Tuesday 19 September 2017

New Seasons

Normally at this time of year as one season blends into another, the days get shorter, and the nights draw in earlier, I have a little wobble. I'm definitely a spring/summer girl and as these colder, darker months creep upon me, I tend to want to hide, to hibernate and pop out again come spring! Ok, ok I physically don't hibernate to the outside world but the want is certainly there. I do however feel Autumn is a beautiful month with the change-over, and to be embraced, so I have decided to soak it all up and help make the change over that little bit easier.  

First some inspiration from one of my vintage Ladybird books!

And here is what it says...

"There are many, many things to look for in autumn, just as there are at any other time of year. You will, of course, soon find such things as blackberries and hazel nuts, but if you know where to look you might also find the nests of the wood wasp hanging from twigs, or a bumbles bee's nest in the bank - in which you might even discover a field-mouse curled up. You can look for the large flocks of various kinds of birds, some in their young plumage, others fully adult, and some still half-and-half; and sometimes you will find all the males together in one flock, and all the females in another. This book will tell you about many other interesting things that you can see, and will greatly increase the pleasure of your country walks." 

Gosh what's not to love! I shall enjoy dipping in and out of my little book. To get me on my way, I took a little visit to the library to seek out any other inspiring books. I found a great Selina Lake one called "Winter Living".

It has some great ideas for transforming your home into a welcoming haven inspired by the romantic charm of winter. I'm really into the Hygge movement and so anything that helps to create a pretty, calm and inspiring space I'm all up for! There is a great little piece on winter florals and creating a pretty backdrop for the home.

 I really liked the idea of drying out some pretty hydrangeas and having friendly neighbours with an abundance of the pretty flowers, kindly let me have some. There were so many pretty colours and I looked quite the country girl collecting them in my lovely Freecycle wicker basket. 

A couple may have been just past their best for picking but lovely all the same and I couldn't wait to get displaying them. 

I'm yet to remove all the leaves and so am enjoying the very best ones before they start to dry out, which they are starting to do.

I'd like to find other ways to display them once they have dried out so if you have any ideas please let me know. For now I'll enjoy looking at my little arrangement which sits on a recently painted little table I found on Freecycle. I just love Freecycle and I don't think there is any room in my home that doesn't have a least a couple of Freecycle, or Freegle as its now called pieces in it. Very often a piece that I have up-cycled. 

The little rose gold  'Dream' sign was a 99p bargain from Aldi from their clearance sale. We're also in the middle of a re-decoration in the lounge and whilst browsing in Laura Ashley found this lovely wool blend rug in their sale. A real bargain at £38 from £125!

It's possibly a bit too small for the room, but I couldn't resist the cheery check and it'll be a great addition to any of my other rooms. I had seen another stripey bargain (ex-display) rug at the same time, it was bigger, but I couldn't make my mind up which one to get. The next day I realised the stripey one was probably a better fit for the lounge being bigger, so I dashed back to get it. As I went through the the shop door I saw someone at the till buying it. Ha! I wanted it even more then ;) So the hunt is still on for a larger rug that isn't going to break the bank. 

For now I shall enjoy dipping into my inspiring library books to help me get into the changing season mood! 



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