Thursday 26 September 2013

More Treats From Home Bargains

I have often mentioned my love of the treasure trove of a shop otherwise known as Home Bargains! In fact I only posted about my love of HB not long ago on here. I can't seem to get enough of the place and I always find at least one little pretty something every time I visit. I head straight to the home decor/kitchen-y section and here is what I found on my last visit or two. Oh my goodness I knew I had to have the little woodland animal storage box set!

Sometimes you have to go looksy as things can be hiding in the background, so I always have a thorough peek. The jelly moulds are so cute too - I already have some very similar at home but can see me popping back again very soon just to see if there are any left. I thought perfect little storage pots for Miss. Poppins and her ever growing collection of bobbles/clips/earrings etc. What I did take home was the little animal storage set - isn't it sweet!
And what a bargain at only £1.99 for 4 pots - the owl one is so dinky, perfect for Master Poppin's  little raisins on a trip out.
Storage is always an issue here at the Poppins house and I am a big fan of those pretty jumbo storage bags you can get, they home all manner of items, in our case mostly toys and laundry. This was a bargain at I think around the £1.79 mark, rrp is very often £5.00, so a real saving. I popped this red polka dot one straight into the shopping basket as a 'had to have' item.
 I adore Pip Studio and enjoy collecting little pieces here and there from the range. I do find it quite expensive however, and so only normally buy an item when it is in the sale. How delighted  I was to spy this oh so adorable mug/teabag rest/coaster set in Home Bargains. How very Pip Studio esque I thought, and at only £2.49 I grabbed a set. There is also a teapot in the same pattern so again I'm hoping to get that on my next visit.
With Miss. Poppins settling into secondary she now has all manner of folders and the like for her school work - I bought this folder and tin set for her, but I think I bought them for me really ;) The 'Humble Vintage' range in Home Bargains is uber cute - so keep your eyes out.
Another cute one is their 'Vintage Tea Party' range I have bought many a plate, cake stand, bunting, straw and party bag from the range, perfect for that vintage party!
The pretty pink stripe straws are a real bargain at only 99p for a set of 25, I may have got enough packs to see me through many a glass of fizzy pink lemonade;)

So, just a little teaser for you to share the delights on offer at Home Bargains, who are also online here Do you, like me love HB too? Perhaps it is just me that gives a little squeal of delight everytime I spy a pretty little something in there. I also love the fact you just never know what you may find next time you visit.
Happy HB shopping!

Tuesday 24 September 2013

Time For A Catch Up!

Well hello there!! Here at Poppins HQ after somewhat of a busy summer, we are slowly getting back into the swing on things...

Whilst feeling slightly (note 'slightly') refreshed from a nice summer break, I thought it an apt time for a little bloggy catch up! I hope you've all had nice summery breaks. The weather has been quite kind to us hasn't it, especially kind as there was no holiday abroad for the Poppins. We've had lots of lovely days out though, trying to keep everyone happy as the children are get older certainly becomes more challenging ;)

I'm a really old fashioned girl, so walking along old Victorian piers, thinking of times gone by is my idea of a lovely time, luckily the children like it too, especially when laden up with two penny coins to spend in the slot machines. I found myself quite addicted to those machines I can tell you! I've also been getting back to the sewing - I've been forever packing then unpacking the sewing machine as the ever continuing work gets done on this home sweet home. Hopefully our plans include the finishing of my own little craft room. Can't wait! I loved making these wedding hearts for special couples soon to tie the knot.

 And talking of home sweet home - I so agree with this statement I read in a book.

Home should  in my opinion  rise away from consumerism, and indeed why I love to re use, recycle, give vintage items a new home and generally include things in my home that make me happy! My next shabby chic project soon to be started, is this pretty pine washstand.

 I was kindly offered it by my family, and if I'm honest, it was looking a little un loved. I can't wait to give it a new lease of life. One piece I really enjoyed giving a little makeover are these chest of drawers, they are so useful in size/shape for Miss. Poppins whose up in the attic bedroom, as they take up little floor space but nice and tall with 6 roomy drawers. I did remove the legs for this project as I wanted to put it right up into the eaves. I hope you like my finished look.
Here they are before I got going on them.

I used wallpaper for the drawers and there's actually a bit of a story to the wallpaper I used - I bought this discontinued Cath Kidston 'Paris Rose' wallpaper some years ago to decorate Miss. Poppins' bedroom - it was a 'fall in love at first sight' wallpaper ;) As I loved it so much I decided to get a spare roll for any eventualities, and the time came to dive in and get some repairs done in her room. Unfortunately as I unrolled it, I soon realised it also came with some sort of design fault. You can see here, the wallpaper should have a faint stripe running through, behind the rose detail.

About a 1/4 way through the roll however, the stripe in my 'spare for repairs' roll just disappears!  On the wallpaper I used for the drawers, you'll see there's no stripe at all running through the rose detail - after my initial "Oh no"!! - Thinking how am I going to repair areas of her original wallpaper, and which frankly is looking a little shabby in places, I decided actually, I guess I have my very own unique CK wallpaper, and so like this makeover, it shall hopefully be used for shabby chic projects. Of course the much needed repair work in areas of her original wallpaper up on the wall have been left undone as obviously the wallpaper doesn't match so that leaves me concerned as I just love the wallpaper - but it seems there's not one roll left in all the world :(

Here are the finished drawers in all their fine glory in Miss. Poppins room, looking in my opinion just delightful! I wanted to alternate the strips of wallpaper, she already has quite a flowery room as you can tell ;)  

I decided as she was coming up to starting secondary to give her bedroom a little summer makeover - luckily she loves it...for now, you know how fickle pre teens can be ;)

 As you can see, I still haven't come up with a solution for covering the round window in her room. In an ideal world I would love a custom made round wooden shutter - but looking at costs, have a feeling that's never going to happen! For now she has one of those paper decorations with the Ikea net curtain swept to the side. At least there is a velux blind on her other window that does create a little darkness. With her starting 'big' school, I created a little 'work area' - funny - she seems to prefer the sleeping/dressing/ areas to this one ;)

I lined the desk with a lovely sample wallpaper (from B&Q) - so if she needs a little break from the homework, she can do some colouring in to help relax the mind.

Over the summer we talked about this 'dip- dye' look that seems to be quite popular - I ummed and ahhed and ummed and ahhed some more. I compromised, as I didn't want anything too 'in your face' and definitely wanted her to have a natural sun kissed look. She loves it! I can't believe how quickly she's growing up - right in front of my very eyes. I also can't believe I started writing this blog when she was only 6 years old! So many times I think thats it, my bloggy days are coming to an end, and so many times I also think at the same time that actually, I am so happy to have this blog space to document special times of our lives - if anything as I'm getting older it feels more important to keep it up and update it more often with happy memories.

 I am so proud of the way she has confidently walked on in to a new chapter of her school life, with her knowing no one at her new secondary, it must be quite a challenging time. She has coped admirably, and although she's not been there long seems to have made some lovely friendships which as her Mum is reassuring. She's been referred to orthodontics's, so like I did when I was at school,  shall soon be going off to school with her braces, I've assured her its 'cool' these days to have them :) 

As for Master P, he's had another birthday, now 7 years old, and a junior at school. Loving life! 
Looking at him now and when he was born, all I feel is thanks and gratitude at how lucky we were to bring him home, born so very early and so very tiny.

I've also had a 'big' birthday. If I only talk about birthday's with no 0's in them I am fine ;) I was greeted with these beautifully wrapped gifts from the family :) 

All the family has certainly taken advantage of this gift I received from Mr Poppins. We're fast becoming apple addicts in this house ;)  

   I also received this beautiful crochet book from a lovely friend - I shall master crochet, I shall!

 I adore this cute CK bag and its cheery design - my mum knows me so well and thoroughly treated me with a lovely selection of birthday gifts.   

I had a lovely birthday, spent with loved ones - exactly how I like it :) This little man is still a joy to be around - the house has definitily felt more lived in having a dog around. He nortily has free run of the house so often ends up on the bed!   

He also seems rather partial to Miss. Poppins new Ikea pink rug!

As for being a shopaholic, yes, I'm still one of those, think I'm a lost cause on that one!

Hope you enjoyed my little catch up, I'll leave you with a teeny tiny summer project that seemed to be forever a work in progress - finally got it finished!   

Amazing what you can do with a pretty paper napkin or two!