Wednesday 27 September 2017

It's All About The Ochre!

As I have decided to embrace the Autumn season well and truly, I also realise I want to help those hygge vibes along and create a warm, cosy and inviting space for me and the family to relax in. I am a big believer that the space around us really can influence our mood, and with one or two areas of 'Home Sweet Home' still not quite finished off, my mood can be a bit fickle at times ;) I wanted to begin to bring a little Autumn love into at least one room and so the lounge was decided upon. I still love the florals, and they will always play a part in my home decor for sure, but ones tastes do change over time and so I've decided to cut back from the flowers (a little) and am aiming for a more simple, streamlined look, with plain walls and pops of colour! 

After a little mooch, that turned out to be a bit of a shopping spree at Dunelm (it will always be Dunelm Mill to me!) I found some lovely bits to help me create that cosy feeling that I was yearning. 

I also think I found my 'pop' in the form of 'Ochre' a particularly lovely autumnal shade of mustard yellow. Oh my goodness I can't get enough of it and have been surprised with how it can compliment many a backdrop. You can see the popping of colour in the haul I got! 

I just had to have the cute slippers with their ochre pom pom!

Once I had a chance to have a good look through my haul, a couple of the cushion covers didn't quite do it for me, so I decided to exchange them for some other ones. Ah yes, now that's much better! With the dog in mind of course, seeing as he sits on the sofa as much as anyone else ;) 

And whilst he's up on the sofa, it seems I'm not the only one who also loves cosying up with the fury throws. 

Against the crisp white walls the ochre lampshade looks so cheery! 

And with the colourful party lights this is a lovely corner of the room. My daisy wooden wall art had never quite found its perfect place in 'Home Sweet Home' over the years, but now with the ochre love in here and its tiny yellow disc centre think it's found its new place! When the party lights are on, this corner is one of my favourite spaces to sit.

I'm just loving Dunelm's cosy teddy bear range, so as well as picking up a couple of their throws, I couldn't resist a super soft hoodie for Miss. Poppins and I to snuggle up in. Being a teen, I have to take every cuddle opportunity I can get and these will definitely help to get some mum/daughter time I'm sure!

As we have been looking for a rug to suit the lounge and realised the previous one, although super lovely, was a little too small, saw a great one at Dunelm, and even better was half price so a great buy. I must be growing up a bit as my teen said "You're turning into Nainy (welsh for grandma) as it's the sort of thing she'd buy". Well, my mum often gets lovely compliments on her home decor so it can't be half bad. The rug looks great, adds warmth, not too in your face and seems to compliment all the mustard love! 

We have had our Ikea sofas for longer than I care to remember, and the time has come after many years to bring some new sofa love in. Our lounge isn't that big a space so we have to be really careful with not having something too big, but we seem to be quite taken on a corner sofa and a two seater/sofa bed. However we have looked, and looked, and looked and looked (you get the picture) and just can't decide. Apart from the colour (a light/medium grey) we are no further, and perhaps the trusty Ikeas will be sat on forever! 

Talking of Ikea, I have had this Ikea chair on my wish list for maybe the ochre love has always been there. 

I'm also getting quite fond of the faux plant vibe and having only a few real plants dotted around my home of the green variety, I think the faux look can really help to fill the space. I picked up these ficus spray's whilst at Dunelm and they look surprisingly good and only cost 99p a stem. 

And this Ivy looks lovely across the mantle above the led candles so no fire hazard issue there! 

I also find smells and fragrances help to create a lovely mood and I knew as soon as the Gingerbread candles and diffusers came back into Home Bargains, I was going to get my hands on one. Obviously what fragrance one person likes candle wise can be very individual, I tend to be a vanilla, coffee, chocolate type of girl so Gingerbread is perfect for me, and these smell delicious! I've yet to try the Gingerbread diffuser out so shall leave that in it's packaging until we are well and truly in the depths of Autumn. 

Of course I couldn't resist a little light of the teeny version, these are such a bargain at only 59p I can see me going back for many (many) more! 

I'm trying to watch less telly (which is a bit ironic as Autumn is usually a great season for some fab tv dramas) and get reading more, of course my new book had to match the decor ;) 

So, its a start, and with bare white walls in the lounge, I may be inspired to add a little colour, but for now I'm slowly starting to feel the Autumn vibes and am enjoying my cosy time! 

Hope you are feeling the cosy love too, I'd love to know what helps you to create the Autumn love decor wise at this time of year!


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  2. Autumn is my favorite season of the year, Its calm and attractive. These decoration and artifacts made me realize how lovely this season is. Thank you for sharing so beautiful pictures.


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