Tuesday 28 October 2014

Autumn Delights

Hello there!

I hope you are all keeping warm and snug now the nights are drawing in. I'm finding the days are definitely getting much cooler and therefore the heating has well and truly been switched on in this house! Although generally I do try my best to look on the bright side of life, and we are still in Autumn, a season I love, I am not really what one would call a winter person. I get a bit gloomy and probably should invest in one of those seasonal affective disorder lights. If you have ever used one I would love to know how you found it. I do like the excitement of Christmas though and that does help me get through :) 

Talking of Christmas I was so tempted to pick up this oh so cute Chrismas decoration from John Lewis, I think I shall have to make a little trip back there! 

I think its so sweet!

I did pick up this little trio of mini vintage style suitcases however from my favourite Home Bargains, and a bargain indeed for only £6.99 for the three. Perfect for all those little bits and bobs.

I just love home Bargains for its quirky, shabby chic finds. With the seasonal changes, I'm getting a little out of sorts with my sleep for some reason, I love to spray my pillow with L'Occitane pillow mist just before bed and I was beginning to run out. A quick visit to my nearest L'Occitane store revealed that they had discontinued my favourite (boo) and replaced it (yay) with this newer updated version so I decided to give it a whirl.

It still has a relaxing scent, which contains the essential oils of lavender, bergamot, mandarin, sweet orange, and geranium, and it certainly has a calming effect once sprayed. I am finding however that it doesn't drift me off to sleep as much as my old version which contains the essential oils of lavender, tea tree and geranium.

I think it's the tea tree that really does it for me and once sprayed I literally fall into a lovely sleep. So, although I'm reasonably happy with the newer mist, and it is also perfect for using as a room spray, I shall definitely be searching out my now discontinued favorite. I must like a challenge!

I'll be treasuring and use very sparingly that tiny bit left at the bottom!

As mentioned above I am quite a fan of Autumn, November in particular. Family birthday's, our wedding anniversary, the seasonal change all evoke happy memories for me and who cannot resist a little kick of those crunchy autumn leaves. Not me thats for sure!

I was a bit unsure of those 'autumn' coloured tights...but I thought at least they coordinated well with the leaves ;) Something that also coordinates very well with the tights is this lovely jumper for Master P I found in Sainsburys (TU brand). I thought it perfect for these Autumnal days and I love the flying ducks on it, very retro.

We picked up some burnt orange trousers to match and some other clothing whilst there, I was really impressed with the boyswear.

And here's the fella, all dressed up in his Autumn attire, looking very dapper. I think if Sainsbo's ever require an 8 year old professional model (he actually is) you know where to look, he's becoming quite the fashionista!

One other enjoyment of Autumn nights is our hot chocolate drinking, with of course an extra sprinkling of mini marshmallows.

I'm getting productive and preparing for the daughters 13th (teenager at last) birthday disco. Oh my goodness, its going to be a busy one so have begun the preparations in earnest.

I do love party planning, and all that attention to detail. I really enjoy helping to make someone's special day a day to remember. An avenue if I'm honest I wish I'd pursued. In fact, perhaps there's still time to realise a little dream?

I've also been shabby chicing a bit. I was kindly gifted an amazing mirror (is actually an Ikea Hemnes one) via freecycle. This particular mirror had been on my wishlist for a while so I jumped for joy getting it for free, thank you kind lady :) It had already been painted but unfortunately not in a colour suited to my bedroom theme, so I promptly got the paint out.

Here's a sneak peek of the mirror before I got painting it. Its great, and a full length size, perfect for just casually leaning against the wall like an oversized photo frame.

I just need to do one last wax and it's done.

Back soon lovelies!