Tuesday 6 May 2014

Bathroom Award & New Bedroom Makeovers

I was delighted to find out that my little bathroom makeover that you can read about here has won a home design blogger award. The category I won the lovely award for was the Best Bathrooms Revamp Blog Post 2014 over at Bathrooms.com and I was over the moon to even be nominated amongst some talented and inspiring home designers. To have won was a real honour and lovely as even though my bathroom revamp was a teeny tiny space, proves small can indeed be beautiful so thank you if you voted. 

It was a fun little revamp to do, and I threw myself into a girly world where I could have free reign to do what I liked - luckily I have a very understanding family who know my tastes to a tee and are happy for me to revel in a pink and floral world!  

I next got to be creative in my 7 year old son's bedroom and that is most definitely in the revamp stage. I absolutely couldn't remove that beautiful Cath Kidston boats wallpaper so that is a keeper! As you can see I am yet to find a suitable window treatment for the round window - sigh - I would love a bespoke white round shutter but alas I just don't have the budget. Anyway, I'll hopefully come up with something one day. 

However we have got all his new flooring down, just need to finish off the skirting's, have painted the walls and ceiling and then its time to get accessorising. Obviously Master Poppins gets a say and he really seems to have a flair for home decor and like his mummy loves all things vintage - phew! Being an attic bedroom he is VERY limited on space. I purchased a cute vintage gentleman's wardrobe from the charity shop, and I just hope it fits in - measuring accurately is not my greatest strength! Although it probably does need a tidy up, I'm undecided whether to paint it or not, I'm liking the warmth the dark wood gives to a predominantly white, bright room and would like it to be as original as possible. 

I love the cute little shelves inside and space saving clothes rail.

Being a boy with much, often toy related 'stuff' I think storage is going to be the key in there and of course it needs to be of the compact variety. He really liked this little unit we saw in a charity shop for next to his bed and he wanted to buy it with his own saved up pocket money (£8) so I said he could and a great life skill in teaching him the value of money. What I think is a little old television unit needs some tlc so I shall probably give it a vibrant paint colour, but I'm really liking his choice. The boy did good! 

Although light still comes in from the round window we've at least ordered a new blackout velux blind, hopefully it means he wakes up a little later, those bright early mornings, although lovely can make a young man very tired!

With Miss Poppins enjoying her vintage double school desk - it only felt fair for Master P to have one also. Of course his had to be double too, and I just love it. All I need is a little vintage chair to go with it and it shall look a charming corner. 

 know Miss. Poppins loves her 'working' corner, she's got slightly taller legs on her desk so a little more comfortable for her to sit at with the extra height.

So I'm really enjoying this new makeover, which, taking inspiration from his wallpaper is going to be based on a sea/seaside theme - myself growing up by the sea its a room I know I'm especially going to love! 

When this revamp is done, I finally, finally get to do my bedroom - oh that's going to be a pretty one I can just tell!! Again my better half is letting me express my vintage, shabby chic love so I know I am going to have great fun on that one. New bed, flooring, wallpaper, window treatments, furniture...I can wait to get stuck in!