Sunday 29 November 2009

Gallery Walk....

Once a year my local town has a gallery walk where you get given the chance to enter a prize draw and win some gift vouchers or prize from each store that participates. You collect a card at the begining and take a wonder around some delightful stores, of which there were 12 taking part this year.

You are kindly treated to some wonderful food and treats along the way, a nice browse, get your card stamped from all twelve stores, hand it in at the end and then cross your fingers that you may win a prize.

Well last year I won a prize, £30.00 worth of gift vouchers to spend at one of the stores :) So I was really looking forward to another walk around, I took Miss. Poppins and we did have fun.

Here are some of my favourite stores.

First we had the Art Gallery with in house artist, comtemporary art sculptures and ceramics.

Mmmmm something caught my eyes in the corner, and I quickly covered Miss Poppins' ;)

Beautiful ceramics.

After our card was stamped it was off to the Art Glass shop, which is a beautiful store selling vases, bowls, bottles, stemware, wall hangings and pieces by many leading innovative British glass makers.

Then the pretty card and wrapping paper shop.

Then we strolled to a lovely, cute little interiors shop. Once we got our card stamped, couldn't resist a little browse. Having not seen any chapel chairs for ages I am seeing them popping up everywhere now, these little ones that you can see at the table had been sold within a matter of days of being put out. By the way we plumed for the dark ones ;)

I loved the gallery and knit studio, with hand crafted ceramics and textiles.

And our favourite, the old fashioned sweetie shop :)

It was a little wet and windy though that did not dampen our enthusiasm and we reveled in choosing some sweeties. So now that our card was stamped from all the shops, we went to pop it in the lucky barrel and have our fingers crossed we could be a winner :)


Friday 27 November 2009

It Is The Simple Things In Life....

I am finding the simple things in life are making me smile at the moment. I don't know about you but my tastes are changing a little over the course of me writing this little blog. I am deep in my heart a floral girl, but think I may have had floral overload these past couple of months, stepping into my house can sometimes feel like stepping into a flower. I am so enjoying reading my favorite book from the Library and have been renewing it for weeks, I really don't want to give it back ;) It is In Bloom by Alice Whately, you can read a little review of it on one of my favorite blogs.

Anyway the book really has touched me in so many ways. For me, I think the key to the whole floral thing is not to have a floral carpet with floral walls sitting on a floral couch with floral cushions, reading floral books ;) I am coming to terms that actually I quite like a simple space, free of treasures, actually I mean clutter, my simple little brain can't take it anymore. I like simple lines, open spaces, white walls. I think that shall be one of my little New Year's Resolutions, not to bring so much clutter into the house, or tat as Mr. Poppins like to call it. As an avid CS shopper, I shall find it hard I know it.

For instance when I handmake my little cushion covers, I normally jump right into my floral and pretty stash, well no, I held back on this one and jumped into my neutral linens. Of course being a floral girl at heart, had to have a flower in there somewhere, but do you know what, I rather like it, very simple, and quite sweet I thought.

I was really happy with the appliqued heart.

Happy isn't something I have been feeling too lately about my crafty side, been feeling rather sorry for myself and thinking that my pretties are rather basic in their making. I haven't got the personality for the tricky stuff, I would love to have a proper go at embroidery though, and again my tusty library has come up trumps and I have borrowed Jan Constantine's lovely book, please tell me that embroidery is not hard.

So my little handmade cushion may only look like a cushion, but for me has opened my eyes up a little to what decorating styles I am leaning too, simple with a little hint of floral.

What else is making me smile is Miss. Poppins' little Christmas painting, which we have had printed onto little Christmas cards.

I adore my little girl and get so cross with myself at times for shouting at her, how many little girls have held their sweet, tiny dead baby brother in their gentle arms. I sometimes wonder if I did the right thing letting her see him, touch him, hold him. Yet know in my heart, I think, I did the right thing, she has a sweet little twinkle in her eye when she talks about him, which is lovely to see. She has been through so much bless her for her young age, and with all my stresses with Master P. sometimes feel she may feel a little left out. She is growing up so fast and and I don't want to miss a second of it. Maybe one for the Resolution list too.

I am not normally a fan of birdie things, don't get me wrong I love the little garden ones that dance and play in my garden, and I adore the ones that have been lovingly hamdmade for me and I treasure them, but I think some people are birdie people and some are not. Well, I couldn't have chosen more of a birdy tray from Ikea could I, I love it and have been hankering after it for a while though has always been out of stock, so was really pleased when I saw it back in not long ago. Although at first glance looks a little busy, it is actually a simple sweet thing and makes me smile everytime I look at it. Maybe I am a birdie person after all :)

Well I couldn't leave you without sharing a flowery photograph now could I, a little thrifted artificial rose in a beautiful green glass vase, tis very simple, pretty and perfect for my flowery home. Soon to be less flowery home ;)


Thursday 26 November 2009

I Love My New Job....

I am rather enjoying my new role as Product Trial representative. Alright it isn't a role I have been professionally given as it were, or am even being paid for, but I do so enjoy it. I love to trial out products before they get released out for public sale. One of my favourite companies is Sarah Smith I adore their pretty makes and have fun trialing their products.

Some of you who have got to know me, know I can be a little obsessive in the amounts of particular items I buy, duvet covers being one of them, so I shan't tell you how many of the Sarah Smith cloths I have under the sink ;)

First to trial for Sarah Smith was their ever so cute Flower Power Scourer which was a delight to work with, and is now for Sale in some superstores. Then I trialed the Sarah Smith Pretty Pattern Wipes They were so useful here at the Poppins' household, they are especially excellent at killing bacteria and germs off surfaces, and of course very, very pretty to look at.

Now I am trialing some Window And Glass Cloths designed specifically to clean windows and glass surfaces, so far they seem to be working a treat, so am looking forward to giving my feedback to the Sarah Smith team.

I MAY have found my perfect (unpaid) job :)

If there is anyone out there who would like me to trial any of your designs and products, I am honest, reliable, prompt with my feedback and very much enjoy my testing out.

I wonder what shall come through my letter box next ;)


Wednesday 25 November 2009

I Have Been Playing With My Friends ♥ ....

Let me introduce you to my lovely pal, he is rather cute, and certainly has a twinkle in his eye, I asked him to put in a good word to Santa, as I would really like as my Christmas present fingers crossed, though he did give me a little wink ;)

Yes it was the big turn on ;) Christmas lights that is, a lovely evening had by all.

Daddy Poppins proving how big and strong he is, though I could see he was struggling ;) by holding not one, but two children at once.

Whilst we waited for our lovely furry friends to make their spectacular entrance, I mooched.

The shoe shop.

The Shabby Chic Shop.

The Wedding shop.

I can never go into one of my favourite shops without coming out with a little treat, I have got to know the owner quite well over the years, she knows what floats my boat as it were, and always pops pretties on one side for me, if I can't get to the shop.

My little treat, I love these Candles and have enjoyed the sent of them for quite some years, my favourites have been, Coffee Galore, Chocolate Truffle, Vanilla And Honey, Powder Puff, Mmmmmm I love them. So when I saw this little fella, thought I would treat myself :)

He smells lovely.

I scooted past the Kitchen shop, too depressing, thinking of my own half finished one awaiting me at home ;)

So it was a lovely evening had by all, certainly has us in the Christmas mood. On our way back to the car couldn't resist a little photograph of a lovely little home that caught my eye, if it is yours, tis beautiful :)

Merry Christmas, Ho! Ho! Ho! :)


Thursday 19 November 2009

The Day Jenny Gave Me Goose Bumps....

I do love a good swap, not the wife swap kind of thing, but the crafty handmade kind of thing. So when I saw the lovely Paper Bag Swap Over At The contented blog I knew was one I wanted to be involved in. You had to gather some of your crafty ingredients, send over to your swap partner and then they made something, hopefully pretty in my case ;) and send back.

Well I was partnered with the lovely and VERY talented, incredibly, incredibly talented Jenny Flower Now came the GULP, I assured Jenny that I am a little simple maker, and struggle with the intricate stuff, Jenny was so kind and knew that whatever I made for her would be sent from the heart.

Here is what Jenny sent me, I have been crafting with her chosen ingredients, am almost there and nearly ready to send her pretties back to her.

I struggled a little with the velvet, so have handmade a little item with that, I have even sewn my first sequins. I really hope you like your items, somehow I think you know how I felt about receiving your pretty parcel.

Here are the ingredients I gathered for Jenny to work her magic on, and boy did she work her crafty magic on what I sent her.

Well would you like a little looky at what beautiful, so very very beautiful items Jenny sent back.

I almost fell over when I spied the gorgeous keyring.

And look how she has included the pretty buttons I sent her.

The front.

The back.

If you like that, then you are so going to like her cute little hanging owl she made for me, again using the buttons, fabric and felt I sent in such a wonderful way. He has even got sweet little bells.

The beautiful embroidery on the back.

It gets better :)

A glorious fabric jewellery pouch.

With the little buttons handsewn on for good measure.

Something very pretty inside.

Mmmmm gorgeous.

So perfectly neat and tidy.

Maybe you should be sitting down by now ;)

I could not keep this little zipped bag away from your pretty eyes. Isn't it delightful, I cannot really put it into words how I feel about this bag. I am going to use it as a little clutch bag when I go out, I need to share Jenny's remarkable work with everyone I know.

And the back

Sew neat.

And a beautiful pretty lining.

And inside the bag was the most beautiful ceramic floral candle stick, it takes pride of place on my little dressing table, I love that it shall always remind me of her pretty swap :)

I was a little flushed by now, yet there was something else wrapped up all prettily, awaiting me at the bottom of the parcel.

Oh my oh my oh my, words cannot do the pretty hand quilted, and embroidered dressing table mat justice, so I hope my photographs do.

Pure beauty I thought.

There was chocolates too ;)

So now you see why Jenny gave me goosebumps :)

Thank you so much Jenny, you know how I feel, so won't waffle on. What is so special about your swap is I know some of the prettiness about the crafts I like, may not be your cup of tea, we can't all like the same can we, how boring would that be, though you have made for me the most perfect items I could ever have wished to own. Your parcel has restored my faith in how grateful I am to be part of this community. I have been having Bloggy wobbles again and thought that maybe I don't belong in this Bloggy world, and thought my Blog had run it's course.

I have met some wonderful friends through Blogging, you have all been supportive when I have my moments. I am so glad I have this special place to come to, away from RL troubles, though you know I do sometimes share with you ;) There is something quite therapeutic and special about sharing your thoughts to people that you don't know in RL as it were, does anyone else feel that.

Thank you Bloggers for being there when I sometimes need you :)