Friday 21 November 2008


The universe is wide and wonderful and filled with many stars.
The world is rich and varied and filled with many people.
And amongst its hundreds of towns, and thousands of homes, and millions of people, each of us
is only 'one'.

One small person in a world of millions of other people, in a universe of billions of other worlds.
Knowing this, we each feel very small.
Sometimes we feel lonely and lost, as though nothing we do can ever truly matter.

Each of us wants to be needed.
Each of us wants to be remembered.
Each of us wants to be important in his or her own special way.

There are many different ways to be important in this world.
Some people become farmers and feed the hungry.
And some become teachers and share wisdom and knowledge.

But you can be a shepherd,
Or a shoemaker,
Or a baker,
Or a barber,
Or a captain,
Or a carpenter,
Or a king.
And whatever you are, there is one thing that matters most.

Do you love someone?
And does someone love you?
For the heart is its own world and in that world you are important.


Friday 14 November 2008

Deck The Halls

Do you like brown paper packages, you know the ones Mr. Postman or Lady brings from afar. I do, very much so, especially when they have come from the delightful Kim at Ragged Roses

I love Ragged roses, it really is a wonderful, pretty, heartwarming and moving blog. Kim touches me with her wonderful and dreamy writing. I saw something in her Etsy shop and fell in love. I thought it would be a wonderful little gift for Miss. Poppins to have on her little dressing table in her new attic bedroom. Look at the wonderful way Kim had wrapped my treat!

Oh I just love it!

Have you guessed, yes I ordered one of her beautiful scented Nostalgic Lavender Deck The Halls Sachets. Kim you are very naughty, not only does Miss Poppins have hers, but you popped one in for me too - how very kind! As I smelt the two wonderful sachets I closed my eyes and wandered off to a magical Christmasy land!


Tuesday 11 November 2008

Only One More To Get

Phew you know, I shall be so glad when I no longer have to keep my eyes on Cath Kidston alert in Tesco. These all singing all dancing bags have practically taken over my life. Friendships have been forged, I have sent a bag or two to friends on the SC cafe who haven't been able to get one, and kindly one, the Classic Floral has been sent to me.

We have had midnight dashes, and confused and bemused replies " My dear it is only a bag "...
Even my ever so precious daughter has got involved in on the act, as soon as her dainty foot steps over the threshold of the infamous store, she makes a dash for it, running the length of a very very long checkout, looking for THOSE bags Mummy loves so much.

So I now have only one more to get, the Blue Ottoman Rose, and as I have Multi Floral, Blue Spot, Stripe in the Vertical, Stripe in the Horizontal, Classic Floral, Ottoman Rose, Christmas, and the Blue Floral. Something else I have also been collecting are the Natwest Wade Piggybanks, I have been getting these for my son, as I really do think they are quite sweet and very nostalgic! So far I have Maxwell, Annabel, and Baby Woody, I would really like to have Sir Nathaniel and Lady Hilary, but I don't think the purse can stretch to Cousin Wesley just yet!! :)

So if any of you have been getting the Cath Kidston Tesco bags, I would love to know which one is your favourite?