Friday 29 August 2008

Birthdays, Memories, Milestones

I am really happy to be back here blogging and look forward to reading your blogs. You may know I have been at my mum's as the refurbishment has begun on my home sweet home. My bungalow now has stairs, the two children's loft bedrooms are taking shape, walls have been knocked down and put back up again and the scaffolding is up.

More importantly Master Poppins is now two and I wonder where the time has gone. He shares his birthday with my sister in law's little boy who was born full term whilst my son was eleven weeks early. Seeing them both turn two together moved me greatly. Master Poppins has done so well, and any of you who have had a premature baby yourself or know someone who has, know how hard it can be. I am being quite open with you now and have to say I spent a little while getting emotional on his birtday, looking back on everything, how tiny he was, how brave he his. Happy birthday my darling, funny, handsome little man I love you very much.

Thank you so much to all my Shabby chic friends who sent me birthday wishes also, really thank you it was a joy to read them.

A little makeover for you

I got this pretty cabinet for £25 at local reclamation, I have also bought a really nice oak dressing table and lovely art deco bureau from the same place and I soon shall be pondering whether to paint them or leave them natural. I decided to paint my little cabinet and have lined it with Laura Ashley in Oriental garden chalk pink

Nearly there....

I have also been to the car boot....

Had to have this....

Here is Miss. Poppins' evolving bedroom and I look forward to seeing the round window....

And here is Master Poppins' room....

Oh and I am an Aunty, my sister had her third little girl on the 17th of August, I am so happy and really appreciate the new life, joy and happiness a baby brings. She was born in Cyprus where my sister lives and I can't wait to meet her....



  1. You were a busy girl Mary with all those finds :) Really beautiful.
    As your little man x Your home will all come together soon and you can get those floral pics up on the wall
    :) Xx

  2. Oh wow! great collection of pictures...they will look lovely...i'm of this morning to go round the charity shops....i have a small budget....but hope to do well with it!

    I'm so plesed your house is coming together for you!! will you be in by Christmas???? that would be nice!
    Love your blog...and the the little cabinet is wonderful!


  3. What a lovely transformation. I haven't finished my cabinet, started months ago. I love all your finds, especially the eiderdowns. x

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  5. Totally not concentrating and bad spelling in first post sorry !

    anyway ..........
    welcome back :-) happy birthday to your little man - ive just done a post about my little boys birthday and its scary how quickly time passes isnt it?! hope you can start to enjoy making your house a home :-)
    Lesley x

  6. Hello!
    I thought of you today while i was in Laura Ashley...they have a distressed home sweet home sign...its pale blue and made of wood...£8!!!!
    I'm gong to buy it in a couple of i was in there getting free stuff.....samples and wallpaper!!!!

    Just thought i'd drop on and let you know!!
    Have agood day!!!xxxx

  7. melmel thank you and yes I have seen the Home sweet home sign, yes it is lovely, I have bought a nice home sweet home one today, in pinks I have looked at your blog, it is lovely and look forward to going bacvk there soon x

  8. It's lovely to have you posting again Mary, you're home is going to be so gorgeous when it's finished, all that lovely oak. Yummy.

    Love and blessings


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