Friday 16 October 2009

Well Didn't We Have A Lovely Time....

Sometimes you can actually have a good experience when you were thinking it may be quite the opposite. Normally when I visit Mr. Ikea with the family I would say divorce gets mentioned at least 50 times, the children make a run for the children's department with me lagging behind them, people get tired and people get hungry, namely me on the hungry one ;)

So when we visited a couple of weeks ago I was expecting some raised voices and moaning husbands and yet had a lovely, lovely calm, peacful, happy experience. Everything fitted into the car, even me, after all my Diam bars.

We met a couple of friends, had a little chat, and then walked round very calmly with my list in hand ready for the shouting to begin. Well, a couple of pretties took my eye on the way round. I wonder if any of you lovely bloggers have the same pretties I liked in your homes.

Master. Poppins loved the groovy highchair.

And the sweet Ladybird

I loved

Ms. Jennylund

Ms. Klippan

Mr. Poppins quite liked the Paul Smithesque chair.

I wish I could pick this kitchen up and bring it home with me. We have the chairs at home, though are yet to take them out of their cardboard homes. So is nice to see them looking pretty, only wish it was in my kitchen too.

Very pretty

I do love the little children set ups they have.

I fell in love at Ikea

With a beautiful Alvine Rug that is, has gone on my christmas wish list. I wonder how Santa shall hide that one from me ;)

So what did I come home with. Well I bought some threads, I have heard the Ikea ones are quite good. A lovely funky throw from the bargain corner for £4.00, some pretty spotty napkins.

Lovely christmas paper bags

A little Billy bookcase for my crafty little things, some crafting essentials and not a tea lignt in sight ;)

I have worked out what helped make for a pleasant little Ikea outing, THE LIST. I don't normally have a list, and that is when I come home with things I didn't really need but thought I needed. With my list you see, I knew what I wanted and didn't buy anything that was not on the list. So Mr.Poppins was happy and happily so was I.

Though there were two little things that were on my list that they didn't have so I shall have to go back, please remind me to take a list :)



  1. I love Ikea. When I met my love he told me he would never buy furniture from Ikea. He wanted sturdy, I told him I didn't want a couch to lasted forever. We now have an Ektorp.
    We both like to go there.. Drink a cup of coffee and take a look around.

  2. Oh I love looking around ikea, its just so good! They have some relatively cheap but lovely fabric and bits and bobs that I always must have! Glad you enjoyed it! Suzie. xxx

  3. I love IKEA too!! The Milton Keynes one is not too far from where Dave lives!
    My friend Jane, and I have spent days off there, starting off with their cheapy breakfast, then having a girly day of Ikea retail therapy!!
    Have a great weekend : )

    Sharon xx

  4. P.S. Wish they'd do the ROSALI range again!!!!

    Sharon xx

  5. it's great looking round Ikea - I love that triangle quilt - I bought a rug from there a while ago, only £55, size 7ft x 5ft and wool. I'm sure the price label was wrong!

  6. I too have those dining chairs in my kitchen, they go great with my farmhouse table I got from Ebay!

    Ikea can be stressful, although mostly good for me as I don't take the men along ;o) Recently went there and purchased 2 sofas and then back again a couple of days later to change one of them for a larger one, that did stress me out a bit!

    Glad you had fun. xx

  7. yes but did you eat a large portion of the meatballs - it is mandatory on our visits, followed by cake !!

  8. I confess I have never been to Ikea. When I tell people that they look at me as if I have suddenly grown ten heads and shriek, "I can't believe you have NEVER been to IKEA!" The reason why is that we don't drive and everybody says what a bunfight it is. HOWEVER, I have ordered their catalogue and had a good browse and made the biggest list you could imagine and we are shortly going as we BADLY need storage. I am sure I will love it and your post has made me feel very excited that you could find pretties there! xx

  9. Congratulations on a calm trip to Ikea!
    I haven't been for a while (went to buy stuff for my daughter for uni).
    I'm loving the patchwork sofa & the quilt....the son & heir tells me he needs a desk so I see a visit coming on very soon!


  10. I love the kitchens in Ikea, esp the little kiddie kitchen areas they have in them.x

  11. I didn't see half these things!! Our trip wasn't quite as blissful. Twins had to sleep in every bed and sit on every chair. It was lovely to see you after though.
    Rachael xx

  12. Hello again, I have an award for you on my blog if you would like it! Suzie. xxx

  13. Your blog.............what a sweet place to visit. Thanks for sharing your treasures!

  14. Hi Mary Poppins, Oh how I agree with you that Ikea can be sometimes a wonderful experience, and sometimes so stressful! lol
    But I always come back with something I did not "need"...
    We need to have an excursion soon, as we are moving in the new year, Chris will not be happy about the length of my list I think!

    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend :-)

    Rose XXX

  15. Hi there...thanks for the tour of Ikea!

    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog when I was ill...very much appreciated!
    Love,Sal ;-)

  16. ooh just back and I fell in love with the klippan sofa too xx
    (I have that very same jenny lund!!)
    The christmas paper bags came home with me along with some other christmassy bits too ;)
    And of course I bought a teeny bit of fabric too.. we had a lovely Ikea visit with 2 small boys because I think for the first time we didn't need anything for the tape measure no arguments lol!! couldn't get the childrens chair I wanted though :(


  17. My friend swears it's impossible to go to IKEA without having an arguement with the OH!!!

    I always seem to like IKEA's Christmas ranges, I've used a lot of their products over the years.

    Victoria xx

  18. Ikea is full of temptation isn't it? I usually come back with loads of things I didn't intend buying but are very pretty!


  19. Thank you for your kind words today! I'm back from the dentist and all wired! A little uncomfortable but nothing too bad!!!

    Victoria xx

  20. I couldn't resist that rug last time I went and it looks lovely on my white floorboards. They seem to have become even more colourful of late and what did you think of the patterned Billy bookcases?

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