Friday 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding True Love....

Oh my, what a magical day it has been for me to watch the Royal wedding of William and Kate....

The utterly adorable dress...

( Courtesy of EPA )

And like others have mentioned too, perhaps a little influenced by the bridal gown worn by Grace Kelly for her 1956 wedding to Ranier III of Monaco, and like Catherine too, she was a commoner who married into royalty.

                            ( Courtesy of Sipa Press/Rex Features )
And I thought the maid-of-honour, Pippa's dress looked so elegant, understated, and very upto date and modern. 
( Courtesy of Reuters )
And after the lovely service, HRH Duchess of Cambridge looking stunning, as did her charming Prince emerging from Westminster Abbey.

                                                       ( Courtesy of AP )
And of course The Kiss....
Being an olde romantic, yes my mascara did run a little, I think it was the way William looked at Kate as she arrived at the altar, with such love in his eyes. My heart tells me that they have a genuine love for one another and I truly wish them all the very best for a happy and healthy future together.


  1. Here here! It was an amazing wedding such a happy day and her dress was perfect... I loved every minute of it Sarah x

  2. I loved it all too. Everything was just so elegant and beautiful. They do look genuinely in love and long may it last!!

  3. Tears came to my eyes too! It was a wonderful day for them, and us all.
    Diana would have been so proud!!

    Sharon xx

  4. Your post is a lovely celebration of the Royal Wedding - I agree with everything you say! The dress was just perfect! Helen x

  5. It was a gorgeous classic dress, I agree and thought they looked very naturally happy together

  6. I had my tissues out watching! So romantic. Oh it was just perfect


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