through my blog I've got to meet in person a great lady in Colorado who took me to her home when we were on holiday. I would NEVER have met her if it were not for my blog.

    There's some wonderful people out there ... you especially Mary P! xxx

  8. Hello! I just loved this post. I love reading everybodys blogs, and although I have shared a little bit about my illness, because I feel that it can be treated as taboo by some , and some are scared of the word cancer, and I feel there should be more awareness. As Melmel said about her friends, a couple of my real life friends left me behind during my illness, because I am usually the fun one. I have only mentioned it in one post and tryed to keep it light. I sometimes teeter on whether or not to share more, but I too hold back. There is a lot to tell!!! However, I think I like to try to write about life in general and draw on my experiences rather than share, and I suppose I want people to laugh and feel happy when they leave my blog too! What I like about blogland is that everyone is so kind and friendly, it doesn't matter how old, how young, etc., only warmth and kindness comes across. I love your posts and sometimes people don't need to say too much, you just seem to get a feel for what type of person they are. I adore your blog and enjoy it each time I come on to look and read your wonderful posts. Suzie. xxx

  9. Hi there Mary,

    Wow what a great post. It has certainly got everyone talking.

    For me like it seems most people I fell into bloggging, by chance. I found some blogs that I loved looking at and thought hey that looks fun! Like yourself I struggle with how much is enough or not enough. I made the choice not to use our real names and at first not to have any pictures of my children on the blog. I still dont, but I do take pics of them in such way where you get the impression of them. If that makes sense.

    But the thing is as you continue to blog you do think wow that such a lovely pic of Boo or Lala and I would dearly love to put them on my blog. But being a paranoid mummy I worry that someone (not anyone I dont think that actually reads my blog) but unknown someones might use those pics for well I dont know what really. All I know is it would niggle at me. Why I cant really say. Its hard because although i dont actually know the people who comment on my blog you get a "sense" of them if only in a virtual sense.

    Sometimes on my blog is all about sillyness and craft because thats what my life is generally about,but sometimes its a bit more grainer because sometimes my life is about that more. My DH and I have had a terrible year with some very serious and heartbreaking problems, its affected in different ways and deeply. But because of its nature I havent been able to go into detail. If its got me down too much and I know I cant do a real Positive blog then I dont.

    I dont know how long I will blog for. But at the moment I am having fun going along with it at my pace. And although i have yet to join in the swaps and things I still find blogland by and large a lovely vibrant and creative place to visit in my day. And I think I will continue to do so for sometime to come.

    Thanks for such a great post and sorry for such a long comment. Loved all your pretties by the way. Lucky you. Have a great weekend.


  10. I was so touched by your blog Mary. I think to all us bloggers who read it, we all have a story, a struggle, a pain. It's life. The harsh reality that we women come to realise as we grow up. My life this past 18 months has been pants. I have been to hell and am still clawing my way back. I have had to dig deep into reserves I never thought I had, but have realised that I am a lot stronger than I thought. I started blogging as a way of charting my thoughts on my hobby. My blog was going to be purely about crafting and all things creative, an escape and something that was solely mine, but I soon realised that, I couldn't do it, without giving away bits about me, and to be honest, it is helping. I dont think you need to tell people your whole life story and all the nitty gritty. But, to know there are kind words of comfort and support out there at times when you so desperately need it, is worth so much. For someone to not have to know what it is that fills you with pain, but to have an understanding from their own experiences of their own pain, it's like an unspoken word. Like the other lovely bloggers comments say, you dont have to know these people in person, women have such beautiful empathy with one another, it's our strength in the world. This year, at this time, is difficult for me, and blogging is helping me enormously. To join a community who sympathise, empathise, inspire, make you laugh, I dont think I would want to leave now. Vanessa xxxx

  11. Fantastic post Mary. I have been blogging for over three years now although only this year opened a less private blog. I've been using mine to motivate me when things are tough and to focus on the many positive things going on in life and it is helping me a lot. Some blogs seem a little too 'perfect' and I think it is nice to have some realism there to know that other people may have similar issues and that you are not alone.

    I sometimes worry that I give too much away, but find it such a good outlet at times. There are some wonderful like minded people out there which has restored my faith in humanity somewhat.

    As for the sharing and giving that goes on I think it is absolutely wonderful!

    Thank you for such a thought inspiring post.

  12. Well Mary I started blogging because of you and others on SCC ...I hardly knew what a blog was before then...
    My blog is mainly about my painting & drawing and doesn't tell much about myself at all I don't think.
    I have been told I am a very private person by colleagues at work ....I talk, laugh and gossip as much as the next and listen too more than most I think..... I know alot about a great many of the people I work with and talk to on the net but they know very little about me which is fine.
    I love my blog and reading others blogs and some people really do pour their hearts out which sometimes is easier to do on paper so to speak than face to face :)

    Glad you liked Daisy :)

  13. Hello again! Thanks for your last comment. I believe that there is more to this life. I believe that the orb could well be much more than dust! If you ever feel like talking more you can email me, I would love to hear from you anytime at all! I am an excellent listener! Even if I say so my self!

  14. So glad you do a blog Mary, it is lovely and so are the others that I read and I hope you continue x

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  16. my blog i think is a bit pants!!..i take rubbish pictures and chat rubbish... but to me its somwere that i can go and write about what interests me... i doubt it even gets read by anyone but i do it for me.. i love reading other peoples blogs, i get such inspiration from them to the point that i just want to transport their homes into mine!!.. i dont think i go into my personal details as much as others but i think thats because my blog mainly is about my love of housey things and interiors and its my way of escaping for a little bit from being mum all the time!!!!..some woman go on shopping trips or breaks at spas ...i blog about furniture!!!!

  17. Oh Mary, how profound. I love your blog and find you an inspiration in my crafting.
    I started my blog, convinced by your good self, as I wanted to share my crafting with like minded people. Other people often just don't "get it."
    It is lovely to get advise and lovely comments about your work. Also it has given me confidence to try new things.
    Lot's of us stay at home and although it is very busy can be hard and lonely, especially if things aren't going too well. I am finding that comments from people that I would class as friends, yourself of course included help to lift the mood .
    hope the children are feeling better.
    Rachael xx

  18. Thankyou for the comment Mary, I haven't lined them - I think it will be too much of a fiddle because of the shape. I am just going to zigzag the raw edges.
    I think I share a little more on SCC than in my blog. I suppose its because my blog is open to everyone, and SCC is a little more select.
    I completely forgot to say how lovely all your goodies are in this post. I love Lajs painting especially xx

  19. mary..thank you for such a lovely comment.. i feel all chuffed now!

  20. As I've not even tried out my bondaweb since buying it I left the hearts and stars to do after.
    If you remember we talked about the easier/neater way to do hearts by sewing them before cutting? I basically did the same thing with the stockings which makes that bit easier, but then I'll have to do what you said and put the stocking on the arm of the machine.

    Any tips on bondaweb? I am a little aprehensive incase I mess up lol xx

  21. Mary you may wobble but please DO NOT fall off the perch .... this time last year I had no idea what a blog was and I took the mickey out of my daughters for sitting on Facebook for hours. Here I am now doing the same thing and thoroughly enjoying it. Some words that spring to my mind about blogging are sharing, friendship, kindred spirits, parallel lives, escapism, reality check, dreaming, helping, family. Like Dancing on a Blade of Grass has said I wish the internet had been available when my brood were littlies but there again SAHMs were in the majority then so you mums now are probably in more need of this wonderful means of bringing people together than we were.
    Have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing and remember if you need another little package of green leaves you know where I am ;-)

  22. Hi Mary, I love your blog and I,m grateful and pleased that you are willing to share your life with me. I,m thinking about a blog but am hopeless with computers. The fact I haven't been able to leave a message actually motivated me to get a google account, so far so good. Loved your CK entry, I found some CK mugs in a shop in the local mall and have been buying 2 aweek for the last month. The girl in the shop had no idea who CK was and I bought some for my BF who has the same taste as me, and out of my friends she is the only one who knows who CK is. In fact she bought me a tea caddy by Emma Bridgewater and no-one but us seems to collect and drool over this stuff.

  23. Boa noite lindo ..lindo
    Bom fim de semana e bjs

  24. Lovely post. My blog is my space where I can share what I want to share, have a reason for taking photos and escape the parts of my life that aren't so sweet. I love the way that like minded people are drawn together in this lovely community with no obligations just a warm desire to share - to share the good and sometimes the bad and the beauty and pleasure in life. Following a bad day at the office there is nothing that soothes me more than losing myself other's blogs for a while, seeking and finding inspiration and confirmtation that it is ok to be me and that there are other people out there that see the world through similar eyes.

  25. Hi Mary, it's an interesting post. I Blog because I love reading other peoples Blogs and feel that it helps to put myself out there for the sake of my writing. I like the creative challenge of coming up with 3 posts a week. I'm only fairly new to Blogging and so I'll review it in six months and see if I am still loving it. If it doesn't take too much energy away from my writing then I'll continue. I do also have a personal reason and that is I have somebody close to me who is very ill and I wanted to distract myself a bit. I find Blogging very good for meeting kindred type folk. Some of my 'real life' friends might not even know who Cath Kidston is or care! But through Blogging I find people with similar interests. I run every post through my partner first to ensure that I don't give too much away but I am a pretty chatty person and do share photos of my daughter and house. I have a 'proper' website where similar photos are so don't feel that I'm revealing myself too much there. I do try to keep my Blog upbeat even when I'm not upbeat. I use my Blog to inspire myself and when it comes to all the personal angst stuff, I leave that for my personal journals. However, I also love and appreciate it when other people speak about very personal things. I follow people who have cancer on Blogs for that reason. My friend said 'it's like Sunshine you on your Blog' she wanted to know why I don't write about the problems I have at the moment. I think it's because I want to feel chirpy myself and it's not as if I'm pretending to be someone I'm not. I just edit all the usual crap out that we all go through. It's a question of focus. If you show photos of your house, you show the pretty flowers in the garden rather than the rubbish bins! I have rambled a bit there so hope it makes sense! xx

  26. Would just like to thank you for the warm and heartfelt comment you left on my blog. Thank you so much it really means a lot.


  27. What a lovely post!! It was so moving!! I have only been blogging a very short time! I started becasue I thought it would be fun! It is a lot of fun, but I have also come to realise that all the blog ladies that I have come across are fantastic, very kind, supportive and just plain lovely!! So now, that's why I blog!! I love the friendship and caring!

    Sending you my kindest wishes and love


  28. Mary, a delightful post and something to really think about too... I started blogging after being introduced to blogland through my cousin Cherry's blog. I was delighted to find a group of people with similar likes & needs (ie ribbon stashes...) creative & sharing. It inspires and encourages, helps me focus on things that are not sooo work related (most of my freinds are nurses) & reminds me of the daily blessings I am surrounded by. I am not a frequent blogger, yet like to do my bit, as I so enjoy looking at everyone elses blogs - or am I just nosey?! Life can be far from perfect but generally its a lovely place to visit & its where I can have a little 'me' time as well

  29. Hello Mary Poppins
    What a lovely post(from the heart)
    I love to read your blog and even when you share your sadness i feel for you,when its happiness i share that too.
    it really feels that blogging as you say they re friends in the virtual world ,i love following your thrifting and home making adventures keep up the good work
    It means a lot to all us bloggers and also keeps your memories alive and when master and miss poppins grow up what a keepsake they will have off you

  30. Hello Mary

    What a great post, I have to confess I cried when I read it.
    I too began to think about why I blog. I got started because my friend Victoria encouraged me, but after my first post I was hooked!
    I have met some truly amazing women, who, despite the distance between us have become very important to me. Friends, in whatever form, are a blessing that I cherish.
    I have been through difficult times and the support and love I have recieved via the blogging world has been both, uplifting and valuable.
    Whatever the reason you write your blog I love it!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxx

  31. Having a blog is a wonderful thing, a lovely little virtual place to go when life isn't as fabulous as it could be, and I don't especially feel the need to share absolutely everything...

    Lovely heart pics by the way!


  32. A really interesting post Mary.
    I found myself blogging during a very hard time in my life (how many people have said that huh?) and the fluffyness and pretty posts helped. It gave the reality of life a numbness I hadn't been able to find for a long time. What also helped was people sharing themselves and their lives in such an honest sphere, there's more than an element of bravery to it, I think there often is with the written word.

    I shared a lot of myself on my old blog along with the fluffy and silly posts. It works on some blogs but for me it didn't work. I think I just need a seperate place to take my mind away from the dark, dark times. So now my newer blog is much lighter. I have another blog (unconnected to A Thrifty Mrs) and it's about 'real life' as such. That blog helps me a lot but I know I always have my lighter, airy blog to retire to when times on my depression/loss blog get too much. If that makes any sense?

    We've been through something similar Mary and I think you need to go with what is working best for you at that moment in time.

    I wish you peace and happiness Mary, you deserve it.


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