Wednesday 29 January 2014

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty

I don't know about you, lovely peeps, but I definitely feel a bit down in the dumps at this time of year. Christmas is over and done with and the buzz of a new year has for me now passed. February has always been my tricky month ~ bit of a nothing and depressing month. However thoughts of spring and sunshine keep me going and I find this time more than most I need to have pretty things in my life. So to begin with, I took off the chine cover and got sewing. I have had this lovely vintage bicycle Ashley Wilde fabric for a while, and knew the large print would be perfect for a comfy, over sized cushion cover. 

It is going to be perfect for when the sunshine is out, friends gather round and a spare seat is needed. The extra large size makes it a lovely floor cushion. 

Next a teeny little shop was in order, im a big fan of dotcomgiftshop and well, they always do such great sales! I couldn't resist this little lot, and one or two prezzies in there for other people too :) 

 I just had to have this oh so pretty toilet roll, ha ha not to be used mind, purely for display purposes only!!  

If there was toilet roll made with me in mind, that would most certainly be it ;) Of course some of my bestest pretties can be found in charity shops and I loved this little floral mantle clock ~ only £2, a pretty bargain indeed!

It really is so sweet and a little kitsch too. I adored this pretty floral posy, a pound well spent, and in the dreary month ahead, they shall certainly put a smile on my face. No need to water either! 

This lovely bracelet had to come home with me too ~ well they do say one (wo)mans trash is another (wo)mans treasure! 

Next it was on to Paperchase for a little mooch. They had a great sale on and I just love this shop.

At £2.40 (sale price) I could absolutely not leave these pretty winged heart cases on the shelf. I have visions of me baking pretty little heart cakes for Mr. Poppins on Valentine's Day :) 

And then it was to Sainsbury's and with me thinking and longing for sunshine these little items made their way into my shopping trolley. Ooppps!  

The napkins are so cute....urrr though looking at my already collection of paper napkins I didn't really need any more. Oh dear, I'm beyond help I think, I probably need to join some sort of napkins anonymous group! 

I adore the paper honeycomb decorations,

Having a desire to make something pretty, I gathered some ingredients.

One project is still a work in progress but I managed to finish this little raggy heart. Off to be gifted I think, and such an easy make, anyone can bring a little sunshine into their lives :)

To help the inspiration/mojo at this time of year I love to read pretty books, and I am really enjoying Vintage Home. It was from the works so cheaper than RRP and one of my favorites to perk me up a bit. 

Also this little man, I only have to look at him and I grin from ear to ear. Oh how a dog truly is a (wo)mans best friend.

Not sure he's too happy about having a floral bed, but it deffo suits him!   

So I shall continue to dream of sunny day's, when the heart doesn't feel so heavy and the hats and scarves can be replaced by flowery flip flops and floaty dresses.

However, I am indeed realizing that although that big ball of heat may not be in the sky, you can carry sunshine in your heart and be grateful for the here the now, family and friends in your lives. So, although February is my wobbly month, I truly am going to do my best to see the prettiness in everything.  

Oh, and these certainly help, probably the best thing about this time of year ;) 


Tuesday 14 January 2014

Happy New 'Bathroom'

Well the blogging batteries are suitably recharged, and I now feel it is the perfect time to pop back to bloggsville and wish you all a somewhat belated Happy New Year! I hope you had a splendid Christmas and and that it was indeed a healthy and happy one! For me, the new year has brought with it a need for me to refresh and update areas of my home, and first up was our little attic bathroom. I loved its old look which I had kept for some time - doing it up with an Indian theme in mind - but definitely felt my girlyness kicking in and decided it was now time for a change.

It was all a little bit impulsive - with the husband and children waved off to work/school, I then decided to squeeze in a little painting and wallpapering! Luckily I have an understanding family, who are well aware they may come back to a slightly changed decor if I get a little restless. All in all it was a two afternoon's job - how they do so many rooms on '60 Minute Makeover' I really don't know - maybe I should invite them here and see just how they do it!

So anyway, here's a little peaky into the new girly bathroom.   

First of all, I stripped the wallpaper off, and I can tell you with no steamer, this was a long laborious task indeed! Eventually I had wallpaper free walls and although a little damaged in areas with the plaster coming off, I was more than happy as wallpapering straight over, so left them bare.

Then it was time to get the paint out, and I decided upon trusty white for the two pink ends of the little space.  

Being quite a cerise pink - it took a good 3 coats to get a nice even finish without the pink showing through, but eventually I got there. Next it was onto choosing some wallpaper! I thought as it is such a small space I really could just embrace the girly, flowery look and the husband understands he just has to roll with it ;) I purchased this pretty wallpaper off ebay for about £8 a roll a while ago (incl P&P) and knew one roll should be enough for the two side walls.

So up the wallpaper went - my cutting not perfect in places but hey ho, perfection is never my aim in life and I do like rooms with character! Oh I was falling in love with the new pretty look as it was all starting to come together. I even dug out a couple of my new and unused (waiting for that special occasion that never quite happens) towels, and just goes to prove, Primark next to Cath Kidston most definitely works.

So, the wallpaper was up, the walls newly painted, and the tongue and groove woodwork had been given a little spruce up with some fresh paint. Next it was time to pretty it all up!! I hung a little canvas in the corner and which I think is perfectly suited to the room.

 And candles, oh yes definitely candles were needed in here (with health and safety observed at all times) and I thought some of my pretty vintage glass candlesticks made a lovely home for the pink candles.

Slowly I am starting to create that little haven of prettiness by including little nick nacks here and there. I adore the 'Love & Flowers' Emma Bridgewater smellies (and that came inside the most gorgeous EB bag) I was given for Christmas from my lovely Ma!

And one of the husband's Christmas presents was this lovely toiletry bag, it's certainly one I don't mind being kept on show at all times.

The children also gave me a couple of matching items to it and which I just love!

 Now then, I have to wonder where they got the inspiration from for those lovely gifts? Perhaps they have been taking a closer eye on one of my vintage style canvases I have had displayed at home for a while - they know how much I love that canvas, so it really was lovely to open their wonderfully chosen gifts :)  

  I think the painted mirror looks lovely, and gives the room a great country/shabby chic look.  

I kept the old shelf I painted in the corner, it fits just right in there and is oh so handy for little display pieces.

A certain someone from my Indian theme was staying right put. He seemed so content, and as I had originally painted him cream, sits perfectly well amongst the pink girlishness.

 I think the original mosaic tiles look fab within this new shabby chic theme too.

Of course there has to be a handmade element somewhere and this pom pom garland I made looks so pretty resting above the bath on the little wooden shelf.

I'm sure I'll keep including little touches here and there and shall delve into the stash of inspiration that sits by the loo!

 So, one room down, hmmmm about 7 to go! Well maybe not from top to bottom, but I'm definitely in the mood for some revamping, and as I always maintain, this is an ever evolving home and I like that it is this way. Always ready for the next challenge!

Oh I can't resist just one more photograph of that pretty wallpaper ;)

And Mr. Bunny just wanted to get in on the action again ;)

So, the paintbrushes and decorators pinny are never packed away for too long, in fact they have already come out again for another little makeover job...As for the husband, I have promised him his own little macho day ;)