Thursday 30 September 2010

What Do You Put In Your Ikea Trolly....

I don't know about you but whenever I am in Ikea, I always like to have a little nose in people's trolleys. I like to see what people take off the shelves and eventually take home with them. As we are cracking on with some decorating, I always like to give them a visit, just to see what is on offer and what may be in keeping with the look I am wanting in my home. I don't know if you are anything like me, but I always come away with the most random of things that were not at all on my Ikea shopping list! We wanted to go also because we need some wardrobes that are a suitable size to go in the children's attic bedrooms, no small task to find ones short enough. Yes, we could pay someone to come and fit some bespoke wardrobes, but would rather save our pennies to use elsewhere in the home.

So, here are one or two things I popped in my trolly....

One of the best child's items I have bought for my 4 year old Master Poppins, he loves, loves, loves this fabric breakfast set. He is a child who gets bored easily, and this lovely set keeps him entertained, and he dons his apron and gets really into some good old fashioned role play. We shall be going back for the ice cream and vegetable set too.

Of course we couldnt treat darling son without darling daughter....Miss. Poppins loves animals, and so has fallen in love with Poppy, as she has called her.

So, with the children happy it was time to think about mummy, well of course I popped a little fabric in the trolly. I really fancied this pretty one, but they didnt have it in, so in went one or two different ones.

Having the double sink we have, there is no where to drain dishes, so I thought one of these would look quite pretty with my CK crush mugs sweetly stacked on it.

I adored these sweet little stools for the children's bedrooms. And for less than £3.00 each, a real bargain.

Then of course I couldnt leave without a candle or two, and they are so pretty in these little pink glass tumblers.

And as for the wardrobes, well yes we found the perfect ones....


We shall go back and get them ( and 101 other things I dont really need but ends up in the trolly anyway ) Are you a random Ikea shopper, I would love to know what sort of things you pop in your trolly....


Tuesday 28 September 2010

Rosie Flo's Giveaway Winner Is....And A Little Decorating Chat

Thank you all so much for popping your names in the hat to win 2 sets of Rosie Flo colouring postcards. I wish you all could have won, but alas there could be only be one name pulled from the hat and that was the  delightful Scented Sweetpeas who I know has some sweet cherubs of her own, and who I hope really love the postcards. I shall of course pop a little handmade pretty in too.

How about something like this, a pretty patchwork heart I made for a very lovely lady.

I am happy to say work can begin on decorating the lounge, yippppppppeeeeeee. I have been waiting for this for a long time, there has been re wiring, plastering, you name it, and we are ready to get my pretty wallpaper out, my paintbrush out and get cracking. The husband is going to ( because he loves me) let me paint the 1940s fire surround, I understand the warmth the wood brings etc, but know it shall look so pretty painted a nice off white/cream. We haven't yet decided whether to paint or varnish the floorboards, have some new white Ektorp covers, and have got some ideas on what furniture is going in. Yes is all looking rather white in scheme, and yes I have two young children ;0) Well I am being so inspired by this charming book I have had for ages, and I always love to dip in and get some white inspiration. I shall of course be popping some very pretty and colourful accessories here and there and I may have a go at doing the curtains. We have three large windows in the lounge, one of them being over 2 metres wide so no small feat, though I am in the middle of making some for my lovely neighbour that gave me her singer and have to say thus far, seems quite a simpleish job. Though is quite a task keeping all the fabric on the table, most of it ends up on my knees as I am sewing. So time to dig out my decorating dungarees and prettify my home. Hope I dont bore you with all my decorating updates....


Saturday 25 September 2010

Pretty Rosie Flo's Giveaway....

I have always been a fan of Rosie Flo's colouring books for my children, not only are they pretty to look at but I think a wonderful colouring book that really captures their imaginations and keeps them interested as they use their artistic skills to draw up the head and limbs. For me, a little more exciting than the average colouring book.

So, I think it is lovely that Rosie Flo have offered a pretty giveaway of two sets of their Rosie Flo's and Johnny Joe's colouring postcards – 16 different cards to draw, colour and send in each set. One set of 16 postcards aimed for the girls and one set of 16 postcards aimed for the boys. These new and very lovely postcard sets were a winner of the best new product children's award, at Top Drawer 2010.

Here is the girls set....

And for the boys....

These really are a lovely set of postcards, right up my pretty street, and shall bring their new owners much fun and amusement, especially adding the arms and legs. Miss Poppins couldn't wait to pop her head on, on one of her postcards!

She is going do choose one of her favorite coloured in postcards to pop on The Rosie Flo Gallery where one can share their drawings with the world and inspire others. If you win the lovely postcards for the special little people in your life, or indeed have any Rosie Flo colouring books anyway, why not join in, it's fun, it's free, and £50.00 worth of books and art materials could be won. 

So, if you would like to go in the hat to win 2 lovely sets of postcards, all you have to do is leave a little comment on this post, and Miss Poppins shall pick a winner from the hat on Monday evening. A really very lovely giveaway, and if you would like to know more about Rosie Flo, you can find out more here And here  is where you can find Rosie Flo's stockists. They are the perfect stocking filler and also the perfect size to pop in one of my handmade children's mini tote bags too :0)

Good luck 


Thursday 23 September 2010

The Oldies Are The Best....

So, I thought you may like to see something very lovely that made its way round to my house, some days ago, and is a very beautiful gift off a very kind neighbour. I was so touched to know she wanted me to have it, appreciate it, and she wouldn't hear of it when I mentioned that I thought it should be kept in her family, she said all it was doing was gathering dust and would be honored if I had it.

So, here she is, in all her beauty....


Notice the scissors, a lovely gift of a relative of mine, they came in their original packaging and are Golden Age scissors, and cut like a dream, they are coming up to 50 years old. The lady relative in question took me over to one side at a party and said I have something I want you to have. Like a magician, she pulled them out of her bag, and told me the story of how she used them when she taught craft in a school in the 60s. How thoughtful and special.

Thanks to a very lovely lady  I have dated the machine to 1937 and have been able to thread it in the correct way and now all I need to do is have a play and create something pretty. I have all these wonderful gadgets too, to help me and an original instruction book taken from a similar model, so shall be like a bee on honey, enjoying myself.

I think this is the ruffler, and look forward to finding out what all the gadgets do.

So thank you dear neighbour, a very special gift that shall certainly bring me much joy :0)


Sunday 19 September 2010

Please Share Your Favourite Handbag....

I thought I would like to share with you my favourite handbag....

Would you have any ideas about what you think my favorite handbag looks like? Can you/should you judge a person by their handbag?

Well here she is, and I ADORE her. She looks beautiful when used for special occasion's as she does too when worn with my jeans and boots. Lots of people have commented on how pretty she is, and is my No1 handbag.

Is she what you had in mind my favorite may look like....

Did I tell you I ADORE her ;0)

What, you think she is a bit old fashioned, perfect, I shall take that as a compliment :0)

I really feel like the queen when I am shopping, with her hanging off my dainty wrist....and the pretty kiss lock is so sweet.

She is an original, maybe 1970s in origin, in perfect working order, tapestry bag and I love her. Was purchased at a little antique centre and was priced at £10.00. With my bargain hunt and haggling skills, a deal on £5.00 was agreed. A little Mary Poppinsy aswell don't you think ;0)

I would so love to see your favourite handbag, and the reason why you love it so much, so please feel free to share any posts you do using the Mr. linky widget. I would love to pop round to your blogs and have a looksy at your favourite handbag.


Friday 17 September 2010

Birthday Party Season....

Well they are barely back at school, and already, we have a pile of birthday party invitations. Party season has well and truly begun in the Poppins household I can tell you. We have a busy couple of months ahead of us, infact I think I may plan ahead and get a party drawer, a drawer packed full of little cards and presents so I am not always running to the toy shops 10 minutes before the party starts.

Not too long until my very special daughter turns 9. Nearly 9 years old! My 51b 110zs baby, and already, she wants to talk party plans. My goodness can a girl not wait. So with forward planning and all that, Miss. Poppins and I have decided for a simple, at home party with her closest friends, and maybe, maybe, if her poor old mum is up to it, a sleepover. The party food has already been decided upon, and yes you guessed it, it is the one and only perfect party sleepover food, a....

Pizza Delivery Service  I shall be calling before the day to see if I can get a special birthday menu or indeed any special discount :0) Am I the only one who cannot just have one piece of pizza, so think we better order plenty.

Every year I say I am going to bake a cake, every year I go out and buy a cake ;0) I have to say, I have been very happy with many shop bought cakes, mind you I am of course a lover of all things cake related.

As for party bags, well I do normally make/sew my own and pop some pretties in. Is 9 too old for a party bag....I don't think so. I am an adult and I still offer out my hand to receive my party bag at the end of grown up parties, of course all I get is a handshake, and maybe a kiss on the cheek. I don't think any of us grow old of party bags :0)

Apparently I am to be in charge of the music. I have no idea what party music 9 year old girls are into these days, I better do my homework methinks on that one ( or you can tell me) . So, if you have some of your own party planning to be getting on with, good luck, have fun, and please save me a piece of cake won't you....


Wednesday 8 September 2010

Home Sweet Home....

Wowser, where is the time going, Christmas songs already being played, slow down, slow down, I can't keep up. Do you ever feel like life is rushing you along faster than you would like it to. I want to enjoy my life and in the present, the here and now, live each day to the fullest. I can't think of Christmas quite yet, can you. Being a keen crafter, people are already in the swing of making their Christmas pretties, forward planning, I get that, but, I can't bring myself quite yet to cut into my pretty Christmas fabric ;0)

So, how have you been, hope you have enjoyed your summer, I spent most of it in Wales, where both the husband and I grew up. I long to go back, though with Mr. P being the bread winner, I am a Cheshire girl for the foreseeable future. I do love where I live, it is pretty, lots of drool worthy thatched cottages to gaze at ( not mine *sigh* )  and fields and the country smell, the children are at a lovely little village school, but wonder if one day we shall go back home.

I long for the sea views, we went to a glorious wedding whilst at home, the groom is an olde school pal of my husbands, and the views in the garden of the brides home where the wedding took place, were spectacular.

Some guests even arrived by chopper!

Our beautiful table.

And the wonderful and pretty marquee.

Our names were written on pebbles from the beach further down the garden. We all threw them back in the sea after the wedding breakfast, to be washed upon the shore again, to remind the happy couple of wonderful memories. 

We were all to bring pretty flowers from the garden, to dress the tables, which I thought was a lovely and special idea, my mum did a little posy from the flowers in her garden, thanks mum :0) As well as a monetary gift, the couple are saving up for a digger, yes a digger. I wanted to handmake a little something and as I had my chine with me whipped up this little number for them. Word has it they *love* it.

So it was a lovely reminder seeing old and new friends, of how much I love Wales, especially the welsh fudge ;0)

This fudge was from a favourite shop of mine in Betws-Y-Coed

Lots of pretties on offer.

I um med and oohed over these two, can you guess which one I came home with ( and for those of you who know me well, it wasn't both ;0)

There are also the lovely views at Swallow Falls

So after a lovely summer, it was time to come to our home, and get the little people ready for school.

All went well, not a tear shed from Master P or Mummy ( doesn't mean I didn't cry buckets the night before though) and he is there full time, so hopefully shall love it, and I shall love the little extra time to myself make pretties. Here's a couple of items that have found new lovely homes.

Special order Rosali pram sheet for an ickle baby, was a simple yet very lovely item to handmake, is is edged in pretty pink bias, and would be lovely for a little dolls bed when the baby has grown out of her pram.

Pretty drawstring bags, I loved making this special order, for the daughter of an old Drama college friend, who I met when I was 17, something quite special about making for her own children. 

So back home, back to it, back to my old tricks. One of them being on the lookout in people's skips, well Ms. Allsopp does it too.
I think in Kirsties programme last Christmas she found a lovely mirror, well I didn't find a mirror, but I did find these....

Four unwanted and vintage style solid wood chairs, seemingly they came from a vintage pub, and as soon as I saw them I popped to the door of the owner and was told to help myself :0) I popped round later with a little handmade pretty as a thank you. They really are kinda special, I don't whether to tart up or leave alone.

Decisions, decisions...