Thursday 22 October 2009

Come To My Party....

Would you like to come to my CK party, you are all invited. Thank you for helping me organise it Lissy Lou I understand there are many more having the CK party too :)

I found you all in my bloggy address book....

There shall be bunting....

Pretty tins busting with sweeties....

Choose your favourite drinking vessel....

Why don't you bring an overnight bag....

Choose your own pretty pillowcase....

There shall be some reading....

And we could pick some pretty flowers....

Of course there shall be food but first you may like to wash your hands....

And then dry them with a soft fluffy towel....

Once we have had a bite to eat and a nice cup of tea....

We could write some pretty poetry to send to someone we love....

There shall be candlelight....

What lovely wrapping paper....

Hungry again....

More tea....

Ohooo look I have found some more pretty writing material....

A little midnight snack perhaps....

Time flies when you are having fun, was loving seeing you all, I hope you like your party bag....

Ohooo hang on whose going to help with the washing up ;)....

Thanks for coming and look forward to coming to yours :)

Fabulous idea Lissy Lou :)

Post in honour of Ms....

Happy Partying



  1. Love those tins, they are gorgeous. I really like all of the floral things, so pretty.

  2. Hiya hunni Thanks for inviting me over.
    Oh my oh my I am sooo very jealous yet again You have so many lovely things Pleeease can I come and live at your house lol

  3. Your party was a very pretty party. I thought Memel had a lot of CK. Thankyou for inviting us.
    Rachael xx

  4. Goodness me what a lot of goodies! Lovely party, and I especially like my goody bag ;-)

  5. P.S.I've been making party bags but they are not as pretty as yours. XX

  6. Hi there,what a wonderful CK party so enjoyed my stay!I will be back! If you get chance pop over to My Passport to Style and find out about Carols Style journey durring my new Style Dispensary session!Sharon xxxoo

  7. What a lovely party Mary...I love your blog.....and what a wonderful floral delight it is today!xxx

  8. What can I say?! Can I come and live at your house?!!! So gorgeous, love the mugs and the tins and that washing up brush too! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! suzie. xxx

  9. great cath bits!!
    i think this party may not have been such a good idea - because i'm seeing more and more cath bits i want that maybe i wasn't to keen on before, but in everyones gorgeous homes seem sooo more appealing!!!!!
    Thanks for taking part mary xxxx

  10. WOW Mary you have some Cath collection.... how do you decide which mug to use in the mornings!!!

    Victoria xx

  11. No sugar for me thank you sweetie but i'd love one of those party bags if that's OK ;)
    Gorgeous collection but I have to ask, why on earth are those pillowcases still in their packet?
    Beki xxx

  12. Oh lots of lovely Cath goodness here, I love it all!! How are you getting on with the house?
    Claire xx

  13. Hi there
    what lovely lovely things you have, I love seeing what everyone has.
    Take care

  14. What a lovely, bright, sunny post!! CK certainly cheers up a dull day.Love all those crush mugs, I never realised there were as many!!
    This was a fab idea for a party, and thanks for inviting us, and your lovely comments!

    Sharon xx

  15. i completely knew you would be the ck queen and what lovely things you have :-)
    Lesley x

  16. Mary, I would love to come to your party and stay and stay and stay...
    I am so pleased the exchange rate is halfway decent at the moment so that I can treat myself to some Cath Kidston online. xx

  17. Get out of here! Do you own all that CK stuff, or did you get some pics from the web? Drool.....

  18. What a lovely collection of CK. I really liked the idea of the CK party. im a big fan of your blog and have been following for a number of months.

  19. Sorry for being late to you lovely party!

    What a beautiful house you have!
    Your Cath collection is amazing!

    Lots of Love




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