Friday 25 April 2014

What A Hoppy Easter We Had!

We had such a lovely time spent with the family over Easter and so I thought I'd share some of our highlights. The first highlight has to be the fun we had in the garden during our Easter egg hunt.

Happily the children were in a sharing mood regarding the delicious chocs!

We were sent some great Easter inspiration from Waitrose that really tuned into the imagination of everyone and the actual Easter game was such fun to play. We tweaked it a bit to make the questions a little harder for any older ones joining in and a certain little chap seemed to come out with a stash full of eggs and chocolate prizes. In fact we still have eggs from Easter so the game is being re-enacted even after Easter. 

After all that chocolate eating, a good walk was required and so we made uses of some special beach time togetherness, which, with the lovely weather we had was just lovely.

 Miss. Poppins couldn't resist seeing what was out at sea.

With the perfect weather for some great views, a definite highlight for the children was to take a slightly different mode of transport. As for (chicken) me, I stood with my feet firmly on the ground, and walking was my preferred mode of transport.  

The blossom was out in bloom!

Castles were visited.

And on sunny days we just really enjoyed cups of tea in the garden and some rest and relaxation.

The Easter break was swiftly coming to end, and it was soon back to it, school uniforms to get ready, routines to get back into and lots of spring cleaning to get done. We are in the midst of a rather big spring clean, and in fact I have been rather proud of the de-cluttering I have accomplished. Much of my sentimentality has been forgotten and taken over for the need of space, clean lines and sometimes the 'clutter' can in fact for me have a suffocating effect and in turn prove to be a negative. So, its out with the old and hopefully not too much of in with the new. 

 I'm even attempting to sort through my Cath Kidston stash....the pretties that were given as prezzies are definitely staying, but everything else is going to be sold to make a little pocket money. Now for me, who is the queen of hoarding pretty things, that is quite a move! 

 Wish me luck!


Thursday 10 April 2014

My Pink World

I really should be growing out of the pink stage by now, but I just can't help but be drawn into this pink world of prettiness whenever I see anything, well, pink! 
Pink is probably all fine and dandy for a girl of about ten, but really all this pink, and at my age?? 

Here is some pink-ness I just couldn't resist.

Pink flowers!

Pink flannels!

Pink (Flamingo) glasses!

More pink flowers!

Pink candles!

Pink bunting!

Pink teabags! (well ok packaging)

Pink pots!

Pink clocks!

Pink Earrings!

Pink bedlinen!

Pink cakes!

Pink straws!

Pink cutlery!

Pink scales!

Oh I just love my pink delights!