Monday 28 July 2008

Welcome To My Childhood Home

Welcome to my childhood home, it is Georgian and was once a vicarage, do you wonder where you get your inspiration from, magazines, blogs, friends' homes, or maybe like me your childhood home. I love my childhood home and elements of my own home are I am sure from growing up around flowers and pretty china, of course I have at times thought my childhood home not very trendy and modern and yet now I couldn't be happier than when I am around floral bedspreads and pretty tablecloths. What are your childhood homes like are your homes like the ones you grew up in.

I love the garden and the front of my childhood home, here look at the pretty shutters

The famous potting shed

The beautiful and peaceful garden

I know which one is my favourite flower.

Inspiration comes from everywhere and especially from special friends' bedrooms, thanks Peps for the beautiful photograph of your bedroom X

Friday 18 July 2008

Lovely shops and books

One of the shops I love and find so inspirational is The Cherry Tree it is truly beautiful and well worth a look around.

Thankyou so much to Sara who kindly agreed for me to take some photographs in her delightful shop

Like so many of you I love Ladybird books, I love their charm and wonderful stories.
I purchased these little beauties a couple of days ago from the most delightful Charity shop. I am so excited and can't wait to get decorating the children's new bedrooms, I am sure they shall look so sweet what with their little round windows and sloping eaves. I love seeing all their beautiful old books up on the shelves and sometimes when I need a pick me up, often go into their bedroom and read one of their delightful books to cheer me up, I love them.


Thursday 10 July 2008

Keep Calm And Carry On

I know that you all know the words of this poster very well, and I love it. The words sum me up to a tee.

Having my house refurbished whilst bringing up to a hopefully decent standard my two young children I shall surely be calling upon these words.

Luckily my wonderful mum has offered a lovely place to stay :)

Those of you who have the poster I would love to know where have you put it.


Wednesday 9 July 2008

All At Sea

It has been a day today, I have pretty much put all our belongings in our garage ready for the building work and oh my I feel lost at sea, my home looks so unloved I have no family photographs on the walls, all my children's beautiful books are not on the shelves, all their favourite toys are nowhere to be seen and my beautiful little gems are hibernating, and I am glad to know that they shall be back soon.

It has made me think, how important really are they, why do I collect so many things, why can't I go into a charity shop without buying something and why do I feel lost without them.

Plain and simple they aren't and what is important is my family, my children, my friends, and what is getting to be more of a family blog is what is right for me. My home sweet home is a love, and I shall enjoy sharing that journey with you, though my darling children are more of a love, I really appreciate people rather than things and who knows maybe I have got you thinking too, how important really are your things too and would you be happy without them.

One bucket of pretty chalks....

And one budding Artist later....


Tuesday 8 July 2008

Home Sweet Home

Here is Master Poppins having a breath of fresh air aged 5 weeks, he was in SCBU for 7 weeks and he really is my little hero.

We are converting the loft into bedrooms for the children, and we are re-wiring throughout the house, knocking the kitchen wall to make a lovely kitchen dinner and french doors, building a dormer bathroom, and changing our home in many ways to make it our special family home. I look forward to having you accompany me on my journey....

I am so loving my beautiful Tesco ironing board cover and a bargain at £2. I couldn't have any scalding marks on it now could I so to be on the safe side I bought another one. Here it is in a small corner of my home, well garden actually.

I love decorating childrens rooms and am so excited at the thought of designing the decor for the children's attic bedrooms. Here are a couple of their little pretties to get me in the mood.

Bet you can't guess which child's room?!


Sunday 6 July 2008

Is There Anything As Cute As A Dirty Foot?

I love taking photographs, especially of my children and here is one of my favourites. Master. Poppins' dirty foot, I love that he skips around barefoot in the garden. Splashing his muddy bare feet in the rain is one of the joys he loves and at every opportunity the shoes are off.


Saturday 5 July 2008

What Is Shabby Chic?

My thoughts at the moment are very much around the shabby chic way of life, which is a look I am hoping to achieve in my new home sweet home. However it has made me think what is shabby chic? Is it a look you can just take out of a magazine or book? I love looking at people's homes in magazines and really love looking at "corners of my home" on some of your blogs, but would re creating someone else's look in my home work.

I asked the husband today what he thought shabby chic was and his reply " lazy women who can't be bothered tidying up " He was talking about me ( cheeky ) and mostly Mr. Poppins is adorable and he happily sits back whilst I immerse myself in all things floral, however it was indeed a cheeky comment that made me think. For me shabby chic is a creation of your personality, and who am I to say what shabby chic is, it is what is is, I know I love it and would certainly feel a cheat if I copied a look.

Many blogs I have looked at have had in them some of the most uplifting and inspiring pieces of shabby chicness, art, poetry and literature that I have seen and I can only gain and be inspired from looking at them.


Friday 4 July 2008

Baby Nightgown

I am a great believer in buying second hand, I love the idea that someone has used an item before me. I feel there is always a story behind the dress or the forty year old wooden toy that Master. Poppins is playing with. There is life in these things that somehow is lacking in brand new bought items, I even like the smell.

How great a joy for me to see Master. Poppins in a nightgown that I wore in the early seventies, he was a teeny weeny baby weighing 3lbs 1oz at birth and he wore it for months and months....


A Cup Of Tea Solves Everything

My little treat a couple of weeks ago was a Cath Kidston Tea Set, a bargain in the sales.

Today is the first day of my blogging and I really hope you enjoy my ramblings. I am hoping to get to know some of you through your blogs and can't wait to begin this blogging journey.We are currently refurbishing our home and being a shopaholic I aim to share photographs on here of some of my scrummy, yummy fabulous finds.

As for now so many of my beautiful things are packed in boxes ready to be unleashed on my new and improved shabby chic home....