Tuesday 29 August 2017

Day Out To Buxton

Hello again!

Well I don't know about you but I just love impromptu days out, where you just decide to get out and see where the wind takes you. I had one of these days recently and the wind happened to take us to lovely Buxton. Its a gorgeous drive out there with rolling hills and winding roads. I thought I'd share some of the highlights of the day...

First off a walk through the Pavilion Gardens.

The Pavilion looked very grand with its pretty bunting swishing in the wind!

Then on for a look at the old band stand.

The tulip adorned railings are a lovely feature!

After a little mooch around the Pavilion where I purchased some delightful retro style postcards...

It was time for a little basketball!


Always time for a quick snap!


After some lovely fresh air it was time to head on into the town, passing the Buxton well made me wish I'd brought my empty water bottles.

Then it was on to the Cavendish Arcade, I hadn't been here for a while but remember how pretty the shops used to be inside. I was not disappointed!

I just love the tiled walls.

And this spa bath looked very interesting!

Back to the pretty shops and they were full of lots my favorite things.

I very nearly came away with these fab and ever so comfy shoes, maybe I'll have to go back ;) 

I did come away with a couple of other little treats though.

I then remembered how Buxton was great for shabby chic/vintage stores and took myself off for a little wander. I found this lovely little place and every corner was filled with vintage loveliness! 

Next I found myself in the most amazing charity shop!

The changing room.

I was very tempted with this vintage fabric bag, it was only about £3 and I just loved the faded floral print, but I ended up putting it back for someone else to enjoy.

Soon it was time to head back and I walked via one of my favourite buildings in Buxton the Buxton Opera House

I noticed quite a bit of building work going on around Buxton Crescent and stopped to have a read about what was being built.

A new spa hotel, very nice!

So homeward bound it was after our little day out...don't think it will be too long till we're back again! Here are the little treats I did come away with!

I couldn't resist these two items from the New Look sales, I love swallows and so the shirt was a must! The sandals are just the comfiest and a lovely tan colour.

I very often come away with things for the home and this cute rag rug and jug were definitely keepers. I think the jug looks lovely just as it is and it was only £7 from one of the interior shops.

The rag rug adds a great pop of colour to any space!

And last but not least the cute vintage style postcards - I just love these!



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