Wednesday 27 April 2011

Take One Plate, One Candlestick....

Even on holiday I like to have little play at mini makeovers and crafty stuff. Back home, I enjoy making up pretty cake stands using old vintage plates, cups, saucers, candlesticks, and the occasional glass or two. I like to create that vintage garden party vibe, and of course love cake!! I find inspiration everywhere, and especially like this cake stand that was featured in a magazine....

And whilst mooching in a second hand shop, couldn't resist these bargain candlesticks, that came as a pair....

For this cake stand I just wanted one plate on top of the candle stick for the cakes, and I fell in love with the in perfect condition Limoges signed Fragonard courting couple plate I spied on the shelf in the same shop, I thought it would be perfect and at only £1.50 a bargain price too.

I really am rather a fan of Limoges, and love the romanticism of this plate.

So with a little glue these two items soon became one....

And with some jam tarts for the children and a little almond slice or two....I had made in my opinion a sweet little cake stand, perfect for every occasion.



  1. Fantastic choices on your 2 pieces!! I just made one using 4 childrens pieces for their play table!

  2. The glass candlestick is such a nice idea. I love it.

    Pam x

  3. Wow, hope you do no mind me asking which magazine that was in?! Fab idea! x

  4. It looks amazing, so cheap as well, clever you :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. Your new cake stand is lovely! Now how about some cake for me ;-)

  6. Fabulous i have all mine lined up and waiting to be put together but an unsure what glue to use can you recommend any ?

  7. Such a great idea... on my list for this weekends boot sale hunt is candlestick holders and plates to give this a go!

    Victoria xx

  8. Looks fab. I've done this with a few candlesticks too and I love the fact it's such a quick transformation. I get bored so quickly that it's great to go 'there, done' x

  9. Oh what a lovely idea, another thing to be added to my list to do. ~c~

  10. They're stunning! And so simple! wow!


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