Friday 6 February 2015

Modern Rugs Room Challenge

A little while ago I was sent a lovely rug as part of a blogger challenge. The challenge being, how best to incorporate it into a stylish decor within the home. Well, we all know I love a home design challenge and so I eagerly got thinking where best to have the rug. It is a stunning rug, a lovely vibrant red, with a low cut shaggy pile, and with mixed textures that give it both a silky and soft feel.

There was one room that I thought it would be perfect for and would look great in. One of the attic bedrooms and that 8 year old Master P resides in, is also the room we use when sleepovers take place as the room has two beds in it that can be made into a full length size. Master P normally has his funky Cath Kidston 'Boats' bed linen on his bed. However it is so quick and easy to recreate a different look by just changing some accesories. The Cath Kidston wallpaper goes well with a boyish style, but I think it also looks just as good with more feminine accessories. 

I had a little play, (with Master P's consent) and as I thought, the rug looked lovely and it can stay put as the rug goes really well with his room. It is a perfect colour match to the red lighthouse's in the Cath Kidston 'Boats' wallpaper. As it is nearing valentine's, I couldn't help but give the room a temporary rosy, love theme.

Do come in..

The white laminate flooring certainly gives the room a light, bright look, but I was of the thinking the red rug would create some lovely warmth.

And the other side of the room...

Can you tell I am somewhat of an Ikea Rosali fan :) So in the rug went, and as the rug is a slim size (80x150cm) I thought it would look best central and vertical to the room.

Of course I had to include some pretty valentine's accessories and Home Bargains as usual has come up trumps offering some gorgeous items this valentines. I fell in love with the retro 'Be Mine' bunting. 

And I HAD to have this sign...

The paper heart bunting just fell into my basket too.

As did this lovely bunting sticker set, a bargain at less than a pound.

To create a rosy glow, I also picked up a red valentines heart candle...

And flowers, there has to be flowers.

I'm really happy with how the rug has been incorporated and as for Master P, he won't admit it, but I secretly think he quite likes it too. Of course the flowers shall have to be swapped back over to his 'Boats' soon, and the girly accessories back to my room but for now its his/our little valentine's room. 



  1. It looks very pretty and as you say the rug does bring a spot of warmth too! Love the Rosali fabric, it is still one of my favourites.

  2. I love it when things fall into my basket /trolly too:) Love how you have prettyfied the room. Gorgeous xxx

  3. Isn't that a beautiful room!x


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