Wednesday 6 April 2011


For many different reasons, I have been doing alot of thinking about work, the many years it has been since I was in the work force, and after being at home to bring up my family, I am feeling it may be the right time to search again....I do so enjoy my handmaking, though am beginning to think I may actually see more of my family with a 9-5 ;)  I really wouldn't want to give up the crafting altogether, it is a passion of mine and after not long ago spending quite alot of money on a new computerised machine, would think it quite impulsive to just give it up without proper thought. Setting up Polka Dots And Posies has been very rewarding, and selling my pretties is something, ideally I wish to continue, especially due the the lovely feedback I receive. I enjoy the online interaction in my Facebook page and a lovely friend not long sent me a link to a Folksy Blog post which goes on to say my Folksy Shop was one of most visited in the month of February, she thought it may cheer me up to see that, as I was going through one of my crafty wobbles as I call them. I am not sure how I come across online, but I know I am a down to earth person, don't tweet and link to my items for sale all day every day, and certainly do not give it the big I am. But I do know it takes alot of networking and online interaction to get ones little business seen and heard and there are so many others of course doing the same, does it all just become one big competition of who can shout the loudest, something I am not very good at and actually don't particularly enjoy. Yes, I like to share my successes, though deep down am never truly comfortable as there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance maybe. I would not want to appear an arrogant show offy type person at all. I love to create pretty items using cheery, colourful fabrics and have in the nearly 3 years I have been doing so, had much encouragement from family and friends as well as inspiration from many blogs and crafty forums, and love to create these handcrafted items I call pretties....

Though ultimately I am a people person and thrive in an environment where I can interact with others, face to face, build friendships, relationships with others. I love the already interaction I have with people online, but for me it just isn't the same as being able to interact face to face. I would describe myself as a bubbly, warm creative individual yet wonder if ones true personality can come across via a computer screen. It has been suggested by friends of mine that perhaps I could somehow incorporate the crafting with another passion of mine, media and the arts, something  I trained in for 4 years,  I think my dream job would be to present a little crafty type show on the television, or teach crafts to the youngsters of today....

So, for now am having a good thinky....I am certainly not getting any younger either before I possibly become unemployable. If you can think of any job suggestions where I can keep handmaking, goodness knows I have mountains of pretty fabric that if anything needs using up, whilst also getting out of house and interacting with others, am all ears....



  1. You make such wonderful, beautiful things :) maybe you could go into schools who would pay you to teach primary children to make/sew/knit to develop their skills as teachers do not always have the time to teach these skills.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. I could have honestly written this post, I think so many of us with small creative businesses feel the same. It's so hard to sell yourself when your work is so personal too. I think your work is amazing and always have admired it from afar, it's so creative yet also so perfect, which is hard to achieve I know. I am at a similar cross roads, I am thinking about giving up on the sewing side and going back to what I know, painting:) I can understand the frustration of just buying new materials to and a new machine, I just bought one in febuary too!
    I have a really good pal in NY called @CraftyRichela and she creates great stuff is an author and also works in schools, she often blogs about how rewarding it is, might be worth a read? She is super lovely and may be able to help and give u some advice? Xxxx

  3. It could be that the grass is always greener. you have a very good eye, skill and talent and create some beautiful goods. I dream of not being tied to the 9-5 but know I am stuck with it for the next few years. It might be an idea to write down a list of the cost and benefits of changing tack. hope it works out for you!

  4. Jools on twitter set up her own business teaching cooking to kids & I'm sure there is a market for classes teaching both children and adults. Perhaps your local sewing shop needs someone to run them?

    It's a tough call because you don't want to lose the creativity but need more interraction. Does the local high school need a DT tutor or could you run night classes once a week at the local vocational training venue?

    You make the most gorgeous items, I'm sure others will have great ideas as to how you can get the best of both worlds. Wishing you lots of luck & sending big hugs xx

  5. I wonder if there is an opportunity for you to do workshops,maybe in a sewing supply shop? There is one near me (the Craft Barn, Lingfield) who do stamping and paper related crafts but nothing for sewing - with the recession many of us want to learn to sew/crochet and would feel able to justify spending on a class that leaves them with a skill they can use at home. Betty x

  6. I think Betty's idea of the workshop is a very good one and I was impressed with the other comments too. It seems as if, like you say, there are a lot of 'crafty' people about. However, because of the time it takes to make these 'pretties', it is hard to visualise that you could earn a living doing it. However, to give it up is unthinkable in your case because you are so good at it. Therefore, I suggest you look for a part time job in a school or somewhere that will cater for school holidays and still allow you time to indulge your hobbies.
    Usually we can find a little time to do what we want to do.
    Good luck.

  7. Hi Mary

    I agree - when you work from home in a creative capacity, it's hard to switch off and you probably end up spending less time with your family than with a 9-5 job. I would seriously look into workshops as a possibility. I did a little bit of sewing teaching myself and really enjoyed it. I just put an ad on my local Gumtree offering lessons and got my first pupil.

  8. Hi there! Well, after the introduction by icklebabe, how could I not leave an encouraging comment?
    Have you tried bringing some of your lovely things to a local shop? I found that local businesses love to support local artists/crafters. It's a nice way to advertise who you are what you do. And start a crafting group maybe with some neighborhood kids. I didn't charge my first year, mostly because I used my daughter and her friends as my "guinea pigs." But as time went by, word spread and I now charge. Also, some stores that sell handmade pretties might be open to the idea of starting some crafting classes (if they have the space). Or maybe it can be a place to advertise crafting classes out of your home.
    Getting into schools may be a bit tougher if you don't have kids in school. Maybe their after school clubs? It's a paid job, too. Not great money, but it's a start.

    So there are some ideas! I hope you keep going. Don't feel "arrogant" for writing about yourself and your accomplishments on your darn blog! Toot your own horn. We most certainly applaud you.


  9. Morning MrsP!

    OK Lovely lady, crossroads are good once in a while!

    How about parties for both children & grown ups... I have a soon to be 8 yrear old & am always looking somethong different * creative to do with her and a few freinds..

    Then you could also think about evening sesions, ladies parties, glass of wine & a heart making kit, stitch & knatter at the same time...

    I agree totally with the idea of hitting local craft emporiums to see if they will stock you lovelies. But also consider somewhere design led for your named T-Shirts (I remeber the Bay one...)

    Best of luck Mrs, you totally deserve it!


    I agree totally withthe suggestions of htting lcal craft

  10. Good luck with your thinking, always a difficult thing when you feel you are ready for a change when your children reach a certain age. Having stopped my music and teaching since my TOS operation I am still in that 'not sure what to do' phase, but trying to make the most of each day as it happens. Not sure if that makes a lot of sense.

    Gorgeous pretties :-)

  11. How about linking up with a local craft/habedashery shop and setting up classes for children and adults? I don't think there are enough courses on crafting/sewing and crocheting.

    I tried to sell a few times with no success and really struggle with the fundraising too as don't want to be bugging people all the time. It's really tough out there! It's a popularity contest that's for sure! :-)

  12. There's something called
    that you should take a look at.
    Everyone goes through times when everything needs to be questioned - sometimes that's enough, and sometimes real changes need to be made listen only to what sounds right in your own head and heart.
    P xxx


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