Friday 28 August 2009

Seaside Swap Pretties, A Dress, More Bunting And Master P....

As mentioned in my previous post I recieved a lovely Seaside Swap from Tracey's Crafting Adventure

I was so delighted with the pretty treats Tracey handmade for me.

Wonderful seaside bunting that shall look right at home in Master P's bedroom, aka my craft room ;)

Miss and Master P are sharing one of the attic bedrooms whilst we refurbish and decorate our home. They seem very happy together in their little space for now, so I thought it would be alright with Master Poppins if I made myself a little crafty area in his bedroom that was only really being used as a store room, for a little while :)

I love looking out of the round window, daydreaming of pretty things to make.

Tracey also sent an adorable vintage anchor sign, again shall look lovely on his wall. A cute felt boat, some lovely rock, prettily wrapped sweeties for the children, which of course have been eaten and pretty hand picked shells from the beach.

A so cute handmade seaside hanging heart.

A beautiful handstitched felt brooch.

And a glorious handmade seaside card along with some blank ones and lovely seaside crafts for myself and the children to decorate our own.

Thank you so much Tracey, I really enjoyed swapping with you :)

I wonder, what clothes style are you, I would say I am definately a dress or skirt kind of gal, I love pretty floaty dresses and was delighted when I found a gorgeous vintage esque tea dress from M&S in their 125 year range.

I love the pretty detail.

And I especially loved the price £8.59 :) Was £49.50

Talking of bargains, I found some sweet John Wilman curtains from the CB, only £2.00 for the pair and are so pretty.

They are lovely and wide and for £2.00 I can make many a pretty from the wonderful fabric.

What I have been making is some of my personalised bunting, it is for a Mummy who is decorating her little girls room in a beautiful pink theme and thought the bunting I make would look sweet in there too.

I have also hand sewn a couple of pretty and sparkly buttons on the bunting, I hope Molly likes it :)

I really enjoy making the bunting, I like that my customers can choose their own fabric from my stash, choose how they like the letters to look and in what fabrics. If you would like me to make any personalised bunting do let me know at Vintage Daisy I shall update my Blogshop with costs and how to go about ordering.

Well Master Poppins should really be thinking about going to Pre-school now, so I am
gently telling myself it shall be the right thing to do, and let him out into the big wide world. Doesn't make it any easier though ;)

He and Miss. Poppins have had fun and frolics over the summer holidays, and many a lollipop too.

Actually there is quiet excitement in the Poppins household as some photographs Master P had taken, he is a little child model, are about to go to print. I am so proud of my little 3lb at birth baby, he has come along way.

Mummy's little hero :)


Monday 24 August 2009

What I have Been Up To....

Well I am a year older, though don't know if I am a year wiser ;) Who are wise though, are the lovely people who treated me to some wonderful


From Miss. and Master Poppins I have Sew Hot Mitmot to thank for their delightful gift to me. When we shared a room for Bargain Hunt, Mary sprayed some of her gorgeous L'occitane pillow mist on my pillow, I don't sleep very well and I fell in love with the mist as I had a wonderful night's sleep and I understand you can spray it on linens too. Was a lovely surprise when I unwrapped my gift from them.

From Mr. Poppins what more could crafty girl want, than some decent scissors along with some very useful money to go towards a new sewing machine. I am deciding between a Brother model, and a couple of Janome's.

My Mum always knows what I like. An adorable CK esque BHS towel bale.

Sisters too. The notebook is exquisite.

Brother's also have a good idea of what books I like to read.

Friends seem to know me so well. Especially Lesley

And Cheap2Chic I love the little tea towel and am going to applique a heart on it I think.

And of course I treated myself too with some birthday money :) A lovely and very pretty duvet set that was very reasonably priced. I am a little nervous now of how many different duvet sets I have, so don't think I had better count them, especially in front of Mr. P, and lets not talk about how many different rolls of wallpaper I have hidden in mystery corners, but could probably have a new duvet on the bed every night for weeks ;)

Shop Talk....

I have been a SAHM for a little while now and the time is a coming for me to enter the world of working women once more. For now to ease me in gently, I have decided to have a little go at networking to see if any retailers would like to sell some of my pretty handmade items I make for the home and or any of the furniture that I enjoy making over.

Well the day came for me to have my little get together with the shop owner. They seemed to like my wares and after a good olde chat about what would be suitable for their shop have asked me to make some pretties for their new season. Also, they are interested in selling a couple of small pieces of my hand painted shabby chic style furniture. So all in all a very good visit. I have quite a list to be getting on with, so am busily preparing a small craft room, ie Master P's bedroom, gathering my ingredients, and organising a new sewing machine and definitely some time management ;)

It would make me so proud to see some of my handmade pretties for sale, displayed in a beautiful environment.

Having a new venture to be getting on with it was also time to over haul my Blogshop, so I have thought long and hard, have come up with a new name and shall be listing some handmade pretties for you to browse at.

Been to the CS....

I was so delighted to find a lovely Purbeck vase in the same design as the dish I got from the CB a couple of weeks earlier. Also the candy stripe double sheet was a lovely find too.

A wonderful oil painting.

I almost squealed when I saw a delightful and very well love children's story book, entitled The Bairns Story Book.

I imagined the wonderful stories that awaited me when I turned the front cover.

Have a look what I did see.

A delightful music book, the Story Book cover and the music book must have been stitched together at some point. I thought was a lovely and unusual little thing.

Some gorgeous vintage annuals also came home with me.


I really enjoy making covered padded hangers, using vintage and floraly fabric. I think they look so sweet and love adding the pretty bows and ribbons, I may have to make a little brooch or two as they look adorable with a mini brooch. I found a lovely little tutorial if you would like to have a go.

Good job my mum found some more for me in my childhood home and I also saw some lovely ones at the CS.


I am glad to say my Seaside Swap arrived safely with Tracey's Crafting Adventure

I am so glad you like everything, I had the most adorable swap from Tracey's Crafting Adventure and look forward to sharing with you the delights I received from Tracey. Feel free to say hello to Tracey if you would like to see what I sent her.

Well we have our filming at the auction soon for Bargain Hunt, and find out if we have made any profit on the items we chose. Ohooo my goodness do I share with you when our episode is broadcast, I don't know if I can bring myself to even watch it, lol, lets see, I shall maybe think about it ;)


Saturday 15 August 2009

Seaside Swap Is On It's Way To You....

Well the Seaside Swap has been sent, eventually, apologies, has been a little hectic here, hope you likey Tracey's Crafting Adventure


Thursday 13 August 2009

Girl Annual Winner And How Would You Like To Own A Stokke® Tripp Trapp Chair....

Well the hullabaloo of Bargain Hunt made me forget my little giveaway, the sweet 1958 Girl Annual, I apologise but know that you shall understand :)
It is a truly lovely book, well loved I would imagine, with some beautiful pretty pages.

Learn how to care for your kitty :)

You never know when you may want a Ski-Cap.

It even has a sweet little original pressed flower that shall of course be included with the lovely book.

Mmmmm I wonder if your name is there :)

Learn how to pack lightly, maybe I could do with tips there ;-)

To be fair I have included all lovely messages from my last three posts as there were a couple of you who wanted to enter but didn't comment on the post I gave my giveaway on. Also there was a couple from the lovely SSC who don't have a blog but wanted to go in the pretty tin.

Good luck, Miss. Poppins shall do the honors, drum roll please :)

Here you all are waiting in the sunshine for the big shake, as my seven year old Miss. Poppins would say.

Lid on, off we go.

We have a winner :)

Congratulations Suzy's Vintage Attic your book shall be on its way to you, I shall of course send one or two handmade pretties too ;)

Talking of giveaways there is a fabulous one here where you can have a go at winning a brilliant Stokke® Tripp Trapp chair. I have one of these for Master Poppins and have to say it has been a brilliant investment.

If you are lucky and win the fabulous chair, please do pop back to let me know, would be great :)

Please do go say hi to Yummy Mummy Tips and good luck, though please don't make your caption too funny lol, I would so love a matching pair at my dinner table :)


Tuesday 11 August 2009


Thank you so much for all your lovely messages regarding my soon to be BH appearance, I shall of course inform you when it is to be broadcast, think we should all have a little party with some specially made BH bunting :)

It is days like these when I can enjoy a couple of my vintage pretties, like these two lovelies purchased from the CB. After some negotiating I bought them for £7.50 for the pair and think they look as sweet as candy :)

What is your favourite pretty at the moment.

Hope the sunshine is your friend too, wherever you are :)


Saturday 8 August 2009

Happy Days....

Well it has been a very exciting couple of days for Mary Poppins :)

Some of you may know I have a love of the theatrical world and entertainment, I also love a bargain, so what a wonderful idea I thought it would be to apply to the television programme BARGAIN HUNT, Ohooo yes a wonderful idea I thought, now I need a like minded friend who is a jolly soul to come on too. Well I think I thought for maybe 2 seconds and of course there was only one person it could be my lovely Blog and Internet friend Mary

Luckily for me she agreed, we had never met, though had built up a lovely friendship over the year and knew we would get on perfectly. So we applied, had interviews and auditions and seemingly they loved us and we eagerly looked forward to filming.

Of course being the fiesty gals we are, only went and asked, well if I am honest, demanded that we would very much like to be the red team, suits our complexions better and is so us. So what a fun day we had with the production team, I think we were good entertainment Mary and I. We are yet to go to the auction and see if we have indeed won the programme by making the most, if any profit.

Though actually win or lose, makes no difference to me as we had a ball.

Mary bought along some wonderful presents for me. The cake stand that I have for her as seen in my previous post I forgot to bring, yes I am a ditsy, so was a little embarrassed that I had nothing in return for her when she handed over some pretties for me.

One of her wonderful handmade tote bags, an adorable wooden hanging heart with exquisitely hand painted Butterflies and Daisy's, some adorable wrapping paper that I fell in love with and a cute and very thoughtful hand knitted chocolate cake with cream on the top, made by Mary's Mother who is in her 80s. Very touching, I blubbed.

Being as ever generous Mary also saw some wonderful original oil paintings, that she says were a bargain from the CB, aren't they the sweetest little things, and one of them, the little girl holding the dog, is one I have on a card and one I love, so very heart warming that Mary saw it and thought of me.

Thank you so much Mary, I had a wonderful, happy, special day with you, I thought we made a brilliant team, was fun wasn't it.

Of course I couldn't leave the antique fair we were filming at without purchasing a couple of pretties for myself. We were allowed half an hour or so to browse and these are what took my fancy.

Two lovely vintage irons that I am going to use as bookends.

A wonderful vintage Perter Pan card, I think I am a little Peter Pan, never wanting to grow up.

Some wonderful embroidered tablecloths, I have never been lucky to get as good a bargain.

And a lovely little treasure that summed up the wonderful day.

With a sweet little inscription.

Right I have a Birthday party to organise, someone very special in the Poppins house hold is 3 :)

Happy Days