Tuesday 27 July 2010

Cupcake Entertainment....

We have 37 days of summer holiday's left, that is quite alot of cupcake baking entertainment to be had ;0)

What is your summer holiday family entertainment?


Saturday 24 July 2010

I am A Girl Who Loves To Shop....

Hello, hope you are having a lovely weekend. We have had some alright a little sunshine here and have had a lovely family play. I have also bought one or two pretties, *sigh* I really am a shopaholic ;0)  I have also a little extra shopping to do as the very kind people over at CSN stores, which is an amazing online store where you can find everything from cookware to ceiling lights to furniture, have kindly given me the wonderful opportunity to go on a little shopping spree.

Not long ago the excellent CSN Stores offered a super and very generous giveaway here on my blog and I know the lucky winner was very happy with the pretties she chose. Well I recieved a lovely email offering me the chance to review one of their products on my blog and I am giddy with excitement. CSN have so many lovely pretties for me to choose from, here are one or two of my favourites thus far.

Hmmm reckon there may be a dash of pink in there ;0) Look forward to sharing with you what I chose :0)


Thursday 22 July 2010

I Am In Love With....

Thank you for all the Fluff help, it is yet to be tasted but looks very pretty in my kitchen cupboard, I love to peer at the pretty jars through the glass as I walk past I have to say :0)

How about a little love talk.

I am in love with my Family, special friends, beautiful pretties and this wonderful Heart Artwork I commissioned from the lovely Karen Newhouse I really love her pretty Artwork and thought I would treat myself to a little pretty with some pennies I make from making and selling my own pretties I really think it is so sweet and shall take pride of place in my ooops our bedroom when we have it all decorated and looking pretty. My new love inspired Artwork is the special inspiration that shall give you an idea of the decorating colours, etc that I shall be using. Karen had a keen grasp of what I would fancy colour wise for all the pretty hearts, and although commissions for me can be a little daunting, you never quite know if buyers and sellers minds are working as one, when I unwrapped the pretty packaging, I knew ours had been, and it was indeed perfect, exactly what I wanted.

Thank you Karen for knowing me so well :0)


Friday 16 July 2010

What Does It Taste Like....

I had seen these pretty jars here once or twice and being the shopaholic I am, was tempted, though walked away. So when I saw these here saving myself one or two pennies I bought them. Of course I have no clue what Fluff tastes like, looks like, what it is used for or if anyone in my family shall like it. You see I am a gal who loves her pretty packaging and I have to say these cute, retro style jars, reeled me in. I have all manner of ideas what I shall do with them. All I need to know off you lovelies, is if the actual Fluff is worth tasting ;0)


Wednesday 14 July 2010

End Of Term Frolicks....

Well as the end of term is looming, the Poppins house is a home filled with school disco's, school plays, fancy dress parties, and all manner of events. Sheesh my head is spinning with all these things to remember. And then the teachers gift's, of which I have had 7 little handmade pretties to make. Yes four at the pre school for Master P and three at Miss. Poppins' school. Along with the customary chocolate for them all, I made a little initialed keyring for them, which I hope they like. Here are one or two that I made

They have a little scoop of lavender in also, to calm and relax. I am a volunteer worker at my local village youth group and the noise of all the lovely, yet noisy children chit chattering when we have debates etc, wowser. If you are a teacher, do you get earache by any chance....

I think an apple and a little handmade card was what I gave my teachers when I was at school. Those were the days. I have really enjoyed making something for the teachers, with a little help from Miss. Poppins. I personally think nothing is as special as a handmade gift. Talking of hand making I have enjoyed making one or two pretties for my Folksy shop, I am aiming to list many new items in July for the July Jesters, though shall see how I go. I have lovely special orders that are keeping me busy so find it hard to list many new pretties. I also have the possibility of one or two exciting ventures ahead which may mean a little more crafting independence for me, which I am looking forward to. I really enjoy my crafting little business/hobby though feel I need to spread my wings a little further and find some new and exciting interests, and with Master P....excuse me whilst I grab the tissues.... soon to be at reception....sob, sob.... possibly need a plan of career action.

Here are one or two pretties I have been making.

I have also been asked to make some pretty, in a boyish way, accessories for a customers boys bedroom. I have to say, boys items I really have to think hard to make something a little different for them. The lovely lady wants a cushion, a hanging item, some bunting and little PJ case, eeek I have never made a PJ case before, please those of you who have, tell me they are easy ;0)  I am on the hunt for some quirky, old fashioned style boys fabrics too so if anyone can point me in the right direction, would very much appreciate it.

I have been a very lucky girl and had some lovely pretties sent my way, and none were as pretty and practical as these oh so sweet Clothes Plasters found at Jennie Maizels beautiful website.They are super embroidered iron-fabric patches packaged in a delightful little tin. And Jennie very kindly sent me a pretty pink tin for Miss. Poppins and the blue for Master P with both having 10 high quality patches to jazz up plain clothes, bags and even shoes.

For Miss. Poppins there is a fairy, love heart, dove, cupcake, toadstool, cat, star, pink flamingo and babushka doll and a cup of tea. For Master P a robot, a rocket, a drum, a shark, an aeroplane, a tractor, a dinosaur, a boat, a pirate and a cactus. Of course being a fan of fire engines he did ask where the fire engine was! Maybe one for the drawing board Jennie ;0) We have had super fun playing with them and have some lovely jazzed up clothes, which I look forward to sharing with you. I think make super little gifts for children,   and they certainly get the thumbs up from my two. They can also be purchased at one of my favourite retailers here thank you very much Jennie.

So Mr. Poppins and I are off to watch Master P in his pre school performance, of which I shall of course be videoing him on my little Flip Mino Camcorder which was a lovely gift from the peeps at John Lewis when I went to their preview launch and you can read about here and you guessed it, I may need to even pack the tissues....

Friday 9 July 2010

Biggin' Up John Lewis, And Rightly So....

Hi my name is Mary and I am a shopaholic....

Yes this statement is true, I cannot go anywhere without popping into a department store. My dear faithful husband is forever hearing the words " I shan't be long" when I pop into a shop. Two hours later I skulk out with hidden bags in bags in bags ;0)  I am a retail PR dream and I think the lovely peeps at John Lewis had an idea too, as a couple or so weeks ago I received an invitation from them to go to a special Christmas Press launch preview event to view their new, exciting and upcoming Fashion  Homeware  Toys Gifts  and Children's Clothes ranges. Well as you can imagine, like the man from Del Monte, I said yes. How lovely too, that children were invited, so thought as Miss. Poppins would be at school I would take my Master P with me as my date and we got busy choosing what to wear. Yes a gal and a three year old fashion savvy boy needs to plan ;0) 

So yesterday, we made our way to London, and was looking forward to a very enjoyable afternoon. A short walk with Master P from Euston and a little before we got to our lovely venue here I could see that snow was ahead, surely not. It was infact the technical crew at the event who had a 'to get you in the Christmas mood' snow machine greeting us as we walked up the pretty steps into the beautiful grade 1 listed venue. I was feeling the Christmas spirit as I made my way through the grand entrance. I met some very lovely PR ladies and gentleman, and in my opinion John Lewis are certainly on the ball when it comes to choosing PR agencies, thought a very slick crew,  and who I have to say were thoroughly gorgeous, professional and a pleasure to chat with. I was asked who I was, which, as my name being Mary and my badge having Mary Poppins on it, had one two peeps wondering whether I would indeed be holding that infamous carpet bag ;0)

I was then handed something very gadgety looking, and it was explained that I was free to video anything from the day, and yes also to take said  Flip Mimo Camcorder  home as a gift. It really is one of the coolest gadgets, and I know shall be a family favourite, you can record up to 2 hours and the family and I have had fun recording each other since it came home with me. Thank you sincerely from John Lewis, I like to think I am a giver in life, not so much of a taker, but I have to say, I happily took that little number off your hands ;0)

Master P was happy to be taken upstairs by one of the gorgeous PR ladies, for some supervised play with some other lovely children, and I was then given a guided tour by a charming, chatty lady, round a lovely array of magical, beautiful John Lewis sets, all their own little stage. A wondrous mix of all that John Lewis has to bring to our homes and wardrobes this coming season. I fell in love with John Lewis's Mr. Bright chair who took centre stage in one of the set displays.

It was obvious the set designers and display team had gone to alot of time and effort putting these wonderful themed rooms together, I especially likes the wallpapered walls in this retro styled living room, all accessorised with John Lewis delights.  
And an on trend working area.
Seemed to be forever falling in love with chairs, and Princess Alice was a beauty.

It was then onto the Christmas rooms, which were amazing. We had a bevy of Frosty Morns and diamonds, Nordic with a splash of vintage, Geometry with 1950s glamour and as ever and popular, the Classic Christmas themes showcased for us. My photographs have not come out to my expectations, it was quite dark in the rooms but you are in for some real surprises and fun, pretty Christmas treats this Christmas.

Of course there is always someone who wants to get in on the act ;0)

Then it was fashion, one of my favourites.

I wanted to dive in and try everything on.

And then I saw THE DRESS, I even checked the size, my size ;0) I wanted to rip it off the mannequin and get it on, alas that would have not be very polite of me so I had to make do with a little feel and waved her goodbye. I want this sequined number, and shall be head footing it to JL as soon as I know they are available. If anyone can give me the heads up ;0)

Then it was upstairs to view the pretty and sweet children's range, how could one not drool over this pretty display.

And as for the children's clothes, *sigh* John Lewis really have come up trumps with their own label brands in the all clothing departements, I have to say.  

And I adored the Boys jim jams.

Master P of course was more into one of these than the jammy's.

It was then that word had got about that a crafty peep was in the building and I got whisked over to the haberdashery display, and had a lovely chat with a very pretty John Lewis lady, who I shall call Ms. Haberdashery. Do you remember when when we hankered after the John Lewis red sewing machine, and moi couldn't get her hands on one until about 4 months after their launch, well word has it it is back, albeit in a very limited edition quantity, if you see one, grab it ;0) I have now upgraded the model but these really are quite lovely machines, to play with and look at, maybe for a beginner, perhaps an older child who is a very keen crafter and can be supervised. But hey, if you can't get the red, look what you could get.

Prefer a lovely green would you.

And lots of lovely colours to wet your appetite here I think I would definately consider getting the Fushia for Miss. Poppins, well alright for me, as a little extra machine should my other one be on a little holiday ;0) Ms. Haberdashery informed me of all the new and exciting items that would be coming and there were some very pretty items on display I would have loved come home with me.

Then it was onto the Christmas gift display.

I needed a sit down by now and was served some very delicate and prettily displayed food, the children who were by now in the same room as us were having a ball and being entertained. It was also super meeting some new and lovely bloggers and we had a lovely chit chat. Soon it was time to head back home and grabbed child. I also wanted to grab some Nutella alas it was well and truly stuck down on the display, I am nutella obsessed, and as soon as I spied it there, looking at me, I had to pop over and say hello and dip my finger in ;0) Well the display nearly came tumbling over, I was a little red faced and had to explain to a charming PR lady my obsession with Nutella, who was obviously meant to find out about my obsession. So with the Nutella left on the shelf, undipped, Master P and I said our goodbyes and headed back downstairs to get our jackets.

I thanked the cheery JL and PR agency gurus for a superb afternoon and also for the flip video, where upon I was handed over a stunning and very trendy shopper that looked like it may have one or two treats in, goodness me, and I never even bought a bottle of wine ;0) Thank you very much, and even Master P was handed over an  Eric Carle bag with a special treat in it for him. 

Would like to see what was in my treat bag from JL would you, would you.

Well I was good girl and waited the journey home, to see what treats I had been so very generously and kindly given in the lovely bag 

Here they are looking pretty.

If that wasn't enough, look at the trendy cushion too.

So, both child and I had been very spoilt and I went to bed with two press packs and a wish list as long as my arm for my next visit to John Lewis, of which I have two lovely big stores me. Here are one or two pretties that took my eye.


Thank you John Lewis, you have proved to me you have an eye for style, current trends, and a true retail leader, who certainly shall have me making my way to one of your department stores this coming season in search of pretties.


Friday 2 July 2010

Busy Daydreaming, And Pretties....

Hello my lovely friends.

"The days are flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyying by" I am saying this statement more and more, and seem to be forever chasing my tail and playing catch up with the things I need to do. Yes I am a day dreamer and perhaps I could be busy doing, rather than dreaming, but I so love to dream, to wish upon a star and flit off to a land of make believe and floral pretties and handsome men on white horses....I have always been a daydreamer, and perhaps is why I have a love of  the theatre and acting, all things creative, it is what makes me, me. A lovely lady mentioned to me that have a very nice descriptive flair when talking about my pretties, and I think I may have to agree. I like to capture an image, evoke a special thought. Yes of course, I am a seller too, I have a sales background, and I know it helps to paint a little story, but to be descriptive it is a natural thought process of mine.

I am very in awe of those of you who have children of different ages, in perhaps different schools, with different hobbies, play dates, school trips, etc etc to remember, I am barely coping with two different school plays and two different end of term school parties, having a 3 year old and an 8 year old, with their different schedules, the phrase *what day is it on* is forever heard in the Poppins' house! I have decided I would quite like to use some chalkboard paint in the kitchen/diner to write all the things to do on, let me know if have used it and if you have any photographs :0)

Talking of kitchen/diners we have some more plans to knock a wall down, we seem to be very good at knocking walls down in this house, yet not so good at building them back up again. I dream of of my built back up walls with their pretty wallpaper on, of which i have bought and had waiting in their wrappers, for what seems yonks, "nearly there" says Mr. Poppins, whatever says I.

Well, it has been hot here too, and the heat can make me a little, hmmmm, lazy I have to say, especially on the making front, but I am being very motivated and joining in with the lovely sellers at Folksy and now that I have listed over 30 items in June, am now having a go at listing some more for July. It really is benificial to me, as I like to think new ideas and everyone on there is so supportive. I have had some lovely buyers too, one I have become very fond of, actually I think there may be one or two more that have ;0) And the lovely lady has even showcased one of my butterfly cushions she bought. You can read about it on the Folksy Blog

Here are some of my favourite handmade pretties that have been keeping me busy.

Shouldn't we all maybe....

I thouroughly enjoyed making this....

Am so in love mother of pearl buttons....

How sweet that the lovely buyer wanted not 1, but 2 :0)

Of couurse only the bestest vintage buttons....

You can have a look here if you want to, as I have relisted two others.

I love these colours in one of my lavender brooches....

A real favourite make of mine....

When it sold I had to make one more for keepsies....



The back.... 

Perfect bunting for the hot weather....

Sweet Tshirt....

Age Tshirt....

And moi modelling a pretty ickle make, a vanilla scented cupcake brooch.

I have also had a very lovely email from a very lovely lady. One or two of you may know I made some sweet personalised Tshirts for a TV personality, I am sure the lady in question won't mind me saying. It was the super stylish Kirstie Allsopp, and was a gift from me to her adorable boys. And I can say adorable, as they are, and Kirstie kindly sent me a sweet photograph of them wearing the Tshirts, seemingly they love them and brought a smile to my face. I even used my favourite cowboy wrapping paper to wrap them ;0)

So the busyness of life is always there and I plod on, maybe I haven't quite yet followed my dream but I am for sure enjoying the ride, and she is there always yearning me on :0)
Hmmmm, how come when Master P and I go shopping, Miss. P is not a shopping lover, unlike her mother. I get the 1 pound sunglasses

And he gets the £21.00 shoes, I am not taking him again ;0)