Thursday 22 October 2015

Homebase Dining Room Makeover - Update

Hello lovelies.

Today I thought I'd do a little catch up post with how my dining room makeover I did in collaboration with the Homebase #myway challenge is bearing up with family life. I posted the makeover here if you would like to have a little read. Often when I watch home makeover programmes on the television I wonder if the rooms stay the same when it comes to every day life. Well I can truly say our dining room is pretty much as I left it nearly 7 months ago. In fact the only area that has needed a little touch up is the floor, which after lots of feet passing through it, did get a bit grubby in places. A quick roll over with the floor paint and its looking back to its original sparkly white.

Occasionally we have the need for an extra couple of spaces at the dining table for guests, and I also remember I am a great hoarder of chairs and am still very much in love with our vintage chapel chairs. The chapel chairs are dotted around the house in various places, one I even painted up shabby chic style for the hallway.

I have left the other chairs in their original dark wood and draft two of them to the dining table when required. The dark wood does make a nice contrast against all the white/pink in there and creates some lovely warmth.

One celebration that is coming up and will indeed require many of those chapel chairs adding to the dining room table is the 14th birthday of Miss. Poppins - (where has the time gone I keep asking). She's hoping for a couple of friends to pop by for a sleepover and so no doubt will be wanting an array of healthy and the urmmm not so healthy teen food to tempt them at the table. Whilst on a recent visit to Homebase I grabbed a handful of pretty things that I thought would be nice for the dining room and a little celebration.

I have to say Miss.Poppins is very good at not peeking before the big day, I don't think I could resist!

I decided to move around a couple of the original Homebase items with some new ones for a little refresh, I have to say I just fell in love with this wire bird.

Actually I may go back for another one as I think they look really cute as a pair too.

I really liked these adorable tealight holders and very vintage looking I thought.

The silver stones create a little ambience to the room I think. Of course, I think there still has to be a little pink in any celebratory d├ęcor.

This lovely jingle bell heart would be a perfect decoration for Christmas too, I love it.

One item I found in Homebase and had to have was this photograph frame montage, I used some much loved wallpaper and wrapping papers for each frame (again with my much loved pink colour theme) and created a little display for on top of the dresser.

So, as you can see not too much has changed but with a handful of new key pieces it keeps the room fresh and updated. Yes, still lots of my coveted pink, but I think there shall always be a hint of pink in all the rooms of this house.

In fact, I'm really looking forward to creating a pink and white themed winter wonderland in there in time for Christmas!


Disclosure: Blog post created in collaboration with Homebase, all words and opinions my own.