Tuesday 26 March 2013

Easter Inspiration

Well I have seem to have lost my blogging/painting/crafting mojo of late and I desperately wanted a little crafty project to inspire me to find it again. I love celebrations and Easter is no exception, I so enjoy spending quality time with family and friends over the holidays. Its been rather stressful eventful here in the Poppins household these last months or so, so am just relishing that we can now look back and wave all that goodbye and we can look forward. Miss. Poppins is off to secondary school this year and already I am feeling a little emotional, I can't wait for her to spread her wings, to be challenged and grasp any wonderful opportunities that may come her way. She'll always be my ickle girl, and I have a great yearning to want to hold her so tight and not let her go. Think we need a little practice run or two, as she shall be travelling a little way on a train, (though hopefully with some friends too) and crossing those big, big roads all on her own. She'll be fine, I'll be fine :)

Anyway, back to Easter, I took a little walk around the countryside and I found the perfect twiggy branches for my Easter project. I knew I could work a little 'Poppins Magic' on my own twiggy-tree. So after grabbing some paint, and glitter I think the twigs looked looked much prettier.  

  I wanted to leave a tiny bit of the natural wood bare, to give it a nice white wash appearance. Next for some pretty eggs. Poundland came up trumps with some great little sparkly ones from their super Easter range. I couldn't resist the little baskets too and picked up some great Easter treats. Chocolate eggs, Easter bonnet craft making kits, lovely decorative shred in pink and green, some Easter cards and an Easter balloon! 

  Oh so sparkly. 

I couldn't wait to get them all on my twiggy Easter tree.

It's the first thing people see when they walk into my home, so I hope it has a cheery effect, and I do think looks rather pretty :)

I spy a couple of cheeky bunnies ;)

I just love these cute bunny night lights, hello bunnies :)

And with my adorable pink egg carton and I couldn't resist giving it a little crafty Easter love.


I cant wait to hand out these little egg boxes to family and friends over Easter, I hope they share their little eggs ;) I love doing an Easter egg hunt with the children and they always have fun.

So, I wish you a very Happy Easter, and hope you have an 'eggs'-tra special time.



  1. Lovely pictures, I havnt done my tree yet. My daughter also goes to secondary school this year - funny feeling isn't it. Happy Easter x

  2. Aww we don't do anything for easter, we are no fun :/ I love your twigs they look great, I also love your bunnies - brilliant! :)

  3. Your little Easter tree looks really pretty, especially against your lovely wallpaper. I am sure your guests were delighted. Love Linda x


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