Monday 28 September 2009

Whizzing By....

Goodness friends, has it really been that long. It amazes me how time whizzes by and I am left spinning in a daze at how quickly the days trundle on.

And what have I been up to in my little olde life, well....


Christmas Stockings.

Fabric and lavender gift tags.

Cushions for the Shop

I am jolly pleased with my buttonholes :)

Cowboys for the boys.

I adore working with Pom Pom trim :)

Mmmmm I may have to keep one for myself, I know which one I have my pretty eye on. Well if I told you I honeymooned in Paris would that give you a clue. You may need to click on photograph, the wonderful fabric was a lovely gift from Little Gem's World and I love it, so methinks the Parisian lavender pillow is going nowhere.

More lavender pillows using vintage embroidered linens.

Isn't the embroidery exquisite.

I also enjoy using vintage embroidery for making lavender hearts.

I love the sweet colours.

Vintage embroidery too for the draught excluder I made for chilly nights.


I have been groovin after these polka dot cake tins for a while, they were featured in Ideal Home a while ago yet have now only been on sale in store, Ohooo Tesco if you would like to know.

And I thought a bargain pack of ten lovely cotton red gingham tea towels would be fabulous for making Christmas decorations, and only £3.00 for ten.

Books from fabulous Amazon.

I purchased a wonderful old necklace from the CS, lovely pearly beads wrapped in what looks like American tan tights :)


I fell in love with the cute CK emery boards when I saw them, and had my eye on the vintage paisley cupcake cases for a while. Well look what Mr. P treated me to. The CK emery boards are Ohooo so cute and the cupcake cases are so sweet, don't know if I shall be able to use them for baking. The pretty vintage french necklace was a lovely present, and he thrifted it too. Good boy, he is learning ;) What lovely gifts from the darling husband :)

The necklace is adorable.


My new gorgeous Beach hut purchased from Bloomin Myrtle I love it so much, please go visit Elaine who is a wonderful crafter and whose attention to detail and value for money prices, amaze me :)

My new thrifted vintage Sewing book.

A bargaintastic 20p

I adore the photographs.

The Introduction. Click if you would like to read.

My new pretty pink Vintage Daisy labels.

A lovely book by Ms CK called In Print, I know many of you have the book and I indeed have had if from the library but is so nice to have one I can have full time at home and peek into every now and then. I purchased it from Dreaming Of The Simple Life who also included some lovely fabric and who kindly donated the money I gave to a very worthy cause KIN :)

My lovely new vintage Richard Stump dress I purchased for the astonishingly respectable price of 40p from the scout club jumble sale, I do like it, looks quite cute on, has a little belt and the prettiest buttons, though may keep and use the fabric, I have seen RS vintage dresses sell for, well certainly more than 40p, Mmmmm haven't decided what to do with it.



Giveaway win from the lovely Florence And Mary

I won a delightful Romantic Homes magazine yet the very kind Victoria also sent some wonderful CK soap, a beautiful CK Paris Rose card and an ever so jaw droppingly gorgeous Kate Forman catalogue. I shall tease you a little methinks.

Thank you so much Victoria a wonderful giveaway prize.

A wonderful parcel I also unwrapped was from the ever so lovely Cheap2Chic a fabulous friend from the SC Cafe. Beautiful and ever so me LA fabric that my friend no longer had any use for, and thought I should be the lucky new owner, how kind. I know that I shall enjoy making pretties for Miss. Poppins and I with it. Thank you so much D for your very special, kind, generous, and pretty parcel :)

I have also been a little sad and have been reminiscing. It was little baby Joshua's 4th anniversary of his due date on September the 24th. He came very early on June the 12th, I know his birthdate is important but I also like to remember his due date too, as it is always a little reminder of what could have been. Though I hadn't remembered it was his due date for a while into the day as I was busy sewing and what not, in fact it was probably the first time in four years I had woke up on Joshua's due date and not remembered. So I was cross and sad, though lovely friends helped me smile :)

Of course there are a million and one different things I have done too, though feeding the dog, washing the dishes, we have no posh dishwasher here, only me ;) hiding my little grey hairs with mascara, clapping my hands ever so loudly because Master P has done a p, and burning the beans doesn't really make for pretty viewing ;)

Well I wonder what I shall have been up to when I next see you ;)

Happy conker collecting, to keep those spiders away ;)


Wednesday 16 September 2009


Well I can't go too long without buying pretties can I, would you like a little looky at what has made its pretty way home with me.

Right well, don't know whether you may go for this one or not, think it was the pretty rose detail that did it for me, and I could certainly imagine our pretty plates piled high with all sorts of yummy cakes and pastries being wheeled out for a little picnic in the garden. Actually has become the favourite toy of the moment for Mr. Poppins he loves it, as you can maybe see from the photograph, I couldn't get a decent photograph of the pretty vintage tea trolley without him holding on to it. He has certainly got his five pounds worth, was from the reclamation centre.

I had a lovely pretty surprise too from the very talented Dolly Dollop a little birthday treat, isn't it the prettiest little thing, a gorgeous dreamy bird catcher, thank you so much Claire, I love your pretty make, so very girly and cute.

Then it was a little browse at the CBooty, I found some lovely books, and was especially pleased to find a Girl Annual and Ladybird books. I now have all the What To Look For In series :)

I love the gorgeous artwork in the Girl Annual.

And love the things to do pages.

I also found a couple of lovely ones too.

Some yummy and very pretty glass candlesticks.

I couldn't resist a little Cara Staffordshire china posy brooch for 50p, a couple of teeny chips, but I am not fussy and you can't even really see them.

A delightful children's china tea set for £1.50, so, so sweet don't you think. Maybe wait for Master Poppins to reach adulthood before he can play with it ;)

They all have different little Nursery Rhymes on cups etc.

A beautiful silver photoframe for a pound, I think it was made for the Poppins Children to go in it :)

Mmmmm now a little scoot to the CSs :)

A couple of vintage, in perfect condition 1978 and 1964 Fuzzy Felt toys, Ohoooo how I love Fuzzy Felt, and certainly lovely to find beautiful vintage ones. A fantastic bargain at 75p

Mmmmm yes, you two little beauties are coming home with me :)

A beautiful silver embossed hand mirror for £2.40

Can you find the little Cherub.

So, some lovely thrifted pretties I hope there for you to browse at.

I do love shopping, especially for my daughters clothes. Considering I am an avid shopper it seems my daughter doesn't share my passion, infact I would say Miss. Poppins detests shopping. Like many children Miss. Poppin's would probably prefer to be getting dirty in fields and parks and doing what is in her eyes fun things. So I am the one who often chooses her clothes, though I do get told I always choose pretty not cool clothes for her.

Well as long as I am choosing and doing the buying, pretty they shall be. I don't know about you, but am finding many girls growing up too quickly, and if you have been following my blog for a while may know that even with Miss. Poppins, we have had concerns that physically she was growing up quicker than her peers. Luckily everything is fine, at 7 Miss. Poppins is my little girl and if I feel I want to dress her as one then so be it.

I am always surprised that in many shops, the children's range I love for my daughter only goes up to maybe a five. Am I so out of the ordinary to want to see my seven year old in pretty dresses and not rock chic hot pants. Anyway it was lovely to see a pretty range in George at Asda and I could find my daughters age range. So very, very Joules, they all co-ordinated and I practically bought a new wardrobe for her, do have a look if you shop there for your little girls. The daughter even gave it the thumbs up :) I purchased 2 cardigans, a lovely pretty checked frilly skirt, a gorgeous Joulesesqe top, and a coolish body warmer.

Two of my favourites.

The pretty detail on the top

I love some of the bargains you can get from the supermarket, look at these £2.00 CK esque shorts from Tesco, of course I couldn't resist.

Pretties that have been making their way to friend's homes are my Flutterby swap on the SC Cafe, I was sending my swap to The Balancing Kiwi and am so glad you like everything.

Being a flutterby swap I thought the vintage embroidered tray cloth was very butterfly looking. It was the lovely one on my last post that My Friend kindly gave me.

I hope you are finding some lovely pretties wherever you are, I love seeing what comes home with you all :)