Friday 29 January 2010

A Load Of Olde Pipes....

Hello lovely friends.

Well my photograph may look like a load of olde pipes to you, though to me, has been a long time coming. The sink is in!

Not only is it in, we have running water too. I hope you are all jumping up with glee and excitement along with me, yes I know tis only a sink but really is a great achievement in this house to finally get it in. ( and working )

And here she is in all her glory.

Now of course I have a dilemma in that I do not A, have a dishwasher, or B, a draining board, so was wondering what to do, you can get these thingies to pop over one of the sinks to drain ones pots and pans on, but don't know whether that would look pretty. We all know I like pretty. Of course I could wash, dry and keep all at once, but somehow don't think that shall be happening ;)

Though I do like the little chopping board rack, now that is kinda cute.

And here is the special little place where some of you shall be residing, all ready and a waiting for your little curtain. As you have been so generous with you offerings, I think I shall have plenty to make a little patchwork pelmet for the kitchen window too, which would be lovely actually, as would bring the patchwork look all together. I have begun cutting some squares and have decided on 8 inch ones for the washing machine curtain and 6 inch ones for the pelmet. I have really enjoyed playing with the squares and seeing what squares look nice together.

Thank you for some more lovely squares that have been fluttering through onto my doormat.

Thank you so much to Mel Mel for her adorable Green gate, so yummylicious. And the handmade coaster and bookmark are Ohooo so cute.

How thrilled I was to receive The Balancing Kiwi's very special fabric, a beautiful patchwork effect with hints of music and hearts, delightful.

I would indeed wear a dress made up in the gorgeous CK print that Tiny White Daisies sent me, so cute. And look at the beautiful brooch she made too, utterly pretty, and my favorite colours.

Of course I knew I would always love what my lovely friend Little Gem would send, and Tanya Whelan is a favorite of mine.

So thank you, I have been overwhelmed. It's times like this when I would value a P.A. to help me ;o) Like I have said, the fabric is so special, though too, are your lovely letters, cards, and words of encouragement. I have found them all a perfect little home displayed in my cream wire heart, and your cards, notes etc shall be a coming into my new and improved family kitchen. I have saved a space for them.

I love the fact they are displayed in a heart too, so very special.

Isn't it lovely when you get little treats, here is a little treat that came my way from my dear mum. Mmmmmm I think she sneakily reads my Blog, as her little treats are always, right down my pretty street.

If you are saying your prayers tonight, would really love an extra one for my lovely Mother In Law who is yet to come out of hospital after her fall. I know my lovely husband, his family and myself all wish her a speedy recovery.

I shall leave you with a little saying I like....

Nor need we power or splendor, wide hall or lordly dome;
The good, the true, the tender -- these form the wealth of home.


Wednesday 27 January 2010

Perfect Tonic....

Hello lovely friends, I thought you might like to see some of the delightful fabric squares that have been fluttering their way through my letterbox. I have been so touched by your offerings, and of course I adore all your pretty fabric that you have been kind enough to send me. Though it is also the cards, the letters, the words of encouragement that you have sent along with your beautiful fabric that have really touched me.

RL stuff is playing on me again, like many, I don't really do these cold winter months and truth be told, have been a little down. Well you blogger friends have been the perfect tonic and I really wanted you to know that. For me, this is much, much more than sending a little fabric for someone to make a little, or big, as it now seems curtain. It runs much deeper than that. Not only have you taken the time to send me some of your precious fabric but you have taken pen to pretty paper or card and sent me the loveliest of messages of support. It really has been so uplifting reading your letters and cards :)

So now for pretty fabric....

Thank you to my lovely and always makes me smile friend Claire One of my favourite CK prints....

Thank you to a very, very talented Bag Maker one can never have enough bags, I say. I love the patchwork effect of the fabric....

My lovely dear blogger friend Stitchery Pokery who was kind enough to send me some of her very famous fabric!....

The delightful Lemonade Kitty sent me some of her finest Liberty....

Made with Love did me a fine piece of machine embroidery on her fabric, perfect for the kitchen I thought and so sweet....

Lovely Lululiz sent the most gorgeous floral fabric in the prettiest of colours....

I love Vintage Vicki's polka dots, perfect....

Tanya Whelan is one of my favourite fabric designers, Contented may have known this when her pretty fabric popped through the letterbox....

Rose&Bird sent the loveliest of lilacs and florals....

My good pal Mitmot sent me some of her bestest vintage....

Lovely Lissy Lou sent me the cutest florals....

And last but not least my sweet friend Elaine, who does not have a blog but wanted me to use a little of her fabric for my kitchen project, sent me some pretty Laura Ashley in a cute check print.

Thank you so much, I aim to show and tell about all the pretty fabric that I receive and am going to be using, and now I have a little plan that I may have enough fabric to make up some smaller squares to makes a little curtain for the window too.

Thank you to Stitchery Pokery for the sweet handmade fabric coasters, they are utterly adorable, and are scented so smell divine too !

I am loving my new book, purchased from Rose&Bird how could I resist such a pretty book.

And especially when the inscription from years ago reveals the book was a gift to a young lady named Mary, Ohooo I am a sentimental olde fool aren't I.

Before I go I wondered if any of you had see Lissy Lou's heartwarming post here. A subject very close to my own heart as my three year old has a heart condition, you wouldn't know it at all, as his cardiologist has worked a treat on him and he seems as fit as a fiddle :) So it was with great care and love that I made this oversized heart corsage, and it shall be wining it's merry way to Lissy and hopefully make a pound or two for a very worthy cause.

Of course I had to incorporate one of my special heart buttons too.

A handmade heart sent from the heart, what could be better :)


Saturday 23 January 2010

Sew Darn Cute....

One Pretty Craftbook....

One easy peasy tutorial from said book....

And voila, one plain, grey, simple ribbed vest has now become a lovely little thing, ready for spring! I even popped one of my pink labels on it to give it some more prettiness.

So I prettied that vest up whilst the buildery men have made a start on the kitchen....

Yes I know the kitchen sink is on the floor, but at least it is out of its packaging, which it had been in for nearly a year ;)

And yippee the worktops are finally out of their packaging too, they had been in their cardboard home for months.

So, the kitchen is definately making progress, the space is ready for my little washing machine and soon I shall be making the special patchwork friendship curtain to go around it.

I want to say thank you for some lovely fabric squares that popped through my letter box today, beautiful, and Ohooo so pretty. I shall be thanking you personally too. You gals certainly know my taste. Thank you, I can't wait to get going on the curtain, hope I am not going to bore you by mentioning the curtain all the time, and showing you photograph after photograph of all the pretty fabric squares I have been sent and from where they came.

I can't wait to get making it. It is going to be look perfect and right at home in my kitchen, and shall make me smile every time I see it :0)


Thursday 21 January 2010

Thank You ♥....

Thank you so much for all your lovely emails and offers of a fabric square to help me make my special curtain, I have been so overwhelmed and can't wait to get playing, and sew all your lovely squares together, each one with a little something of you in there. How lovely too that some special little squares are coming all the way from overseas.

I saw a lovely curtain made using the same tutorial from Emma Hardy's Quilting In No Time book, made by Sarah please do take a look if you would like to have an idea of what I am aiming for.

As originally, I could only dream that 12 people may want to send a square, as that is how many squares are in Emma Hardy's tutorial, I can now happily add more of you to the curtain so smaller squares can be used too.

I am doing my best to think of a special touch I can add to each square to remind me of you, I love Lesley's idea of a little embroidered name or initial on the back. I want to think of the real person behind it. It has been mentioned that this is a really nice idea in Blogland and I want to say, if any of you have any projects in the pipeline, mention it, and give a shout, I know I for one would love to send on a little something from me to you. Lets spread our fabric love around a little :o)

So, to these lovely friends from the bottom of my heart, I look forward to you being part of my new kitchen! Please do if you get a couple of minutes, have a pop over to some of these lovely people and say hello :o) Also feel free to email me if at all you want to hop on in and be a part of my new kitchen.

Now can you see why I have been so happily overwhelmed by all you lovely people and how you are helping to bring a little of this special, treasured world into my home. It has also been suggested that as I have had a lovely response, I could make a little table runner or cover a little ironing board, I want to use up every last scrap if I can, and get as much of you in there, in my little kitchen diner as possible.

There were a couple of emails that I have replied to but can't find links to blogs, so if you are not on this list, than I thank you too, and if you have a Blog please do let me know so I can say thank you :)


Wednesday 20 January 2010

Would You Like To Be Part Of My New Kitchen....

Thank you for letting me know about your secret stashes, seems we are all a little similar in that department after all. Phew :)

I have been thinking, yes I know, miracles do happen! Well I have been thinking that I would very much like some of you, if you want to that is, to be part of my new kitchen. Blogging has been something I have held very close to my heart since I started and I truly mean it when I say you are all very special to me.

Now comes the hard part, Gulp...

I am going to ask for something from you, in my bestest, politest, heart felt voice and ........well.........ummm.........ahhhh...... see I told you I am not very good at it, I was always brought up being told it was rude to ask.

Here's a little clue, a photograph taken from Emma Hardy's Quilting In No time book, one of my favorites :)

Can you see where this may be going, wish there was someone else here to do this for me.

Right I am going to do it.

I am wanting to make a pretty little kitchen washing machine curtain to hide the washing machine and wondered if any of you would like to send me, as a little act of love and kindness, how could you refuse now I have put it like that ;) One litttleish fabric square for me to hopefully make it up. Yes I do have fabric, plenty, but I want something to look at everyday in my kitchen that reminds me of you, of Blogland and how you have helped me share some of my deepest thoughts and for being wonderful listeners.

So that's it really, would you like to be a part of the soul of my kitchen? The tutorial in the book uses 12, 30 cms fabric squares. Though of course any size would be welcome. My goodness may 12 of you really want to send me something for free, for nothing in return, apart from my love and knowledge that it shall be made into something that shall help bring a smile to my face. I may have to keep this post on longer than I thought ;o)

Anyway I won't waffle on, if you think you would like be part of my new kitchen, some clues that may help. The kitchen units are white, the worktops are wooden, I had a meeting with my Interior Designer and it was decided that we are going for CK Antique Rose in white on the walls, which 3 rolls of, I have had in storage for far too long.

I love all things floral, I love pink, I love polka dots and I love stripes. I know these things can at times be another thing to add to ones ever long list of things to do, so please don't feel you have to, and also please don't feel you have to send me a square if others do. You can happily read, think there's a cheeky mare and click onto the next blog.

So, If you would like to send one square from you to me, you can email me.

Well that's something I thought I could never do. Ohooo dear now I really am feeling cheeky for asking....

EDIT TO SAY: Seems you like a cheeky mare ;0) I am so grateful for the kind offers that have come in, so very kind of you to go out of your way to send me something. I have visions of my new kitchen looking like a Blogland filled patchwork paradise :0)

Your generosity is overwhelming me :0) Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It has been suggested that as more of you would like to join in with my little plea, that I make the size of the square smaller so I can happily fit you all on :o) I can't wait to get making, I think you have all helped bring back my crafting mojo
and for that, I salute you.


Tuesday 19 January 2010

Can You Ever Have Enough Tea Towels ?....

Well I am happy to report that the building work shall finally commence on our kitchen diner in a day or two. I have lived with a half finished kitchen for quite a while now, so can't wait to dig my pretties out and begin faffing with displaying them. Here is my little helper helping me prep in readiness for the builders coming, the more jobs we can get done before they descend on us, the more pennies I shall have left in my purse, so hope to do as much as we can before they are here.

For health and safety reasons I want to point out that my three year old is infact on top of a very dinky little ladder, quite shabby chic actually, and I was supervising throughout. Maybe we should cloud over the fact that he also has a sharp implement in his hand. Well a scraper, but in the hands of a three year old....

I have to say he has been brilliant, a natural, he knew exactly what to do and took instruction very well. Mmmmm maybe I shall have to get him to do more jobs around the house.

Obviously I am clearing the kitchen of my pretties that are tucked away, as I wish no harm to come to them during all this banging and knocking, and boy I didn't really realise how much I have gathered. All saved up, shiny and new for the grand kitchen opening event!

Take my tea towels, now I probably have about 10 on the go at any one given moment, some in the wash, some found in children's bedrooms, some underneath beds, some actually being used to wipe dishes.We don't have, nor desire a dishwasher, 8 hands are enough for us to get the job done, so tea towels are a big thing in this house. Imagine my delight then, when I found my secret stash of bottom drawer tea towels, I wonder if they shall ever get used ;)

So come on, what's in your secret stash....


Friday 15 January 2010

Please Tell Me Spring Shall Soon Be Here....

Thank you so much for all your wonderful and heartfelt comments on my previous post, so kind of you to take the time to drop me a line. You have indeed inspired me to share my RL stuff with you more often.

I don't know about you, but I find these first two months of the year rather difficult, the exciting lead up to Christmas has passed, the dark nights, the cold, the what feels like the long uphill struggle to Spring.... I kind of loose my enthusiasm for anything really. I am even walking past the CSs without going in, not a bad thing really when you think of the money I shall have saved. Though when I saw a little something in one particular window, I had to pop in a buy it and at 50p was hardly going to leave me broke.

A cute little Spring Pea wall plaque. I thought the perfect little thing to put on the wall to help me think about upcoming spring.

Well then a few days later in another CS, I saw something that took my eye, and my pretty wall plaque soon had a lovely mate.

Well of course, I think you can guess where this little story is heading. Two soon became four, again all bought from CS's, all on different occasions, could I be getting myself a little collection here I thought. I especially liked the little key holder one.

Three more visits to the CS's and here is where my little collection is at. All previously purchased from M&S as they have their original sticker on the back, and rather sweet don't you think. I am looking forward to putting them somewhere nice, to help remind me spring shall nearly be here....

Of course the best thing for me about these cold months is yummy hot chocolate. I like Green And Black's with a couple or 7 of M&S's Swiss delicate biccies.

And then a nice comfortable read, curled up with a ( of course ) crochet blankie. Mr. Poppins kindly treated me to one of THE crochet magazines, as I, like many others couldn't find it anywhere. I had almost given up ever being able to find one. I am so glad he found a secret stash of them, he also got a couple more, seems people may not be as into crochet as much as I thought near where I live. I can now happily send one on as a gift to a lovely lady.

I am no good at it really, crochet that is, but at 99p the magazine was a must for me and may help me improve who knows. Some more lovely reading material was kindly provided by the library, goes a treat with the hot chocolate and biscuits. Actually the SEW DARN CUTE book was as purchase, I like to buy the books I know I shall get many reading hours out of, and this one is Ohooo so cute :)

Due to this lack of enthusiasm of mine my crafty side has not been as fruitful as I had hoped, so I am doing my best to crack on with some little projects. One of which is for a new little baby boy, my favourite, I love crafting for littlies :) I have also put my name provisionally down to do a couple more craft fairs, so if I definately go ahead, I shall have to crack on, and find that mojo under my bed. What I am enjoying is knitting. I am having fun with that, and think my fingers maybe more ept at it than the crochet. I have enjoyed learning the stitches, and made myself a cute little scarf with blocks of colour, did find the change over of different colours a little tricky. Maybe if I am feeling brave enough I shall show you one day ;)

Good news, we finally have the Ikea Norden dining table up in the kitchen. After months of it being in its original packaging, was so nice to see it up and being used. It is surprisingly robust, and can extend to over 200 cms, so for me a real all in family table. Of course, it always gets covered with a sweet table cloth too, so is pretty to look at as well.

I am also loving our newly purchased 6 Chapel Chairs You may remember I couldn't decide whether to go with the light or the dark set. Even though I prefer predominately light interior furniture, I thought the dark elm wood would be a lovely contrast against my what shall soon be, light bright background. Being of a fickle nature, I do sometimes wonder if I have made the right choice choosing the dark ones. Apologies on the unsanded and unpainted floorboards in the photograph, on our to do list

Though when I saw a little word carved out on the top of one of the chairs, well I knew I had made the right choice, how sweet. I wonder who carved it out it all those years ago, and like to think there was a romantic reason for it.

We have a meeting coming up with the builders, so hopefully, fingers crossed this new year, we shall be cracking the whip on this home of ours and get on with shabby chicing it up!

Before I go, something for you Ikea Rosali fan's. Whilst I was in Mr. Tesco, I saw these and thought of you, the 12 bowl cover little tops are very much like the Rosali check pattern in my opinion. Well, I couldn't resist could I. Whatever next!

And not forgetting you UJ lovers, I thought of you too when I picked this up this in the January sales, a pretty little UJ clutch bag that also comes with a nice long strap for £4.00. Looks lovely with jeans and Uggs.