Monday 29 September 2014

Inspirational Catch Up

Wow!! It's been a while since I frequented the blogosphere, so now the littlies (ok - I know I can't really call them 'littlies' anymore) have settled back into school etc, I thought it was high time for a quick bloggy catch up. Hope you are all well and happy and like moi enjoying the pretty things in life! Perhaps it is because I am getting older, my body a little slower, but I'm really beginning to appreciate and enjoy the teeny tiny things in my little world. I can be accused of taking life for granted in the past, but no more. The internet has been a wondrous thing, of course, but it has also got that side where one can easily get sucked into an online world and perhaps the here and now, the real stuff as I call it, get a bit forgotten. There's nothing quite so magical as picking a newly bloomed garden flower, taking in it's pretty scent, or having a bear hug with one's offspring, proper adult talking with loved ones. I get so much inspiration from t' interweb and I suppose it is just about moderation. Hopefully I can time manage the online world along with my day to day world so I can get enjoyment from both. Why I possibly love Instagram so much, perfect little bite sized snippets of life. 

So, whats has been inspiring me of late?

Having quite a collection of glass bottles at home that aren't really doing anything, I was very inspired by these simple yet very effective table displays whilst out for lunch one day. A little lavender, greenery and ribbon can make all the difference! 

This little display would be perfect for one or two of my bottles so on the 'to do' list its gone. Whilst out and about, of course a little moochy style shopping had to be done, and inspired by my favourite flower, the Daisy, I just had to get this pretty Daisy frame from a charity shop. It was brand new in the box too, such a bargain! I can't wait to get some of my favourite family photographs in there.

 I am forever in my flip flops - even in winter and being an avid bargain hunter, was so inspired by these really cute £2 cushions from the Tesco sale. For now they are residing on the bed, and as someone who doesn't really 'do' winter, I can't help but feel all cheery and summery seeing them.

One thing I do like about winter however, is sitting down to a hot home cooked dinner of an evening to warm me up. I love the idea of using a slow cooker so to inspire my cooking, I invested the princely sum of £12.99 on this Aldi slow cooker. I made some lasagne, which the family said was really nice!

Next up it had to be something sweet - and what better than this Toffee Apple Pudding (from Audrey Deane's slow cooker recipe book) which was delicious!

Yes, I may have helped myself to seconds, and thirds....and... ;) Being somewhat of a budget buy, I am not sure how long the slow cooker shall last, but for now we are enjoying many meals using it.

We've being having some beautiful sunny days, perfect for family walks. 

 Especially fun with a little den building along the way. No, we didn't really do all that building, but added a handful more discarded branches for the next family to have fun in. 

It's very inspiring to see Miss. Poppins indulge (mostly) and have fun with us at family time. Anyone else who is 'owner' to a near teenage girl, well it can be frustrating at the best of times. Mostly though she is of course adorable and growing up so fast! She was 7 years old, when I first started this blog, look at her now! 

So, age 13 is nearly upon us, and probably the last time I'll have any influence over her party plans *sob - we're going for a shabby/chicy/cool vibey disco type party to celebrate her new teenagedom. Sounds fab - I hope she invites me :) More things that I'm enjoying and one that quite surprises me, is my new love of coffee. I am first and foremost a tea drinker but when the husband bought this on a recent shopping jaunt, that tempting caramel just drew me in. Oh its delicious, and now I can't help knocking back a cheeky coffee along with my daily tea drinking quota.   

Sewing is also inspiring me somewhat and after a lack of my crafty mojo, it delighted me to get back making again.  

I really enjoyed making these little gifts for friends. 

There has been a much needed fabric sort out too, many fabrics I'd forgotten I had!

Nibbling on these little strawberry laces whilst de stashing/sorting out, made it a very enjoyable experience.

So, the time is nearly here to celebrate another wedding anniversary. 
How many years? 
Well, lets just say it's our crystal wedding anniversary! Go figure ;) I had a lovely morning not long ago mooching through all our wedding photographs and luckily they seem to have not dated and have stood the test of time. 

I especially like this one of moi stepping out of the wedding car arriving at church. Can you guess it was a very windy day!

Fun times! 

Lots of lazing weekend mornings have been spent having lie in's, Master P always makes a lovely early morning bed guest.

So, I have much there to inspire me, to keep me young at heart, treasuring all the special moments, and of course with a little shopping along the way to keep me happy. 

Talking of shopping purchases that keep me happy, look what the husband got me for my birthday, oh I just love it and it is SO comfy! I love that it was from Ikea's bargain corner too, nice to keep that bargain hunting gene in the family. Here's a little clue...

So a real treat from £185 to £75!

We haven't found its proper home yet so it is just kind of plonked in the bedroom. It is the perfect place to pop ones feet up, and have a little read, perhaps even a little snooze. 

It's an Ektorp chaise longue, with the floral cover, so a real bargain! No longer available I believe, and even though it's ex display, it's in pretty much perfect condition. Here is a stock image of what it looks like properly.  

Probably one of my favourite places to relax these days. In fact I may go grab my book and just have a quiet moment...

Back soon lovelies!