Monday 22 July 2013

Floral Bargains

The title of this post should really be Home Bargains as indeed this is where I found a couple of pretty floral treats the other day. I just love stumbling on floraly bargains from there and couldn't resist these. I have become bit of a hoarder of doormats and always like to have a brand new one hidden away when an old one has seen better days. Oh, how I fell in love with this floral rose one and a bargaintastic £2.99.

It looked like it was the last one on the shelf so I quickly picked it up, and claimed it as my own! How delighted was I to then stumble across these pretty floral hand towels, again at only £2.99 each. I just loved the white floral one and thought very Cath Kidston looking...

The blue hand towel I thought very Pip Studio esque, so I quickly grabbed one of those too. I shall certainly be going back to Home Bargains for the larger floral bath towels and again a very reasonable £5.99 for those.

I couldn't wait to get them in their rightful place at home and there was certainly one member of the family who felt right at home on the floral mat!

And the towels look just perfect in the bathroom, creating that lovely vintage look I love so much...

So, next time you pop into Home Bargains if you have one near you, you must check out the florals, and having purchased my three cheery finds for less than £10, I was delighted!

Monday 15 July 2013

C.P. Hart ~ The Perfect Bathroom Challenge - Update

Quick update from the team at C.P. Hart, one of the UK's leading bathroom retailers and suppliers of bespoke and luxury bathrooms. They challenged me to design my perfect bathroom and having set up my pinterest board, and based on a blank canvas of one of C. P. Hart's bathroom suites, my aim was to design a bathroom I could relax and unwind in. The winning design ~ as judged by the team at C.P. Hart, would be rendered into a 3D image, featured on the website and included in the 2014 brochure. C.P. Hart, who have some inspiring bathroom design ideas loved my vintage look, in fact mine was the only vintage style design offering, but perhaps was just not commercial enough to be a leading design to front their brand. C.P. Hart are indeed an innovative bathroom retailer who are the front runners when it comes to designing some stunning modern bathrooms so probably my vintage style bathroom didn't quite have that contemporary feel and look to be a 'showcase' design. My 'Perfect Bathroom' pinterest board was definitely more old school, than new school and I just can't help but be inspired by all things old and charming...

(Image courtesy of housetohome)
 (Image courtesy of thevintagehome)
(Image courtesy of housetohome)
(Image courtesy of housetohome)
In fact, I like things so vintage-esque in my bathroom, I'd of loved to have bathed the children in one of these when they were younger ;)

 A bathroom for me is that special haven to go and relax in - to almost get into a state of meditation and to let ones thoughts wander off. The best environment for me to do so in, would have to be somewhere that had a feel of days gone by, that had a charming and old fashioned feel to it. So, I would always try to re-create that look and hopefully capture the 'vintage' mood. I do like a bit of modern of course, and occasionally I wish for a wet room look, a bit like this design from C.P. Hart themselves.

Modern indeed, but also very chic. We could get all the family done in one go in there ;) However for now, I think I'll stick with my old fashioned styling as it seems is a look I just can't quite give up!


Sunday 14 July 2013

Time For Pastures New

So the time has come that after 7 happy years, we are nearing the end of Miss. Poppins' time at primary school. I can't believe where the time has gone, in the blink of an eye she has gone from age 4 to 11! It has to be said she has enjoyed every single day at primary and I know there shall be many tears when they all say their goodbyes next week. In fact, I shall probably be needing to wear the wellies what with all my teary puddles ;) Miss. Poppins won't know anybody in her new secondary school, and although I know she is looking forward to making many new and lovely friends - the old ones shall always have a special place in her heart.

Talking of hearts, its that time of year again where I leave things far too late, run out of time and energy to go shopping, so succumb to going handmade for teachers gifts. I've included a little mini box of chocs too for each of them, but hope they like their little Thank You hearts too. My daughter shall be leaving Primary school a happy, confident, bright young girl, ready to take on new and tough challenges. So it is very much a heart felt THANK YOU to all who have inspired and encouraged her during her early school years.


So we've got plays, leavers assembly's and discos to look forward to - mixed emotions for me though, as although I know she is beginning a new and exciting chapter of her life, is living proof that my fist born is growing up. Those apron strings are getting a little looser! She'll be fine, I'll be fine and we shall spend some quality, fun loving time over summer together before the hard work really starts, and I get to wave her off  all over again to pastures new.

Sob....just a little ;) Good luck to any of your yr 6 children, may their futures be healthy and happy as they head up to 'BIG' school, have fun!!